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The TAGGING option
Croatia notBCko 
Tagging people in posts would be fun new option on this forum, we would get notifications when we get tagged in posts/replies which would simplify our communication.
2019-01-22 03:06
Could be used as spam though. I think it’s a good idea but there are 2 sides to every coin.
2019-01-22 03:07
United States circles308 
what a very friendly comment, sorry about the other guy who didnt leave a friendly comment. You seem like a very friendly user
2019-01-22 03:10
Thanks man appreciate it. About the user I just think he is having a bad day.
2019-01-22 03:10
Korea ENCE|jW 
Hltv like dislike button Avatars as well would put some naruto for sure
2019-01-22 03:10
>like dislike button so... reddit?
2019-01-22 03:22
Would be great so I can tag my squad every time I destroyed NiP fanboys or baited 14_yo_old_friendly_user
2019-01-22 03:23
Sweden meistr0 
Worst idea ever. People would just "@" anyone when they spam shit like gambling sites.
2019-01-22 03:26
Nope. Spam shit would be annoying
2019-01-22 03:28
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