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If they do not make the major (and if they do, if they do not make it to top 16) do you think they will/should make changes? Imo they should consider it if they don't come anywhere close to top 8 considering they have been a top 10 team for a while now, but since it's most of their first majors I think they will be nervous and making top 16 will be fine. If they do make a change, I would love for them to bust open the check book and try to get autimatic. If not, tarik would be a good addition as well.
2019-01-22 19:03
United Kingdom Denim2k 
autimatic wont leave, tarik could be an option
2019-01-22 19:04
1. I think they'll get to the Major. 2. I think they'll get top 16. I think they have a shot at top 8.
2019-01-22 19:04
Yeah, I think they have a good chance at top 8 depending on the draw, but they will definitely make top 16 at least. This is just hypothetical.
2019-01-22 19:12
United States GWEBB 
If they bomb out of this major again I would imagine a change incoming. Its hard to think who they would replace though. Fugly is the obvious name but he is more of a support player. In my opinion it could be Cerq, super high skill ceiling but has come consistency issues. I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to -Cerq and +autimatic and allow him to awp. He has shown to be pretty dangerous with the awp since he took the main role in C9.
2019-01-22 19:06
United States kmm 
-Fugly +Tarik, they'd be sick
2019-01-22 19:06
Stewie2K | 
Canada BudFly 
-nahtE +anyone, knifed him in a FaceIt pug its too ez
2019-01-22 19:08
2019-01-22 19:09
Geeze. You must be amazing. Why aren't you playing pro and raking in the big bucks? Is it a conspiracy against you?
2019-01-22 19:09
i am pro. i play on open team
2019-01-22 19:44
Well congrats. Now that you're pro, you should let NRG know they should pick you up and drop Ethan.
2019-01-22 22:08
-fugly +tarik or even -daps since tarik can igl
2019-01-22 19:08
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