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When Dev1ce gets picked 1st
tarik | 
United States OKOptimistic 
Where will you be when Goatvice gets picked number 1. We are about to witness history and HLTV is going to be flooded with Anti-Dev1ce threads. Get ready....
2019-01-18 20:59
You expect that when device gets 1st spot, all those worms will crawl back to their holes, but no. It would be extremely unlike them. They'll inundate this site with some bullshit on how much more they know about rankings than people who basically created stats on this website.
2019-01-18 21:02
Worst bait all year
2019-01-18 21:02
Czech Republic eth1x 
2019-01-18 21:03
nowhere cuz device is #3
2019-01-18 21:03
sadly hltv thinks he is #1
2019-01-18 21:03
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