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Faceit Kick
Belgium kaebboy 
So like, you get kicked in Faceit Premium bc you start a game of 0/4 (coming from a 36kill game), teammates rage and are toxic and you loose the game and elo? So what is the point of that kick system if ppl can kick randomly? lol
2019-01-21 00:21
And i'm banned as well bc they kicked me for 'leaving', LOL WAT
2019-01-21 00:23
Greece deST) 
Who cares about Faceit? MM > Faceit & ESEA
2019-01-21 00:24
+1 pff im stupid..
2019-01-21 00:25
Europe Instabait 
MM is life
2019-01-21 00:26
Poland SalamiXgod 
Dont play premium que its for ppl with mentall issues, I play non prem with friends cuz retarded opponents, sometimes u can get cheater/smurf in enemy but its maybe 1 in 40-50 matches.
2019-01-21 00:28
esea is the answer
2019-01-21 00:30
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