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Help me, need suggestions.
Australia BotTheRookie 
Been almost 2 months since I quit computer games, still come on HLTV occasionally to watch a CS match (and see what the highest collective IQ community is up to). However, recently I have found myself bored with life as games were always a big part of it, now without them I have so much free time. I am feeling lost as now I do not know what to do with my excessive amount of time. Could the lovely citizens of HLTV please recommend things I start doing, whether that be your hobby, tips on how to have an interesting life (always come up with new things to do daily). An interest of mine has always been DIY stuff, I am very interested with all those youtubers who DIY crazy things, but my upbringing has never been like that, so if a HLTVer has any experience in that field.. could they share their knowledge of how I can start off and get into it. Thank you!
2019-01-23 07:53
ozzy | 
Japan Fides 
Same lol i quit playing games and mostly being out enjoying the sun and got a very nice girlfriend named Fides :))) Ozzy
2019-01-23 07:58
Okay so you recommend having a girlfriend named Fides, where can I find her???
2019-01-23 07:58
sediF true
2019-01-23 08:04
There isn't any sun is russia tho
2019-01-23 08:02
Nast1a | 
Czech Republic teguP 
He's a fakeflagger from Pakistan
2019-01-23 08:06
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
Start fidget spinning
2019-01-23 08:03
Tried to buy fidget spinner since you recommended. Sales assistant said I must still have my V card, what do I do?
2019-01-23 08:44
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
Steal it from your dad
2019-01-23 09:34
What is this imaginary parental figure
2019-01-23 09:37
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
I dont know your dad sorry I only know your father jamal. He is a good man, sometimes he brings doe meat to our house.
2019-01-23 09:42
Jamal, sounds like a sexy name, by any chance did he only bring this meat to your house when your mother was home and your father wasn't?
2019-01-23 09:43
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
excuse me for one second.
2019-01-23 09:47
2019-01-23 09:49
Just go back to playing then
2019-01-23 08:04
Trying to improve myself to be my best self, I started to lose interest in games a long while ago and do not believe it would help in improving myself. I'm not saying that's the case for everyone, but I don't feel much passion for it anymore.
2019-01-23 08:45
just play occasionally for fun then
2019-01-23 09:01
Yes possibly, but I'm looking for other things to do. Currently my PC doesn't have ram in it since my ram died. Looking for other hobbies to get into.
2019-01-23 09:02
I recommend sports then, best hobbies you could get into.
2019-01-23 09:03
Hmm indeed, only thing I could say is that I go to the gym and am trying to gain weight. A lot of sports involve running and running ruins gains bro :( In terms of sports, I'm not sure what I'd like to get into. Played a lot of sports as a kid but stopped around age 13, not particularly good at any :O
2019-01-23 09:05
Finland xore1 
play cs
2019-01-23 08:04
2019-01-23 08:45
Slovakia LINF 
Why quit something you enjoy doing ?
2019-01-23 08:05
2019-01-23 08:45
Slovakia LINF 
okay then , I do calisthenics besides games , its a mixture between street workout and gymnastics . Great for keeping fit and shredded look and especially for overall functionality and well being .
2019-01-23 08:52
Yep I've heard and seen it, I already go to gym and have a goal of being able to do muscle-ups etc, but damn you gotta get pretty fit & strong to do that shit. Currently the only thing related to Calisthenics that I do is dips, but I'm nowhere near atm.
2019-01-23 08:56
Slovakia LINF 
I love the insane amount of core strenght required to perform all the exercises , builds great looking and very strong phisique .
2019-01-23 09:15
Yes, what exercises would you say I should do in order to be able to do calisthenics. I would say my core would be my weakest asset at the moment. Also is there anything you need to do in terms of diet, etc.
2019-01-23 09:34
Slovakia LINF 
stick to the basics - dips , push ups , pull ups , squats and their diffrent variations . Dont overcomplicate things from the beggining . Really focus on the form and activating the core in every exercise . Also if you currently have a weak core I would reccomend doing short core routine every day after workout (15-20mins max focused mainly on core endurance ) , once you build some core strenght , dedicate 1 day in your training cycle purely to core . Also stretching after workouts really helps recovery and in progressing . I dont really have any special meal plan , just eat enough and healthy , whole foods , fruit , vegetables ,200g oat meal every morning helps my digestion a lot . Anything else you need just ask , its difficult to answer everything from such a general question . Hope I helped a little .
2019-01-23 09:55
Thanks a lot, in terms of a specific question. What are core exercises that I should be doing? My core is weak and I believe that is because I have barely incorporated it into my gym routine. Do you know any really good core work outs. Or anyway to gauge whether or not my core is weak or strong etc. (I would say weak, but I'm not entirely sure)
2019-01-23 09:58
Slovakia LINF 
You can try this to check how you compare - Also in terms of that short core workout , I meant something like this - For core exercises just google "calisthenincs core exercises" and I am sure you will find videos showcasing many from basic to pro like this one for example -
2019-01-23 10:06
Okay thank you a lot, I will check them out.
2019-01-23 10:10
(and see what the highest collective IQ community is up to) >i lol'd
2019-01-23 08:13
You are welcome my friend.
2019-01-23 08:46
ok Monday - have sex with girl Tuesday - have sex with anoter girl Wednesday - have sex with a stranger Thursday - have sex with slut Friday - have sex with boy Saturday have threesome Sunday have sex with dog here you go men)))
2019-01-23 08:16
Hmm, that sounds like a lot of STD's... especially sunday, I think I will have to pass on this offer.
2019-01-23 08:47
sunday best
2019-01-23 10:03
I won't judge if that's what you're into. Although I probably should judge, isn't this how AIDS came about? Thought a monkey lying down was a dog?
2019-01-23 10:09
read books
2019-01-23 08:17
Thank you, yea I've been looking into reading for a while. Going to be getting two books tomorrow.
2019-01-23 08:48
Start reading books?
2019-01-23 08:54
#19 Book suggestions are appreciated, I'm more into the books where I learn valuable pieces of information (life lessons etc), rather than fiction stories etc
2019-01-23 08:58
Fair enough, was gonna recommend you iain M Banks but
2019-01-23 08:59
Haha that is okay, thanks anyways.
2019-01-23 09:00
A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson, that you might enjoy
2019-01-23 09:02
Okay, I will give it a look. Thanks
2019-01-23 09:03
Estonia u3ffe 
Jonathan Livingston Seagull, written by Richard Bach Try it
2019-01-23 09:44
Okay I will look into it, what is it about ?
2019-01-23 09:45
Estonia u3ffe 
Just read about it, I guess at your current state of life it might be useful for you
2019-01-23 09:48
Alright sure thing. Thanks
2019-01-23 09:49
Estonia u3ffe 
2019-01-23 09:51
workout, learn how to cook your favorite foods. but my favorite, learn poker...
2019-01-23 09:43
Yep started working out early December last year, haven't skipped a day from being lazy since. In terms of cooking, I used to love it however over the years I have somehow lost my passion for it and no longer that interested. I would love to buy a cook book with a girlfriend or something and just try making random meals together or something. But that might be a while, because my previous girlfriend (and first serious) broke up with me a month and a bit ago. As for poker, where do you suggest I learn to play? Obviously I don't think a real Casino would be a good idea, and things like facebook poker come with such little risk that I play stupid. (From playing with family etc I'm pretty garbage ahah)
2019-01-23 09:48
never go a real casino for poker, poker is not a joke, most people have gambling problems because of poker. you can play on internet, zynga poker is really good for this and its free if you wont lose all of your money. there are books and instructions to learn the game you can just google it. I also suggest you to play some single-player games such as skyrim or the witcher 3, those games are really good when you get into it. If you havent tried to play skyrim or the witcher 3, just try it.
2019-01-23 09:57
Yeah, never played Skyrim, have played Witcher 3. Never got to finishing it because everytime I had my saves deleted -_- and I'm the type of person who takes ages to finish it because I do every little quest everywhere. I play it hardcore for like 5 days, then get bored and come back to it in maybe 2 years ahaha
2019-01-23 09:59
lmao, then you'd love skyrim. I still play the game for 30 mins or 1 hours. I dont play cs go or other type of games, I love watching them, but too much stress, cant handle anymore... (im 27)
2019-01-23 10:01
Yeah I probably would. I might look into it, currently my computer has no RAM and I'm not sure if I want to get new RAM or just change my life.
2019-01-23 10:04
Sweden DrakenIsHot 
Play piano. Its easy to get into and is really giving. + Makes you an alpha
2019-01-23 09:56
I have given it a shot before, found it more difficult than expected, probably because I don't type with all my fingers, just my first 3, so using my other other fingers felt weird and uncoordinated. Are keyboards not expensive?
2019-01-23 10:06
Sweden DrakenIsHot 
I started of with a cheap used keyboard for ~100$, i liked it and after a year i got a digital piano for 400$. I also sold the keyboard for the same price so if you dont like it you dont really lose anything :)
2019-01-23 10:25
Fair enough, I will look into it.
2019-01-23 10:44
Sweden DrakenIsHot 
Good luck mate
2019-01-23 10:46
Thanks, if I ever become the next Beethoven I will be sure to compensate you. (So make sure you stay on HLTV for the rest of your life)
2019-01-23 10:48
Sweden DrakenIsHot 
I Will i will, Beethoven 2
2019-01-23 11:18
Glad you believe in me baby <3
2019-01-23 13:09
India otgps 
Mate if you're actually australian I've hear there's a pretty good demand for volunteer help at the zoos and conservation sanctuaries down under. How bout doing that and becoming a proper upstanding cunt?
2019-01-23 10:01
Australia kAlyps0 
There's always demand for volunteer work in every country.
2019-01-23 10:04
India otgps 
Mostly its unwanted work or helping the doomed but I wouldn't mind giving back to nature a little.
2019-01-23 10:05
This comment sounds awfully Australian aye mate. Yes I might look into volunteer work, be the most upstanding cunt around.
2019-01-23 10:07
India otgps 
cheers lad
2019-01-23 10:13
I assume you work / school. Gym and play sports, go out during the weekend, and if you gym some days go on hiking trip maybe, just walk outside with music and enjoy nature. im somebody who still plays games but it's nice with a break time to time :)
2019-01-23 10:02
I go to university, don't work at the moment as I am about to move in 1 or 2 weeks. I go to the gym (don't play sports, ruins gains). I walk and listen to music almost every day, but it's starting to get old and I'm finding myself bored with how I am. (No interesting stories, no interesting life events)
2019-01-23 10:08
go do interesting things then. you live in australia. go punch a kangaroo.
2019-01-23 10:28
I took your advice into consideration.
2019-01-23 10:40
i love how its arms go up when it takes the hit
2019-01-23 10:41
Yeah it tried to grab me, poor bastard. Hasn't stopped sending me death threats via text message ever since.
2019-01-23 10:43
what happened to the dog tho
2019-01-23 10:44
Dog's fine, just a bit of bad scarring.
2019-01-23 10:45
priorities 1.cs grind 2.get that street money 3.gains (buy yo momma a crib) 5. friends no need of anything else in life bro
2019-01-23 10:10
Haha, you posted the same thing on my last thread, I will give these a shot.
2019-01-23 10:41
make your own cs and then sell it to valve
2019-01-23 10:30
But if I made my own cs then it'd be good. Which would mean Valve wouldn't be able to laugh at people complain about their broken game.
2019-01-23 10:42
Maybe survival/bushcraft? Not a hard/challenging version of it, but something like this: you go to a nice place, like a wood with a river/lake (be it alone or with friends, I usually go alone for 1-2 day trips and with a company for longer ones), away from civilization (or to a not densely populated place), set up a camp (apart from having a tent, try to build one from fallen/dead branches and leaves - don't cut the trees, especially the young ones), make a fire using firesteel (but get a lighter as well) and enjoy nature. Obviously take food with you, but you can also try to make some food from what you find; start with simple things, like making a tea from herbs, catching, gutting and dressing (don't know if that's correct word) a fish, things like that. Don't try to 'survive', make it a pleasant and learning experience. Get a book about edible plants from YOUR region or watch some youtube channels about bushcraft. Things you'd need: first and foremost, a GOOD knife. Don't cheap on this one, it's going to be your main tool; if you learn how to properly maintain it, it's going to be an investement for years. Get some waterproof tent and clothes, compact dishes, a gas stove/hot plate (not sure about correct translation), a sleeping pad and bag, a small axe and obviously provisions. Again, it's not about surviving, it's about learning and quietening down. The best way to start is to go with someone who has experience with these kind of things. That's how I started and learned the basics. If you don't have any friends with experience, start with trips close to your home. IMPORTANT: always plan your trip and check whether you CAN do things like that in your chosen destination. Don't just go to someone's property or a reservation and fuck things up. Actually, looking for and discovering new places is one of my favourite parts of every trip. In most cases you don't have to go far away to find a quiet place. Look around. IMPORTANT 2: if you go alone, ALWAYS tell someone where you're going. ALWAYS, just in case something happens to you. IMPORTANT 3: ALWAYS clean up the place once you're finished. Always leave it the same as it was when you got there. Respect nature.
2019-01-23 10:37
Actually have thought about this before. Just to get into it, might be a bit on the expensive side. I don't have anyone who is experienced with this type of stuff and in terms of not going far from where I live. I live in the city, since I go to university, so I'm not sure that is possible. My now ex girlfriend's grandparents owned a property way inland that would be good for this type of thing, but obviously she's now my ex. Otherwise it would've been a fun thing to do with her.
2019-01-23 10:47
Well, one thing I forgot to mention: you'd need a car. Some people go on trips like these on bikes, you can easily pack all those things on one, but unless you're very fit, it's going to be physically challenging. For me it's about quietening down, so I'd rather go by car; it'd also be your 'safe zone' if things go south for some reason. It might seem like an expensive hobby, especially if you'd want to buy all those things at once, but you can also do it step by step. The most expensive would be a proper knife, it's not about it's sharpness or size, but rather durability; something in a price range of ~$100-~$150 (don't know about prices in your country though) could serve you for years with proper maintenance. Go to some 'military' shop and talk to people there. They usually know their shit and can give you advice on what you need/what to avoid. A ~$50 tent would be more than enough for the beginning, and a waterproof jacket. Actually, depending on weather, you might even skip the tent - I very often used only a tarpaulin with a sleeping pad and bag during the summer. The rest of the equipment you can go for the cheapest you can find, but first go to a shop and test it 'physically' - if it doesn't break in 5 minutes, you're good to go.
2019-01-23 11:12
Yeah, I don't have one at the moment. Planning to get a Van and deck it out so I can travel the whole of Australia.
2019-01-23 13:10
go learn programming
2019-01-23 10:41
I do Computer Science at uni, I am learning programming :D
2019-01-23 10:43
then you can start contributing to projects on github or do some projects of yourself, build websites for people you know, theyll gladly pay a couple hundred for a simple one, can easily be thousands for something like a webshop or other functionality beyond basic html with nice graphics on top. or go ask around on uni, in the campus bar, look at posters for companies looking for interns and junior employees, look around on the internet. you can get a well paying part time job that is also fun and teaches you a lot about programming. then you dont need any hobbies.
2019-01-23 10:50
Yes very true, however I have yet to do any web development. So far I made a Fortnite Bot for a friend last year, easiest $10 of my life. In terms of a job etc, I will be looking for one once I move in a week or two. However, it'll probably just be a basic Woolworths or Coles job because if I move again soon in the future then I won't need to find a new job, just get transferred. I might look into the contributing to projects though etc, I did plan that for these holidays that I'm currently in, but then I tried to get out more, go to the gym etc. So that didn't really happen, probably more likely to start while I'm at uni.
2019-01-23 10:53
its important to get experience in coding for money while you are in uni, so you can say you have a couple years of work experience after. kind of a waste of time to get a job outside the sector. you can probably also make more coding. if you win a hackathon that also counts, you are making money writing code.
2019-01-23 10:59
Oh yes I know i'd make a lot more money coding, and it'd be a waste to get a job outside of the sector. But I'm only starting my second year of university this year, so I'm not that good, or experienced. So for now I would get a regular job, then once I have built up a good reputation I may decide to swap jobs etc and go into the IT industry.
2019-01-23 11:01
its possible to get a entry level job as coder now and move up more quickly than if you start at entry level with no relevant experience after you graduate. you will be doing pretty basic stuff, layout for websites, UI for programs, writing unit tests, at first. if you get hired, dont worry about not understanding everything, companies know you are a 2nd year student so they dont mind holding your hand for a bit as long as you are smart and learn fast so you can work independently after a couple weeks, and show good work attitude. its an investment. they hire you and train you and give you free courses. in return you do work for way less money than it would otherwise cost them and maybe you will even stick around after graduation but you dont have to.
2019-01-23 11:06
Alright that is a fair point, I will look into it. I'm unsure exactly where I should be looking etc, but I'll give it a go.
2019-01-23 13:05
find out which IT companies are closest to where you live, walk in, and ask them for a job. then compare offers. because you arent yet specialized in anything, you can work anywhere in IT. and youre relatively cheap. even if you dont get the job, they can tell you what you need to learn or do to be able to get it later. things as basic as which languages do they code in atm or how many years of experience do you need. if you spend a year coding voluntarily on github part time that counts as work experience. if you do projects in uni, thats work experience. so you can look at your curriculum, look at your projects, look at how much time you will have left, and plan a career path.
2019-01-24 00:44
Okay thanks, I'll give it a shot.
2019-01-24 03:47
also you can do university grade hackathons and other contests for math or whatever youre good at, very easy to get a job with a couple of those especially if you already have some work experience from doing small projects in uni or volunteering for open source projects.
2019-01-23 10:53
Yep, will most likely be participating in the hackathons and stuff like that this year. Heard it's very important to get involved in the community whilst at uni, it's seen as quite important, more than GPA (according to professors etc, they look at community achievements, not so much how great you are at assignments)
2019-01-23 10:55
the most important thing is that you do anything at all beyond the absolute minimum requirements, it shows motivation.
2019-01-23 10:58
Yeah, and since community work isn't often rewarded, I believe that's why they see it as so important. They want people with good personalities and commitment, not necessarily just talent.
2019-01-23 11:02
compare it to something like sports, a pro team will be more easily interested in someone who performs well in amateur leagues than some random guy who knocks on the door asking for a job
2019-01-23 11:05
Yeah, I see what you mean.
2019-01-23 13:07
plus you get to impress your classmates with all the extracurricular shit youre doing, especially if you win something
2019-01-23 11:00
Haha yea, I'll see how I go, and how much I can handle. I'm not the most intellectual but I'll give it a shot, I'm doing 2 Computer Science classes & 2 Engineering classes this semester.
2019-01-23 11:03
Netherlands ZoMilan 
I saw people making a usable functional portable wii with 6 hour battery, if interested just google 'PortablizeMii'
2019-01-23 11:07
thats electrical engineering
2019-01-23 11:10
Netherlands ZoMilan 
If you design from scrarch it's pretty much DIY
2019-01-23 12:35
if you can do that you can make a lot of money
2019-01-24 00:33
Germany zeolikk 
Go back to gaming :) but if you rly don't wanna return, read books and work out. It's healthy for your body
2019-01-23 11:20
I'd suggest you to JUST START DOING SHIT. You cant know what you like for sure if you had no experience doing it. Start doing ANYTHING, doesnt matter. Physical exercise, Rubick's cube, meditation, books, drawing, try everything. Its ok if you fail. To continue or to stop is only your choice but try to look at all pros and cons of forcing yourself to push forward even if you have no success You might wanna check out Mike Boyd on YT, he specializes on learning new stuff and he has a detailed guide on the whole process of learning (on Skilshare)
2019-01-23 13:30
Well, first of all if you didn't take gaming as a hobby in the first place, that's a big problem there... Anyway the easiest way is working out, maybe continue studying if that's your thing? That's more efficient than reading books about life and such. Start collecting things maybe? Like watches or whatever you enjoy having... Make a healthy routine for your life that you find comfortable for you, and maybe find another game to play for like an hour or two aday, obviously not csgo since it needs dedication. Combine all these things together and you'll hopefully be happy. Cheers :D
2019-01-24 05:36
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