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Aug vs SG553
Portugal BenJF 
Accuracy of AUG is much better Damages of SG is a bit better than AUG fire frame is kind of the same but i d say AUG faster Magazine same AUG more expensive I still thing AUG is better and tbh it is really overpowered /thoughts
2019-01-22 21:02
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Golden | 
Sweden Bakkmann 
Aug OP sg is fine imo, holding angels with scope is ez af but pushing not so much
2019-01-22 21:03
Portugal BenJF 
yeah that s why it s really hard to push with a sg because the accuracy sucks so much with aug you could eventually try to push
2019-01-23 13:22
actually, when unscoped the sg beats the aug by quite a bit, and even if scoped they aren't too far apart
2019-06-23 05:58
United States Jamila 
sg spray pattern is unforgiving
2019-06-23 10:26
the start isnreally easy but at the end is like a garden hose full power with noone holding it
2019-06-23 10:30
nice description but sg spray pattern is unforgiving
2019-06-23 10:44
yes i know
2019-06-23 12:11
Sri Lanka Coman 
It's 100% OP but some shit players will act like it's normal and not OP because they suck with AK/M4 and they don't want that both weapons get nerfed from VALVE.
2019-01-22 21:04
Portugal ruskije 
0/8 damage a bit better? it can 1 shot to helmet in any range, it can kill in only 3 shots to the chest with armor close range or 4 long range vs 4 close and 5 long of the AUG, SG has a better firerate and is cheaper
2019-01-22 21:04
aug better coz scoped automatic more useful on ct side
2019-01-22 21:05
United States jay_320 
AUG is "better" simply because it suits it's CT side better. If you want to get into it though it's higher firerate and insanely accurate first bullet help. SG just has the long range one shot which isn't too too important except at the highest of levels when holding an angle. I'm still using an AK on every map but Dust 2 and Cobble.
2019-01-22 21:08
sg 100% armor penetration op
2019-01-22 21:10
f0rest | 
Sweden D24_Tic 
sg 5 months later yes hello wake up thread
2019-06-22 19:27
United States Acehavok 
SG is a more accurate AK with better damage against armor. It’s the better gun. Enough said
2019-06-23 05:59
Denmark oskarsports 
> SG > accurate pick one
2019-06-23 06:11
United States Acehavok 
Recoil and accuracy are different. People are retarded, you literally pull down to the left it’s not hard.
2019-06-23 08:45
2019-06-23 10:38
More CT's now-a-days are picking up the Krieg when they can too... I just think a lot of pros don't have the recoil down on the Krieg yet.
2019-06-23 06:13
United States Acehavok 
Yeah it’s an animal if you’re feeling crisp. You won’t miss shots that you would miss with an AK.
2019-06-23 08:46
Remove scoped rifles.
2019-06-23 06:07
Twistzz | 
Estonia dev2ce 
Completely agree, remove scout, sg, aug, awp and ruin the market along with it.
2019-06-23 08:53
Denmark nrth_LUL 
Sg is faster it has the same firerate as m4a4
2019-06-23 08:52
SG is better, SG is more accurate than AUG when standing unscoped, unscoped AUG sucks balls now, SG doesn't. SG faster firerate than AK too. Better accuracy, better dps and with scope.. 1 shot kill HS. SG is OP, soon u'll see in pro scene SG will be used more and more. It's DPS is easily the highest.
2019-06-23 10:36
dexter | 
Kazakhstan Mus1kkk 
2019-06-23 10:38
Brazil deivid50 
sg ultimate tap machine
2019-06-23 10:44
crouching accuracy of AUG is still the same. so just hide in a corner tap or burst in rounds of 3-4 on chest recoil gives way easy headshot. After that pick up ak47. So fucking godamn EZ. and krieg is still good. one tap potential, armour penetration, pros that used to use sg553 will still use it as firerate of sg and ak is similar now. + with scope they can strafe and one tap noob awper.
2019-06-23 11:39
Poland lazar203 
aug better spray control
2019-06-23 12:13
Austria WhiteHawk7777 
SG should be nerfed as well, not just the AUG
2019-06-23 12:15
Finland gl1tchz 
SG556 is so good for tapping
2019-06-23 12:16
Bulgaria Cloudyx 
I gotta say sg is for people with insane aim, aug is for people with casual aim :D
2019-06-23 12:17
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