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I fuc**** stayed all night to watch the game and they set it to play off stream... Worst org ever
2019-01-20 01:57
2019-01-20 01:59
Russia fan_of_n0rth 
2019-01-20 02:00
I do not know if it's true but the people who are at the event site are watching the games of those 2 televisions? If yes, is a big joke. No Respect for the spectattors
2019-01-20 02:04
very true, watching on 2 40> inch tv
2019-01-20 02:05
The "Arena" has a big screen, why don't use that
2019-01-20 02:06
because the players could look at the screen
2019-01-20 02:07
The screen is behind the players
2019-01-20 02:08
Nope, The screen is on top of the back wall of the stage, players are somewhere in the middle, so they can easily see it
2019-01-20 02:18
No bro, the screen is behind and players will look to yours screens, not the arena screens
2019-01-20 02:44
I rhink ur wrong bro, we'll see
2019-01-20 02:45
There was a scene on the stream 2 mins ago with the camera recordimg the screen from the rush's pov, hope u saw it
2019-01-20 02:54
Austria young1e Well if you mean the TV in red - you are right. But if we're talking about the big screen above then they would need to look atleast a meter above and behind.
2019-01-20 03:02
Russia fan_of_n0rth 
my friend over there says it's true.
2019-01-20 02:06
If I am he, I will take my money back
2019-01-20 02:07
Sweden hoey 
ibp are refunding all the day 1 tickets
2019-01-20 02:09
Nice. Minimum respect
2019-01-20 02:10
At least they are decent about it
2019-01-20 03:17
Brazil Mirekz 
yea dude i was waiting for the LG game and suddenly it was already over, they didn't show it on the mainstream
2019-01-20 02:00
I'm waiting for the same game and have the same surprise
2019-01-20 02:01
Finland Smoonah 
shit organization, shit updates, shit chikn outfits, shit lag, shit monopoly company, shit anti-cheat, shit production, shit UI
2019-01-20 02:03
Portugal nakbarone 
shit life, time to kys
2019-01-20 02:14
Finland Smoonah 
why do you wanna kiss another guy wtf
2019-01-20 02:38
Portugal nakbarone 
shitiest comeback I've ever seen. Expected from Finland
2019-01-20 13:32
-1 thats a good comeback you got burned deal with it
2019-01-20 13:36
Portugal nakbarone 
For brainlets
2019-01-20 13:46
nice london
2019-01-20 13:46
Bosnia and Herzegovina kick_pita_ffs 
this reminds me of a song in one of the niko's mvp video hahahahha instead of everything black is everything shit hahhahahaa
2019-01-20 02:16
Finland Smoonah 
2019-01-20 02:37
United Kingdom sufyy 
so true lol what the hell are they doing
2019-01-20 13:38
Turkey pr0xy^v^ 
+1 so shit
2019-01-20 13:39
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