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Are there HLTV users shorter than me ?
2019-01-25 06:26
2019-01-25 06:29
Juliano might be even shorter. Not sure though.
2019-01-25 06:29
Xyp9x | 
Indonesia Wawzloll 
Its okay brother
2019-01-25 06:31
ozzy | 
Korea Ozzy! 
My friend in 160
2019-01-25 06:32
2019-01-25 06:34
United States BubbleFlameszz 
Don't worry, you're not quite a midget. You're like Kevin Hart
2019-01-25 06:35
Sweden x6tenceGalaxy 
how old are you??
2019-01-25 06:38
18 , haven't grown like since 15
2019-01-25 06:51
You're still taller than a number of great musicians and singers, no reason to worry THIS much. Of course it's an ache and it will creep on, I'm also very short but I accepted it. Don't listen to them saying, you're a midget, you're not, they have no clue. You can talk to me if you need a helping hand, friend's the best one to have at this moment.
2019-01-25 06:44
Lithuania ropzGOD 
He isnt a midget, yes, because midgets are smaller, but hes still small 🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂😂🤟🤟🤟😱🥰🖕😂
2019-01-25 06:50
The comment you posted below mine has shown me that you're not worthy of an intelligent discussion yet. Yes, he's small, I'm small too but neither of us are midgets but you may just be that one dumb.
2019-01-25 06:51
Lithuania ropzGOD 
Why am I dumb? Because im taller than him or because I called him a midget?
2019-01-25 06:55
Because you called him a midget. I might be way too thick to see the humor in it but I don't really think many would laugh over it. And actually, it's not the height of a midget buddy.
2019-01-25 06:55
Lithuania ropzGOD 
I know, thats what i said in #13 You dont have to take everything on here seriously, even if it isnt funny to you 🤷🏻‍♂️
2019-01-25 06:57
I just imagined if I were him, it would hurt me to read that. I'm all in for fun but the fun should be funny for everyone, not just someone. Glad you see what I mean here, have fun little fella.
2019-01-25 06:58
Lithuania ropzGOD 
He doesnt have to take it serious either
2019-01-25 07:01
But if he would, I would be on his side. That's the thing.
2019-01-25 07:03
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