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Why are the most americans so retarded
mantuu | 
Germany 1112Leon 
Why? :( Russians are funny, Turks are friendly, Serbs are friendly, so many dansks friendly, polskis tell me "brother" any way But americans so unfriendly
2019-01-19 21:36
Dosia | 
Denmark bulldosia 
2019-01-19 21:37
United States _AN_yB_detiaB 
2019-01-19 21:38
Because their ancestors left Europe because they were unable to fit in the society. Since apples does not far from the tree fall, you have your answer.
2019-01-19 21:39
Brazil IdolaMochi 
americans no retarded
2019-01-19 21:39
United States McSkillet2k 
Fak ap u m0r0n p13c3 of sh17
2019-01-19 21:40
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