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Russia making moon red lul
nEGRo | 
United States frightn 
first kill ukraine peaple....... now they make moon red? OMEGALOL
2019-01-21 05:29
Lithuania JamesBong420 
Big if true
2019-01-21 05:36
United States gtmaniacmda 
stalin’s ghost haunts the moon, making it red every once in a while
2019-01-21 05:40
They don't Ukrainians, only terro-nazists and in counter attacks. What abot that Moon? What if it was red ever since, how would you tell if you've never been there
2019-01-21 05:42
nEGRo | 
United States frightn 
ITs red....... russians red..... it makes too much sense to be a coinsidense
2019-01-21 05:49
At least they might give you photos from the Moon, see where you should've been as we're told.
2019-01-21 05:50
nEGRo | 
United States frightn 
2019-01-21 06:18
Belarus really_Nygaard 
NA twitch chat jokes...oh wait
2019-01-21 05:44
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