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Die before seeing enemy
f0rest | 
Europe methylphenidate 
Hello HLTV, So i'm experiencing that i sometimes die before seeing an enemy, and in general i feel like i have no time to react, they shoot right when i see them. Now, i'm not a noob and i know when i just reacted bad or they had peakers advantage, but sometimes i legit don't see the enemy before i die. Did anyone try having the same issue? My ping is around 50 and i don't know if it's because my monitor is just really old and has bad rates. Game in generally feels like it stutters(micro-lags). My fps is around 200-300
2019-01-28 14:01
Europe potatomato 
you have bad eyesight
2019-01-28 14:03
I borrowed my friends monitor for a while, also 60hz, game felt alot smoother and i had no problem playing at lvl 10 on faceit. Now i struggle with my own monitor.
2019-01-28 14:04
buy a new one then 200iq its like 90$
2019-01-28 14:24
Japan Cute_Loli 
Not even you can get a 75hz one for 30$
2019-01-28 14:30
ozzy | 
Japan Fides 
I can pee and poo at the same time
2019-01-28 14:06
Me too, it's a great feeling.
2019-01-28 14:06
show me or its fake
2019-01-28 14:06
Peeker’s advantage/lag spike/your ping is higher than enemy/interpolation etc Could be anything You should be jiggle peeking even while holding an angle unless you are AWPing, this will give you better chances of avoiding peeker’s advantage and you might surprise your enemy
2019-01-28 14:07
I do jiggle peek a lot and even in those scenarios it feels like enemies are multiple frames ahead of me. All my kills are mostly won by outplaying and not by aiming which it used to be on other pc builds with 60hz screen.
2019-01-28 14:11
maybe you are holding shit angles? If you’re closer to the wall than the enemy for example he will see you before you see him I’m willing to bet they saw your foot/arm and prefired you
2019-01-28 14:16
I know which angles are shit and good. Even on off-angles i feel like its impossible to win a battle. I'm level 10 on faceit so i know when i made a mistake or the enemy just did a great peek. However, i rewatched one of my demos and i can obviously see that i dont react as fast i should be, and i remember rewatching scenarios where i didn't see the enemy before dying and on the demo i see him clearly.
2019-01-28 14:21
get gud
2019-01-28 14:08
2019-01-28 14:18
Indonesia Elce 
2019-01-28 14:22
Bad old fujitsu monitor, 60hz.
2019-01-28 14:25
Indonesia Elce 
60hz was not the problem, the old fujitsu was There's some delay between your game and the monitor. Even with high end pc
2019-01-28 19:19
Oh damn ok
2019-01-29 11:55
Romania themightyflea 
l2p skrub
2019-01-28 14:23
144hz and crosshair placement. you suck
2019-01-28 14:23
1v1 me irl.
2019-01-28 14:25
what does shooting irl has to do with shooting in game?
2019-01-28 14:26
he sucks at both
2019-01-28 14:27
you have bad reactions. you wont have any teeth left before you even realize what happened.
2019-01-28 14:26
It's not bad reactions. I reached level 10 on faceit with a friends 60hz monitor, now i switched back to my old shit 60hz monitor and game feels fucking awful.
2019-01-28 14:27
everyone on hltv made it to level 10 with 30 fps get good.
2019-01-28 14:28
regarding your problem, there are so many possible things.. internet lag (packet loss usually), driver malfunction (or screen), maybe windows update chagned some settings for you You should hire a 144hz monitor, check and buy a new one if it helps
2019-01-28 14:28
Hmm, im suspecting it could be packet loss, how do i monitor it?
2019-01-28 14:28
net_graph 1 i remember there was a tool for that as well, check reddit forums
2019-01-28 14:28
Yeah, i know that but taking out a log from a game or something.
2019-01-28 14:28
why would you need one? do an online monitor,you could have your buddy join the same team as you, play similar position and try to compare..record your screen instead of a log
2019-01-28 14:29
we all wish we could write our problems online and some tech wiz will magically solve it.. trial and error buddy, only way
2019-01-28 14:30
nt autonoob
2019-01-28 14:31
FalleN | 
Brazil zhrp 
dont hold noob angles
2019-01-28 14:33
+1 he is probably holding angles that are very common and people preaim them.
2019-01-28 14:36
Often I have mini lag just before seeing enemy that's annoying.
2019-01-28 14:37
I am never good with holding an angle by static aim. Micro peeking is the sheet. Keeps your brain ready
2019-01-28 14:43
Brazil baldok1 
you're getting old friend, it happens...
2019-01-28 14:50
1. 240hz monitor with enough fps 2. peeking advantage : 3. ping 4. right peek advantage :
2019-01-28 14:52
bad server probably. rates ping, happens ocassionally
2019-01-28 14:54
its called prefiring. /closed jk. have you tried playing around with interp rates? with a ping of 50, your rates should be as followed: cl_interp_ratio 2 cl_interp 0.031
2019-01-28 14:55
Thanks, will try!
2019-01-28 16:40
Do you have an unstable internet connection?
2019-01-28 19:26
Indonesia MeX0NNNN 
there is 5 reason 1. he cheats 2. he cheats 3. he cheats 4. he cheats 5. he cheats
2019-01-29 11:56
Russia v0x1k 
1. Too close to the angle 2. Getting prefired 3. lag 4. refresh rate 5. eyes
2019-01-29 12:01
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