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Why they pick this bot zellsis ? why they can add tarik again ?
2019-01-28 02:10
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
Reply needs to have actual content
2019-01-28 02:12
Tarik is actual content though?
2019-01-28 02:41
Why hate on zellsis when rush has 3 kills? Give zellsis time to develop to the t1 scene before you judge his potential.
2019-01-28 02:16
Poland FriendlyPolak 
2019-01-28 02:26
i just watching all ELEAGUE and he dont show nothing...
2019-01-28 02:27
fcking american logic. "Give this silver time to develop, he'll get better playing vs better players". Yeah no shit sherlock.
2019-01-28 02:33
Your point? Doesnt change the fact that rush is the n0thing of this lineup
2019-01-28 02:34
fcking EU logic. "this guy comes from shitty NA teams and he is not performing like a god against a top 5 superteam so he should be kicked." G I V E H I M T I M E T O A D J U S T B 4 J U D G I N G H I S P O T E N T I A L.
2019-01-28 02:40
Ok so let's give silvers time in t1 teams as well, they'll surely improve too.
2019-01-28 02:41
silver /=/ professional retard
2019-01-28 02:42
shrek | 
Cambodia Libtard 
You are obviously lacking braincells
2019-01-28 02:42
United States hEgReNaDe 
I really hope you are joking.
2019-01-28 02:44
Don't u 3 braindead people grasp the point? C9 got an unproven guy that hasn't ever been close anywhere near this level of CS. BY giving him "time" he OR ANYONE ELSE let's say from t4 teams WOULD improve playing for better tiered-teams OBVIOUSLY!
2019-01-28 02:45
United States Scrub_Disney 
I'm sorry but i think you need to remember the context behind the pick up of Stewie unless you forgot how that unproven player turned out after his first few lans
2019-01-28 02:56
Stewie was playing in FPL recking some pros there. Zellsis...?
2019-01-28 02:57
United States Scrub_Disney 
Zellsis does very well in FPL not Stewie level, but he still has potential. He has had numerous impact rounds at this LAN so far, I think it is just unfair to judge someone on so few matches especially when the speed of play at this level is so much faster than what Zellsis is used to
2019-01-28 02:58
Swole patrol
2019-01-28 02:58
France SpooceCooke 
Cringe post tbh
2019-01-28 02:45
how about no
2019-01-28 02:43
FURIA >>>>>> c9
2019-01-28 02:24
United States n3h 
Prob lost trust in tarik, since he kinda just up and left with stew.
2019-01-28 02:30
are u feeling this flashback from ELEAGUE Major?
2019-01-28 02:41
2019-01-28 02:42
United States Doge14 
-rush -zellsis +golden +tarik
2019-01-28 02:42
North America MashSL 
They will pick up tarik when his buyout goes away
2019-01-28 02:43
World Kobs 
they should kick all the na players out of clown 9 or just keep autimatic, they make stupid mistake and sometimes can t aim like rush on inferno
2019-01-28 02:45
Bring back Golden and Tarik for Zellbot and Rushbot
2019-01-28 02:57
REZ | 
Argentina bautysoad 
he is just a kid, stop being so hater and support the new players instead of saying bullshit
2019-01-28 02:59
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