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Poland miq127 
Hello guys, here's the thing- i normally have like 200-300 fps, but it is not stable at all. Most of the time i've got above 200fps, but in some cases, when enemies throw all their nades and rush my direction it can drop to even 110fps(this dip happens on train in green train area when watching main). So i am wondering which piece of my pc should i replace to make the fps drops not so drastical. Here are my specs: radeon r9 270x i5 4460 8gb ram I was thinkin that replacing my cpu would make drops not that big, but im not an expert. Can you guys share your opinions? cheers
2019-01-19 05:39
replace cpu and put ddr4 ram instead of ddr3 if you have it
2019-01-19 05:44
i3 8100 is very cheap cpu for csgo you will get stable 220+ on 4:3
2019-01-19 05:45
ye i have ddr3, but is it gonna make a diffrence really? and will this i3 really be enough? its soo cheaaaap! i was thinking of i5-8600K
2019-01-19 05:51
It will be enough and ye ddr4 @ 2400 atleast makes great upgrade compared with ddr3
2019-01-19 07:35
Ukraine kauk 
i5 4690, gtx 960 2 Gb 250-400 fps stable... cl11 1600 RAM maybe, u need to clear your windows from unused files + check for not needed working programs
2019-01-19 05:56
Nah man, i just reinstalled my windows like a month ago. And it's not like i have really bad fps, it's above 200 like 90% of the time, it's just that in those really tough situations when a lot of enemies is going at me and i have chance for multikill, every frame and milisecond counts(maybe not on silvers, but in high elo 10lvl games it does), and i feel the stuttered mouse movement in this situations.
2019-01-19 06:04
Other flynttt 
u always had this fps drops or is something new? with your specs u should be good to go without so much frame drops maybe your setup is heating up too much while u playing if u use one ram of 8gb would be good trying another ram as well since dual chanel is more efficient for games in general but we cant tell for sure whats your problem
2019-01-19 06:48
I always had them(i consider a drop when it drops under 200 and i can feel it affecting the game fluency), but they seem bigger now, i think since last halloween update. For example, when i cover b on mirage and i stand behind car on b covering b apps i normally have around 250fps, but if there is a lot of people waiting to rush behind the smoke in b house, i have like 180fps without seeing them, and i can call to my team that it's gonna be b rush before it starts(xD). This shit started happening recently. Edit: temps are fine. yes i think i got one ram... card? or whatever i should call it in english
2019-01-19 07:01
Other flynttt 
already made a cleanup in your hardware? this simple thing can helps a lot just let everything clean and care to put everythinh in its place maybe your GPU is getting older and is heating up too much try monitoring it a little while playing... maybe a 10$ cooler can solve your problem as i said your setup is good for cs i would invest first in the processor if u really wanna upgrade your gear and ye 16gb ram but only if using only one 8gb ram not 2 4gb rams
2019-01-19 07:04
Ye i even bought that spray thing to clean it up. I was checking the temps and it doesnt go above 65celsius, cuz i got a cooler for 150zl, which is like... 30euro roughly. I guess i gotta buy a new processor soon then
2019-01-19 07:09
Other flynttt 
hmm i see.. i would go with another 8gbram and new processor and u can let the new gpu for the future u will have instable fps counting that is not your gpu with some problem that is making the fps drops of course xD but gl and is always good have someone with tech knowloge with you here we can only guess whats the problem gl friend that the fps gods be with you
2019-01-19 07:08
thanks man
2019-01-19 07:11
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