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S1 > Devve proof.
Snax | 
Poland Emmson 
Why you can't understand that this is the best player raking, not the best team. IQ lower than a shoe number. Proofs 1. 2. ez pz S1mple > Dev1ce all the way. Astralis without Dev1ce would be same, Devve wouldn't achieve anything in worse team.
2019-01-21 01:22
2019-01-21 01:27
2019-01-21 01:28
"S1mple > Dev1ce all the way." yes "Astralis without Dev1ce would be same, Devve wouldn't achieve anything in worse team." no
2019-01-21 01:28
IQ lower than a shoe number. big words for a poorlak =D
2019-01-21 01:28
Snax | 
Poland Emmson 
go check if some ahmed aint raping your mother and give him a baguette after that lol
2019-01-21 01:35
youre proving my point =D dont go around calling everyone else stupid when youre a poorlak, know your place, dog
2019-01-21 01:35
Solid proof.
2019-01-21 01:36
Best players tend to be part of the best team. Doubt you'll see players outside of top20 on an individual level dominate the scene. Then you can have the rare occassional player that performs extraordinarly. But without achievements no one will care. In s1mples defense, hes got good rating and achievements so its really end of story. But the way you say it makes no sense
2019-01-21 01:38
Turkey turkey_top_1 
i agree w/ you s1>>>> devve, but why does it say that s1 has played 253 maps but it only take 252 maps into consideration for flash assists?
2019-01-21 01:40
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