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Wich team will impress in 2019?
Albania Endih 
I think navi fnatic and cloud9 will be competitive teams
2019-01-20 23:12
2019-01-20 23:14
Vega squadron
2019-01-20 23:16
Albania Endih 
Maybe in t3 scene
2019-01-20 23:21
Sobol | 
Liechtenstein slamcsgo 
tonyB gonna carry.
2019-01-20 23:49
Germany Lappentuch 
for sure not liquid... they'll start careers on cod
2019-01-20 23:17
Albania Endih 
Yeah I think they will be top 6-7 team
2019-01-20 23:22
United States wonderhead 
cry is free
2019-01-21 02:17
I dont hate em they just choke too much
2019-01-21 08:44
2019-01-20 23:18
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
2019-01-20 23:18
Valiance if they kick Otto
2019-01-20 23:21
No Otto is good i think the lineup will work after more practice
2019-01-20 23:39
Stop reading after good.
2019-01-21 02:15
Kvik | 
Lithuania andy_ 
> Cloud9 if they stop making roster changes. > Valiance (?, not really a fan of Espi, so flag doesn't check out), they looked pretty good on the minor. > The team that Zywoo will play in. This guy is just insane and I think he's gonna get better offers than Vitality. > Imo at least for a few months Astralis will be smashing everyone as they did in 2018. Not a big surprise it would be but still.
2019-01-20 23:23
I dont think astralis will have the same success they had last year
2019-01-20 23:23
Kvik | 
Lithuania andy_ 
Same, I don't think they will be able to keep their form the entire year as they did in 2018 but they are still capable of showing something for now:)
2019-01-20 23:24
why wouldnt they be everyone around them is constantly changing rosters and coaches, they literally have no competition and all the good players like simple and niko are left carryin their teams with astralis being the only team that has good teamplay
2019-01-20 23:25
Turkey tastemycobra 
BiG will be in another level this year.
2019-01-20 23:22
+1 xantares god
2019-01-20 23:23
if they get rid of smooya they can be a top tier team
2019-01-20 23:23
United States Shadow272 
Yes From t4 to t7
2019-01-21 02:19
Greece deST) 
North with : valde aizy Kjaerbye k0nfig karrigan
2019-01-20 23:23
Nice lineup +1
2019-01-20 23:35
Poland boltzzon 
2019-01-20 23:24
I think that polish scene is able to reborn a little bit and maybe or kinguin will become solid tier2 teams
2019-01-20 23:31
2019-01-20 23:29
Germany GoBIG0rGoHome 
teams which could have their breakthrough: BIG, NRG, Ence, Vitality at least they look promising BIG- 12th atm and would be top 10 without the lost points from nex and now they get invites to more and bigger tourneys so they have more chances to prove and climb the rankings NRG- They showed up at so many big tourneys and maybe they win their first t1 event this year Ence- They won the minor now and we will see how much they can do against top teams at the major... if sergej develops as expected tjey can do damage this year if not then next year Vitality- 3 players who are used to play at the highest level and have proven on this level as major winners (dont judge me if im wrong... following cs actively since the end of 2015) +alex who got experience now and is a good igl who filled ex6 gap in LDLC very well and Zywoo is just a machine if he keeps playing like this in the high level competitions he can maybe get tje number 1 player one day
2019-01-20 23:48
ZywOo should prove himself with t1 teams
2019-01-21 08:46
big might surprise everyone its not because im from turkey but big needed firepower and xantares might solve that problem and him and tabsen might be really good duo
2019-01-21 02:19 Not i cloding ence coz its 2ez4them
2019-01-21 08:49
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