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Dickstacy sticker hype!
Freeman | 
Bulgaria justTSB 
The important thing we are all missing about the minors is the fact that as Grayhound managed to qualify we will finally have Dickstacy stickers! :D
2019-01-26 18:10
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s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
ence AND dickstacy stickers? Best major ever
2019-01-26 18:11
Freeman | 
Bulgaria justTSB 
yeah, I totally agree also finally I can compensate for that LAN event back in 2017 that i failed to get CeRq's autograph (just a month before he left Outwals) with his major sticker :D :D
2019-01-26 18:17
United States EmperorTrump 
I want dick stickers all over my guns
2019-01-26 18:29
Poland mefju 
plz just end this unfunny dickstacy memeing, dont be reddit guys, you are better than this
2019-01-26 18:30
Freeman | 
Bulgaria justTSB 
Well, I mean that I genuinely enjoy seeing new guys with fresh personalities to make it to the major qualifier both for the show and the in-game items they bring with themselves. Dickstacy seemed quite like the bold fella back in IEM Sydney last year, with quite the sense of humor and I'm just really interested on what he is going to draw for his sticker. Anyway, no hard feelings, fella, just my view of it, you know :D
2019-01-26 19:03
Poland mefju 
kk :D
2019-01-26 19:16
Freeman | 
Bulgaria justTSB 
2019-01-26 20:53
nEGRo | 
Argentina GREATfr 
Im here for memes >DICK
2019-01-26 20:54
lame meme
2019-01-26 20:54
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