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HOW THE FCK u can live on this cold
Brazil Sputy 
I hae a friend in portugal which is not really cold right now compared with other countries he just called me saying he can't stand going to university in this cold anymore, he says he cant feel his feet and he think its the worst feelin he ever had... HOW U GUYS WHO LIVE IN SIBERIA OR FINLAND, SWEDEN, DENMARK live there?????? I just cant understand, i cant live when its anything below 10ºC... imagine -40º... You can leave the house on those temp??
2019-01-23 02:37
cold > summer every day
2019-01-23 02:38
felps | 
Brazil Broodht 
You're saying this Just because the cold weather in Brazil is something like 12 celsius
2019-01-23 03:40
ZywOo | 
United States ZYWOOTOP1 
Just wear a jacket lul
2019-01-23 02:39
Brazil Sputy 
it doesnt work like that... my body refuse to leave the bed
2019-01-23 02:41
ZywOo | 
United States ZYWOOTOP1 
We're used to it. I love the cool breeze in the morning.
2019-01-23 02:42
s1mple | 
Brazil torckneo 
drink vodka
2019-01-23 02:42
I really like winter/cold times. I would walk for hours every day if there was any snow in my fucking city. Also i like Rain a lot (three of them)
2019-01-23 02:55
Norway PeteZz 
U come to nordic. We have sunny and rain. But cold is in brazilllll :(((
2019-01-23 03:23
U have like 10-15 in winter nt
2019-01-23 03:54
Germany uRaguuu 
Germany is kinda warm, still my parents decided to move to the coldest place in germany :/ Cant even grow berries/fruits here :(
2019-01-23 02:59
I remember i go to shop in -50° to buy bread, very good times. You just cant stay outside more then 2 minutes. >2 minutes and you are dead lul.
2019-01-23 03:06
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
-50 what the fuck... cannot imagine. I'd rather have a fucking heavy ass migraines for a month than surviving under -50 for two days.
2019-01-23 03:16
Sitting at home and wait at least -30°, and you are ok xD
2019-01-23 03:19
Finland no_man 
coldzera went from top 1 to top 10 in a year
2019-01-23 03:07
Canada VeryWeirdGuy 
Yeah bro. I see your point 2016: 2 major mvp / top 1 hltv / best e-sport player2016 2017: 9 titles/a lot mvps/ top 1 hltv 2018: ??? What a shit
2019-01-23 03:17
Russia deadforest 
I can easily leave the house on -40 temperature because I’m cool Russian 😎
2019-01-23 03:09
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
To be honest your friend might be exaggerating a little bit and also Siberia and probably Scandinavia as well (correct me if I'm wrong) sell thermic clothes that don't exist around here, to compensate difference of temperature. Relatives of mine went on vacation to Moscow and they bought themselves a few heat-keeping jackets, if that's a word lol
2019-01-23 03:13
Norway PeteZz 
Clothes Heating in houses Pretty ez
2019-01-23 03:22
just buy canada goose lmao
2019-01-23 03:23
United States Batteries 
3 words Fucking White Male
2019-01-23 03:55
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