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Turkey smarthltvuser 
In the nights, I barely fall asleep like for 30 minutes and then I wake up with zero sleep. I am fully awake. I can't sleep for 2 to 3 hours. This is really annoying. Anyone had problem like this? Any solution? Help please!
2019-01-21 00:57
watch some stepmom porn before falling asleep
2019-01-21 00:58
cant give advices to species i dont know of
2019-01-21 00:58
Panama xemzex 
Ez report
2019-01-21 00:59
too much energy, go workout
2019-01-21 00:59
this can be true. i stopped working out for like 2 months because of exams. planning to start again soon. how do you know because of too much energy though?
2019-01-21 01:00
Ireland KarLybop 
Get a job and go gym. It will be fixed within 1 week.
2019-01-21 01:01
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