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cant open csgo
Estonia Xx_H3nta4_Ma5t3r420_69_xX 
idk i open it the screen goes black like normal then it crashes before it loads i reinstalled and it didn't do anything
2019-01-20 23:38
pls i need help
2019-01-20 23:39
gamers i beg you
2019-01-20 23:44
Sweden meistr0 
Have you tried turning it on and off again, sir? Jk, hmm, weird.. have you verified cache thingy? Maybe this works?
2019-01-20 23:45
Norway Outin 
If you have -novid on your launch options, then just try to remove that and start up again :) reply if it didnt work
2019-01-20 23:46
Denmark KOTR 
1. delete csgo 2. download fortnite 3. enjoy life
2019-01-20 23:49
Mongolia FoxOutOfGlocks 
delete cheats
2019-01-20 23:49
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