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s1mple undeserved top-1
Kazakhstan AdreN_1_major_ScreaM_0 
s1mple is amazing but toxic dev1ce better petr1k (Ukrainian esports journalist and analyst) said dev1ce > s1mple in '18
2019-01-26 18:50
Portugal NabasKi 
so just because he is an analyst everything that goes against his predictions isn't fair. i would give you a point if he worked with valve/hltv, but he doesn't
2019-01-26 18:52
El Salvador pink_dildo 
2019-01-26 18:53
Poland wiktorex 
0/8 who cares about some ukrainian journalist s1mple deserved agsjgoisois stop wasting my time bisch
2019-01-26 18:54
what this
2019-01-27 19:20
faking bish, he apologized and changed his mentality since then
2019-01-27 19:33
he is right, SIEG HEIL
2019-01-27 19:35
2019-01-27 19:36
2019-01-27 19:36
ofc, hltv rates players by how toxic they are
2019-01-26 18:56
Brazil cadik 
+1 also compare prizepool of tournaments s1mple has MVPs from tier2 tournaments
2019-01-26 18:57
Big events rating of S1mple: 1.34 Device: 1.24
2019-01-27 19:33
Yes but overall rating is better so mvp or not he had more impact and more carry haave u seen dev carry clutch or anything nah its xyp jobto clutch dev is just really consistent thaats all
2019-01-27 19:34
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
cry is free m16r
2019-02-03 11:22
Simple has about .10 higher rating. That's why he is top 1. 0.13 in Major (and yet ecovice gets MVP) Now shut up.
2019-01-27 19:23
Ukraine Valarnirmirgt 
and? undeserved device mvps with low ratings lol
2019-01-27 19:24
Poland wiktorex 
2019-01-27 19:26
Poland wiktorex 
this is so stupid he compare mvps and evps omg look device mvp and not even top 3-4 in whole tournament lul
2019-01-27 19:26
Poland wiktorex 
go read hltv article and ask some pros
2019-01-27 19:27
I value the opinion of pretty much the whole top of cs over the opinion of some petr1k nobody's ever heard of.
2019-01-27 19:28
Lan rating of S1mple is better Big Lan Event rating of S1mple is better Majors rating is better The only thing where device is better are stats that consider the strenght of your team like MVP's(which are mostly given to a player of the winning team and tournaments won which is a team effort
2019-01-27 19:32
2019-01-27 19:37
Russia razorVJ 
petr1k is clueless, why even take his opinion into consideration?
2019-01-27 19:37
Device carried by the team. Simple carries the team !!!
2019-01-27 19:38
Simple 4 Device 10 But simple best playa. Facepalm
2019-02-03 11:21
s1mple's rating is better than device's, top 20 is based on individual stats not MVP's or won Majors..
2019-02-03 11:24
s1mple was easily a better player,and everyone knows that
2019-02-03 11:24
Slovakia crax1e 
U know what ??? its dowsnt care how many MVP u have or How many Tournaments you win .... ITS ALL BOUT YOUR RATING .... :D:D s1mple > boostvice
2019-02-03 11:29
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