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Youtube audience in your country
Finland v3tu 
In the trending section of Youtube, what would you average to be the age of a typical commenter? In Finland, 8/10 of the videos there are directed towards under 15 year olds.
2019-01-29 01:47
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Sadly, it's the same for almost all countries, but you can still find a lot of high quality stuff.
2019-01-29 01:48
Panama xemzex 
No youtube people from my country literally only use facebook
2019-01-29 01:48
Finland mattixboi 
holy shit that sucks
2019-01-29 10:36
Denmark Karrigansports 
Youtube is literally tv now that's why it is shit
2019-01-29 08:57
karrigan | 
Korea crepes 
at least it's free
2019-01-29 09:02
Denmark Karrigansports 
Well yeah but old yt was lot better
2019-01-29 09:02
Pakistan ostraka 
Same here Who tf is James Charles and why is this dude #2 on trending?
2019-01-29 09:03
Australia must be so gay. No offense
2019-01-29 09:10
Pakistan ostraka 
Melbourne is sadly. It's one of the best in the world by far but most of the drama is there. That's where you'll find most of the protests. It was the #1 city seven years in a row for a reason though. Most of the country is fine and are right leaning. Australia doesn't have far left leadership like Canada thankfully but we have our fair share of extreme lefts and extreme rights - like the USA. I still would rather live here than any place in Europe. Only place I would move to if I was forced to would be New Zealand, Canada or the USA. Our cities are still some of the best in the world and have been for years. As long as you live in the big cities, you'll be great.
2019-01-29 10:42
Finland mattixboi 
why not european countries
2019-01-29 10:41
Pakistan ostraka 
I could list plenty of smaller reasons but the main one is the people. No European I've met has been anywhere near as outgoing as the Americans/Canadians I have met. That's the biggest reason. If it wasn't the case I would still rather move to New Zealand for the similar lifestyle but I would consider European countries before both Canada & USA.
2019-01-29 10:46
Pakistan ostraka 
Also the lifestyle in European countries just seems so depressing. Please don't take this in a harsh way, but that's my opinion from what I've seen and the people I've met. Everyone seems depressed and doesn't want to enjoy life.
2019-01-29 10:49
Finland mattixboi 
it's quite the same as in usa in a way, but i feel like politics aren't so "alt-left/right". people (in finland, i dont know about other countries) can be a bit depressing maybe
2019-01-29 10:49
+1, I can't fault Australia for much. It's a beautiful country with great people & culture.
2019-01-29 14:38
2019-01-29 09:05
What do you mean? Like its filled with clickbait youtubers?
2019-01-29 09:06
Denmark NikolaiBC 
No. He mean that 80% of people watching the trending videos are under 15?
2019-01-29 10:36
shut up racist
2019-01-29 10:47
that happens everywhere, man. your average millenial makes up for a good chunk of youtube's audience. they usually have the attention span of a squirrel so that's why clickbait videos are so prevalent these days.
2019-01-29 10:55
Turkish trend is full of shitty TV series and Turkish versions of Logan Paul. And there is Arabic stuff sometimes thanks to Syrians.
2019-01-29 14:43
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