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Worst event of the year?
emilio | 
Sweden FadiAhmed 
? /title ?
2019-01-20 00:58
Brazil Collee 
2019-01-20 00:59
Switzerland BottomFragger 
Either this or gaming paradise
2019-01-20 01:00
Out of two events, definently the worst.
2019-01-20 01:03
Honestly, the fact that they don't even give casters the IP to cast the liquid game is embarrassing, especially considering the fact that the group a winners match isn't scheduled to be on stream. I think that this is probably the worst tier 1 tournament since gaming paradise.
2019-01-20 01:04
Brazil fuNNa 
tier 100
2019-01-20 01:11
Tier *10000
2019-01-20 01:12
Finland Vkims 
We are only in january. How can anyone predict what will be worst this year?
2019-01-20 01:06
Bangladesh N0SP4C3 
Someone fill me in. What's going on with IBP ?
2019-01-20 01:09
The first match was an hour late and had literally earshattering sound. Then right now they have two matches going on but won't give the IP to anyone to stream the second match. The matches after are 3 matches being played at the same time and I assume that again only one will be streamed, just a big clusterfuck and honestly a huge embarrassment.
2019-01-20 01:13
Bangladesh N0SP4C3 
2019-01-20 02:01
Dreamhack RIO will be worse xaxaxaxa
2019-01-20 01:14
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