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Mouz problem and fix
Europe kvvach 
i was thinking about what went wrong and with Mouz and i see 2 or 3 reasons Please read it bcs i put effort in this thread So all start with -Styko was it bad move? ohm many says yes but im not that sure. it wasnt bad or good it was risky but reasonable in some ways Snax picking him wast good but force him in Styko role was even worse. i feel like Mouz Snax could work but it needed role changes and whole new game aproach. instead Mouz put panic button and bring Styko back.... and here we have another problem. Mentality Styko back to team who just kick him didnt even aware him before, of course he says theres no bad blood in team but i dont believe evenn if its ok you still have this thought back in the head. im hltv confirmed Styko said he liked atmosphere in C9 work with psychologist what make players open and honest. and he would like have it in Mouz. So chemistry/mentality is problem....... and now we jump to Oskar He looked prety idk tired tilted like he dont even care... and in fact he doesnt We can read about in his top 20 players article its nothing new he has this motivational swings since years he becnhed himself in 2016? to just work in factory lol Watching him yesterday i think he is clouse to retire or take break again. Mouz Fix Mouz is called butget FaZe and this is true. They cant buy anybody like s1mple they need look for new talents and they did it well with Ropz ans Sunny. So as i said Oskar is one to cut and in this case mouz need awp or igl if chrisj main awp Fix? Natosaphix - He is awp het put good numbers in Sprout. He can IGL or help Chris callind.. and he is free agent. Perfect fit for Mouz. Thats my thoughts. Thank you for read it
2019-01-18 15:00
-oskar +another factory worker
2019-01-18 15:01
Czech people don’t scream and act like subhumans as others nationalities do. And 0/8
2019-01-18 15:02
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
-mouz +disband
2019-01-18 15:03
Chrisj Pasha biceps Taz Neo Hardstyle
2019-01-18 15:04
Europe kvvach 
-chris +smithzz
2019-01-18 15:10
Finland no_man 
when was the last time we didnt have mouz at a major?
2019-01-18 15:05
Europe kvvach 
2019-01-18 15:09
Finland no_man 
2019-01-18 15:15
Bosnia and Herzegovina kick_pita_ffs 
natosaphix lmao
2019-01-18 15:18
Europe FaZeTop1_2019 
+mixwell (good awp, not a bad rifle but wont leave his tier 4 spanish team)
2019-01-18 15:22
Spain emCee_ 
Ey dude RESPECT Well u are right, what the heck
2019-01-18 15:25
Brazil Fallenzera 
- styko +snax
2019-01-18 15:23
Europe kvvach 
snax is in new vp
2019-01-18 16:07
nice articel +1
2019-01-18 15:29
Europe kvvach 
thank you
2019-01-18 16:06
Finland Vkims 
mouz looked kinda bad on minor qualifier so it was kinda expected to see these results
2019-01-18 15:31
Turkey Thunderball 
2019-01-18 15:32
Poland SebaRost 
ropz (Lurker) suNny (Entry) tarik (Rifler) flusha (Rifler) chrisJ (IGL)
2019-01-18 15:33
they only lost 3 maps (2 where close) against the same team... they dont have any problems... they just didn't prepare enough
2019-01-18 16:10
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