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IEM Katowice Main Qualifer lul
Germany Surcal___ 
wtf is this they are all trash, no one deserve a major spot of this
2019-01-18 22:44
Russia Mah_one_des 
its major format newfag
2019-01-18 22:46
Mongolia FoxOutOfGlocks 
OK NVM MISUNDERSTOOD U LUL. That said there is 10 more teams who will qualify so maybe we get better ones yes? Also not like fnatic, nip bad teams, surely would rekt low teams like of big and complexity...
2019-01-18 22:51
Finland Tusku 
they earned the spots due to the system being what it is, most of those would qualify from a fair system too tbh
2019-01-18 22:48
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