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eleague 2019
Finland OwONoticesYourBulge 
lmao what a terribe tournament... only 4 teams and they're all tier 3
2019-01-24 12:12
easiest tournament of all time for faze tbh
2019-01-24 12:12
faze probably gonna get dicked by big
2019-01-24 12:13
Only 3 teams indeed, but all with new rosters! It will be exciting to see how they perform on LAN!
2019-01-24 12:12
+1... There were one post, which told that year after year Eleague will invite less teams.... so next year there will be only 2 teams: Faze and 1 tier 10 team to let Faze win this "Big Event"
2019-01-24 12:13
eleague clash for cash: 2020 edition
2019-01-24 12:14
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