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United States SpazzofHLTV 
I’m really glad Eunited was the first to be eliminated from the Minor. They did not deserve any spot or chance at all in the Major. Especially Cooper, I’m extremely glad he whiffed and missed all his shots. I’m sure freakazoid is laughing right now. It’s even more funny at how much cooper no life’s FPL the last two months for this. It only proves he isn’t worthy of being on a T2 team. As for FNS, This pick up was the biggest dumbest move out of all. FNS is absolutely one of the worst IGL’s to be in the pro scene and it baffles me he was picked up. He had little success in multiple pro teams, never won a single event and has the skills of a bot. There are other worthy IGLS in NA literally probably in MDL who are better then him. He has only brought the team downhill since. Kicking Relyks and AcesU was there biggest mistake, especially Relyks, he was always making the big plays when they needed it the most. I bet Eunited will either disband or remain a shit tier team.
2019-01-23 18:01
Russia Mah_one_des 
NA minor i sleep
2019-01-23 18:04
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