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Anyone know any tongue exercise
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
I need full muscle so tognue is next but i dont know how. Please advise me on this
2019-01-18 13:21
Brazil RmM_oo 
Oral sex
2019-01-18 13:24
start by shutting the fuck up. inner peace for tongue muscles.
2019-01-18 13:25
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
Draw the alphabet in your girls coochie :) and let her guess the word
2019-01-18 13:26
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
what if i dont know the alphabet?
2019-01-18 13:26
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
I don't know the alphabet in order and I can fluently talk 4 languages, If I can do it you can do it too, try with numbers if it's too hard
2019-01-18 13:27
Eat your cousins pussy
2019-01-18 13:26
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