Israel Rea77y 
no excuse not to play 1080p 16:9 in 2019 - 50
2019-01-21 12:36
bigger fov + distance detail all day. unless you play with garbage hardware, no excuse to not play 16:9 1080p120+
2019-01-21 12:40
not bad video.. didnt expect this
2019-01-21 12:38
You've got some nice skills bro! The video is pretty simple but then I don't know if you just wanted to show your skills or were going for a great clip aswell, then I think you know there's alot you can improve. Stuff like effects, intro and the overall quality of the clip. Music pretty lame but then it's just my own opinion, you should put the music you like on it. Well, overall a simple clip with some nice skills.
2019-01-21 12:55
I am never going for a clip, I just play normally and shadowplay good plays
2019-01-21 15:35
United Kingdom Johal 
it said the n word
2019-01-21 15:36
Don't worry I have the n word pass
2019-01-21 18:16
why is your Clan tag Brazilia with double L?
2019-01-21 15:38
Just played vs silvers
2019-01-21 15:41
2019-01-21 18:16
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