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How you got into Counter Strike?
Canada eHK 
Hey guys, I've always found it interesting to hear stories about how people got into CS when they were younger. So tell me yours and the whole HLTV community. Anyways, when I was around 7 years old(I'm 18 now). My brother bought a copy of CS1.3 at EB Games(in Canada). My first experience was on I think aim_ak_colt? Something like that, and my brother left to go hang out with his friends, and I just started playing. I guess that's how it started. Anyways, let me and the HLTV community know how you first got into CS, what year and what version and all that. -eHK.
2012-10-19 04:17
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2004, moved in another town with my parents no friends at first, few weeks later i found new friends all cs players :D at this time in school we always had 1 hour break from 1 to 2 o clock, so we went to an internet caffe and played cs and call of duty 1 or 2 cant remember :D we always played funmaps in cs xD later we build a clan, all 5 members from the same town ^^ edit, cs version was 1.6, but no steam already 8 years gone, fuaaark
2012-10-19 04:31
Through a friend
2012-10-19 04:40
-friends +idol the one and only tHm
2012-10-19 04:52
about 2002, i was 11, and everyone was playing on lan, everyday, and having the time of our lives :P i miss those days. cs_speedrun, fy_pool_day, aim_headshot, cs_rio hahaha playing with machine gun and shotgun!
2012-10-19 04:42
India pfx 
played at a cafe started with CS 1.0 2000
2012-10-19 04:46
i remember having 7 years and i was on a house off a friend of my mother, her son (16 years old in that moment) show me the cs 1.3 (remembering the AWP whit green crosshair) the now i have 17 so was at 2002 approx. i remember playing AWP_MAP vs bots whit a really bad PC! when the son of my mother's friend see how i improve quickly in the game when i was only 13 years he invite me to form be te fifth of his team (1 played was moving out of my city) i remember playing a lot of LAN tournaments of more and less prestige, of cs 1.5 vs guys of +17 years... I MISS A LOT THOSE TIMES WHEN I WAS A "PROGAMER"...
2012-10-19 04:53
I didn't get (into) cs I can't because I'm human, they didn't invent the proper technology to get inside the game. but yeah I played it. .______________________________________________________________.
2012-10-19 05:11
Thats fairly funny, let us know when we should be laughing.
2012-10-19 07:19
f0rest | 
Russia Nzr0 
try again.
2012-10-19 09:58
I give you 0/10.
2012-10-19 16:28
Watch out we got a smartass overhere
2012-10-19 19:15
troll fail!
2012-10-19 20:11
Belgium tecoN 
I started playing in 2003 or 2004. 2 days a week at my friends place where he had 1 extra 20 fps game pc for me :P
2012-10-19 05:57
dRiim | 
Finland dRiim 
i was in elementary school and saw my brother play cs, got hooked )
2012-10-19 08:00
My favorite "nickname" amongst all CS players, "dRiim".
2012-10-19 11:53
dRiim | 
Finland dRiim 
funny fact: some random finnish player came up with Driim\ when i asked someone to figure me out a new nickname :d
2012-10-19 12:04
LOL nice nick history! I like it because it's like "Dream" written in a more aggressive way. :)
2012-10-19 12:55
2012-10-21 06:11
Finland nsis 
In late 2005 when I got my first computer and HL2 along with it, started of with Source. Switched to 1.6 a couple of months later, for obvious reasons.
2012-10-19 08:24
stupid frnd me addicted...made a mess of my acedemics..which wr alredy never so good
2012-10-19 09:47
That was the only decent online shooter when it came out.
2012-10-19 09:51
dRiim | 
Finland dRiim 
quake? ;)
2012-10-19 09:54
Well Quake was nice yes, but not as groundbreaking as Half life and what followed. In my opinion ofcourse :)
2012-10-19 14:03
dRiim | 
Finland dRiim 
and i also played firearms / frontline forces when i started cs
2012-10-19 09:55
suNny | 
Argentina Sunnie 
What about teamfortress or HL Deathmatch ? I loved them both .. Ontopic: I started to play CS when i was 14 more or less, my brother had started first playing at LANs with his friends. He told me about it and took me to a LAN near home. I thought it was stupid but i went with him, just to see how it was. I'll never forget how i fell in love with this game instantly when i played cs_italy with my first weapon (Desert Eagle) (L) .. And that's the start of my whole "career" .. :D .. Now I'm 24 ..
2012-10-19 20:37
my brother and uncle was playing cs .. and i started when i was 7 :) big thx to them that they show me this great game
2012-10-19 10:01
in 1999/2000 a friend invited me to an internet cafe, and he said we should try this game called counter strike! So I tried it and had alot of fun with the game. We came back many times and from that point it was the game i have played most ever since. I remember all these fun things, finding matches on mirC in the early days, it was pretty hard to find a match and figure out who should host the server :P Playing on de_dust and stuff, just seeing the scene develop and more and more people gathering around this perfect game, and building up a great strong comunity and love for the game.
2012-10-19 10:09
playing dota/warcraft and watching all others playing cs in caffe, and when i tried i was kinda good, and older ppls asked me to play with them, and that's how it started @ 2004 i think
2012-10-19 10:57
Friend tested it and didn't like it. I simple got orgasm from watching him playing it for 3 min and went to home downloaded non-steam and here we are. After many years and many more good friends than most normal people, I have been in many teams and communitys.
2012-10-19 11:30
in 2000 all normal guys (not nerds) played cs xD
2012-10-19 11:32
I'd say that you were a nerd if you didn't play CS back then.
2012-10-19 11:55
good memories
2012-10-19 13:00
2012-10-19 19:14
2012-10-19 19:14
In 2002, I went to a LAN Center with a friend of mine.
2012-10-19 11:56
2012-10-19 12:03
I started to play CS 1.5 with my room mates in 2008. We changed to 1.6 after that. I stopped playing in 2011. 3 years with a lot of fun. I still follow CS scene though.
2012-10-19 12:47
1.5 in 2008? O_o
2012-10-19 16:47
Yes. The first CS i had played was 1.5 But after 3 months or less, I changed to 1.6
2012-10-21 06:07
in 2008? I thought all 1.5 servers was taken down like 1-2 years after 1.6 launched :o
2012-10-21 14:54
We played 1.5 on LAN. We made a LAN in our room. In our room, I was the last one playing CS, the first one changing to 1.6, and the only one caring about CS competition scene. Now, no one of us plays CS any more. :(
2012-10-24 18:33
in 2004 I bought Tom clancy's Ghost recon with PC game catalogue and I saw counter strike 1.6 in that then after a year my Cousin discover a Huge cyber cafe where people play Cs 1.5 and 1.6 , yep I started it in 2005 =)
2012-10-19 12:58
My sister let me play CS ( Yes cuz I wasn't the one who bought the game ) around 2003/2004... Since then I've always play 1.6 ( and sometimes Source, just for surf maps ) Btw she plays good at CS :X
2012-10-19 13:07
pic of your sister?
2012-10-19 18:42
haha xD
2012-10-19 19:05
start at 07 (but i didn't know the game).. a friend bring the setup of 1.6 (i think) to a TIC class. Install the setup in all classroom's computers and start a "Lan New Game". We just play cs_assault and use only machinegun (it was the gun with more bullets AHAHAH), when i die, i have to eco like 3 or 4 round cause i didn't kill any1 LOOL. Then that year was over, and in 08 we didn't not remember the game's name ahaha so in that year we didn't play it. In 09, a new class, with 2 players, they convince us to buy a Antology (with cs and cz) (but i didn't have any idea that game i was playing in 07 was 1.6 AHAAHHAH), and we (re)start play cz and 1.6. And it was until now.. Some stops cause of school, but still playing, just4fun.
2012-10-19 13:27
I was 5-6 years old and was with my friends all the time. One of them had a father that played CS pretty much 24/7. So we used to sit behind him and watch all day long. When he got tired of us he kicked us out of the house and we just went out by the window and watched him play :DDDDDDDD Many years later i got CS:S in a present and i played it for 1 month then my PC broke. In school everybody was playing CS in the library in the breakes and after school. So i got the game and started playing it at home.
2012-10-19 13:35
2001... walked into a lan with a friend and it sounded like a warzone. 60 pc's all with speakers. *fire in the hole*, gunfire. Was hooked. More friends came and we started a little clan and lived in there until we decided its cheaper to play online. Was so addicted for so many years... the best game ever.
2012-10-19 13:40
On 1st Nov 2005, I was a webguide in Reliance gaming cafe, india. I saw people playing and they invited me. So I joined them and since then I am playing. I am one of the oldest online player in India :.
2012-10-19 14:19
Belgium Ofc. 
I was 9 years old.. My brother played 1.5 that time and after some days i played it ².. :D
2012-10-19 15:12
2000 @ net caffe :O
2012-10-19 15:58
United Kingdom bez- 
9 years old in 1999 at an internet café in the south of france. Some ancient beta version playing cs_seige I believe.
2012-10-19 16:06
2003 net caffe. Good old times :)
2012-10-19 16:15
local ISP used to provide both internet+lan (200users)
2012-10-19 16:17
Damn so funny to see how many members are from the oldschool era.
2012-10-19 16:18
And even funnier to see that most of these "oldschool-ers" were 6 years old back then :@
2012-10-20 02:27
it looks like impossible, because every one is saying that he started to play about 10 years ago
2012-10-19 16:31
Around 2006 end Was bored of AOE on LAN and went to Shop and asked for any FPS game randomly and the shopkepper gave me CS 1.6+ Condition Zero bundle and then it became a part of my life :)
2012-10-19 16:41
United Kingdom an0^_^ 
I used to get high at a friends house, and i brought the original half-life and got CS 1.6 free with it. So i started playing on public at his house, those were the days man. CS was so much better back then, i've played it ever since. My playing time (2004-2012) - RIP CS 1.6
2012-10-19 16:43
I was 12 years old..saw my brother playing this new game on p3 :D..
2012-10-19 16:51
Started playing at my friends house and later when i got Internet connection played a lot of non-steam games in pubic servers
2012-10-19 17:17
I saw 'cstrike' listed as 'gametype' for a few servers in the oldschool hl server browser when looking for a tfc game.... search the internet and download beta 3.1 i believe. played nothing but for the next 10 years.
2012-10-19 17:24
2000 septemer in a lan cafee with some weed guys:D, dont know which cs version but first we usualy played ricochet and wanted before cs. Damn it was cool
2012-10-19 17:24
I was playing runescape and some of my clan always used to go in one channel playing counter strike and I used to think wtf are these guys doing playing that shit, they persuaded me to get it and I been hooked ever since.
2012-10-19 17:31
Germany Dok1 
due to a fragmovie :D
2012-10-19 17:33
preety late, in 2007 non-steam, at my friends place..
2012-10-19 17:33
Really got into it when I played in a library cause my mate had it on a memory stick. Copied and pasted that shit, went home got hooked. Had played it many times before with bots and I remember playing it at an internet cafe. I don't even think I could read when I first played it and I remember running around with the USP cause it had a silencer and cause I didn't know how to buy guns. :D Too bad time goes by TOO quickly man.
2012-10-19 18:20
i joined server
2012-10-19 18:39
seniors introduce me about this game and after that i was completely in this game.......
2012-10-19 18:52
Germany j0tt 
my cousin watched any cpl event at my pc and I really loved the game how it was played. I only knew cs from friends and classmates and it wasn't that nice to see. I wanted to become as good as those cpl players :/ e: it was in summer 2003
2012-10-19 19:02
First betas of 1999. I was playing Team Fortress and Counter.Strike new mod was so popular in HL websites, so I download it.
2012-10-19 19:07
A friend of mine from the 8th grade (5 years ago) told me about the game, at the beggining i didnt like/played it too much only when him and my other friends joined to play together. When i started to watch pro's playing, i wanted to learn more about the game, and play better. I started to play serious like 2 years ago... unfortunatly none of them play more :| only call of duty.
2012-10-19 19:12
at 2003 year while all my friend were playing cs
2012-10-19 19:10
when i was in second year of primary school (12 years ago, i was 8), my friend kept talking about this great game cs. that's when i first played. it took a while till i actually started playing it regularly, from 2006 to 2010. i've always liked cs movies more than playing the game competitively tbh
2012-10-19 19:40
2002, I was 6 lol. I don't really remember how or who introduced me, but all I know is that I used to play a lot..
2012-10-19 19:59
I went to the internet caffe and older guys were playing new game I asked them that can I join and they refused. Together with friends we waited untill their pc will be free. We copied it through whole lan network to all pcs. We played it whole afternoon. Next day they came back and asked who gave us a permision to play it. I was pretending that CS was here when I came. Yes, back days I was hacker, lier and gangster. Today I'm just nerd...
2012-10-19 20:58
my friends from the hood kept talking about game they play at the local internet cafe with guns and stuff.At that time i wasn't going with them after some time in 2004 when i was 8 years old i started to go with them and found out about 1.6.. 2006 bought own pc and started playing online on public server ..
2012-10-19 21:03
around 2001/2, used to get bored during exams and to kill time tried to find things to do as all my friends were "studying", found this dodgy looking place called stingerz, went in saw people playing 1.5 (fy_iceworld) made friends with the "pros" they told me mp5 and m4 are the best obviously AK's recoil meant it was a shit gun :D There was a competition of who ever had the most kills end of the month gets 3000RS which was 10 times more than my pocket money although never won it but the competitive side made me hooked. Shoutout to Murder, gangster, para
2012-10-20 01:19
a friend of mine had an IP in his subnick of his MSN, an ip of a deathrun server, i started playing whit him, then go into pubs and mixs, i started playing in a "competitive way" when i bought steam i think... all this in @2009
2012-10-20 03:09
Canada eHK 
I still have the original CS box from Half Life before Steam came out! -eHK.
2012-10-21 05:09
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