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Does everyone use qq to awp
fruit | 
Australia simo444r 
Im just curious if everyone uses q to switch between weapons. I have mine Bound to e.
2019-01-23 09:41
No I use 1 3 😎😎😎😎
2019-01-23 09:42
India otgps 
2019-01-23 10:02
Omg i thought i was the only one who uses these buttons by addicted
2019-01-23 10:06
Turkey headshotk1ng 
+1 tf is qq lmao
2019-01-23 10:11
2019-01-23 10:15
I tend not to qq anymore. I once got zeus'ed because I qq'ed before actually shooting. It haunts me to this day.
2019-01-23 09:42
:( Everyone experiences this, I've had an episode of doing it 4 times in a row on 4 easy kills
2019-01-23 09:44
Worst part was that I got cocky after a pistol round knife kill and bought it the following round to be a dick :( Besides, quickswitching doesn't really do anything besides resetting your scope.
2019-01-23 09:48
Yea it probably disadvantages you tbh, a lot of pro's hardly qq they just let it auto scope in again as they're that quick to shoot the next enemy.
2019-01-23 09:50
Most of them still do I think, just because it's a habit most players developed in older cs. And it looks fancy.
2019-01-23 10:00
Well yes people do it when they aren't engaging but I see a lot of awpers that shoot really fast just let it reload and auto scope in itself. Saw a recent clip "When Smooya gives S1mple the awp" or something like that, and S1mple just kills people really fast by letting it auto scope in I believe. A lot of pro's shoot fast like that, It's quicker than qq
2019-01-23 10:02
Everyone who is normal yeah
2019-01-23 09:43
I have push to talk on q
2019-01-23 09:45
2019-01-23 09:46
Russia ez4baitkatka 
my Q is to pull out bomb, I use the number keys.
2019-01-23 09:47
ritch | 
United Kingdom Meffus 
My Q is bound to build wall.
2019-01-23 09:49
if you press Q Q you get a fence instead? OMEGALUL
2019-01-23 09:51
ritch | 
United Kingdom Meffus 
Does it??! I'm going to build so many fences.
2019-01-23 09:53
when i use qq i often do it too quick and im not even shooting. im worst awp EU not even kidding.
2019-01-23 09:51
Sweden DrakenIsHot 
I have quickswitching bound to g5 which i hit with my pinky. Works well
2019-01-23 09:51
FalleN | 
India GalexE 
I walk with legs
2019-01-23 09:51
Netherlands OLJ 
I use mouse5
2019-01-23 09:54
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
I never quick switch. Im basically guardian fast flick and reflex. The servers fear me
2019-01-23 10:01
yes i use q a lot like 80% of the time i switch weapons with q i just love it the placebo is real swiching to knife with q
2019-01-23 10:03
I only use Q when I for example want to molotov b short fast (overpass), I select my molotov in spawn then change to knife then I use q to bring up molotov again when i need to use it. When I awp I mostly do not even change weapon, (unless aggro peeking ofc) and then I mainly change to knife again. in 1.6 i used to qq after shooting
2019-01-23 10:06
Russia lefy 
2019-01-23 10:17
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