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goat of cs go
Brazil smm1le 
2019-01-30 01:10
Netherlands poeya 
2019-01-30 01:10
Portugal NabasKi 
2019-01-30 01:10
He's not even top 5 of all-time, maybe not even top 10.
2019-01-30 02:15
Netherlands poeya 
worst bait ever
2019-01-30 02:21
-Get_Right -kennyS -S1mple -Coldzera -Device -Flusha -Shox -Guardian -Olof Go ahead, tell me he has been better throughout the course of CS:GO than those players, please.
2019-01-30 02:28
Netherlands poeya 
stopped reading after coldzera
2019-01-30 02:29
North America B0bbutttoast 
I think it depends on how he does this year, if he does good this year then putting him on a top 10 all time list for csgo is fair. But if he falls off as much as he was last year then yeah he probably is somewhere in the top 20.
2019-01-30 04:26
2019-01-30 04:57
no papito?
2019-01-30 13:37
Finland Lounatus 
-cold -shox
2019-01-31 07:58
good list
2019-01-31 18:42
You are just naming a bunch of old players, just because they have been playing a long time doesnt make them a goat. Goat is the greatest and best player of all time, which is not anyone on that list but Simple maybe
2019-01-31 18:45
Nah GOAT is someone who was consistently a top tier player for a long time, not someone who was good for 1 year like s1mple.
2019-02-01 15:23
Portugal Zedonp 
s1mple has been the best player at least the past 2 years, before he was tied with maybe cold buy atm he is by far the most skilled player. Device has also been good before and his last 2 years were really good also
2019-02-02 16:20
How was he the best in 2017? Coldzera had better stats and more achievements plus Na'vi was dogshit for the longest time? Coldzera got top 1 HLTV, eSports PC player of the year and player of the year awards everyone recognized he was the best player of 2017.
2019-02-02 19:50
Portugal Zedonp 
didn't have the team achivements and lost too many finals to SK, so ofc cold takes the top1 spot for team achievements alone . The best stats were still on s1mple side.
2019-02-03 14:21
Lost to many finals to SK ? Are you serious? Na'vi was literally dog shit, they weren't making any finals in 2017, I think you have your years mixed up my guy, before Na'vi got Electronic they were actually almost MDL level, almost regulated out of pro league etc. and no Coldzera had way better stats than s1mple had in 2017 bro idk why I'm even wasting time on this, has to be a bait 100%. Remember when s1mple was rifling he was never successful and probably never will be as a rifler, only when he started awping he became the beast he is now, he'll never be at that level as a rifler. People who say s1mple is higher level with rifle than AWP are 100% baiters, he will never be like a NiKo type rifler, NiKo has way better raw aim and mechanics than s1mple, people who think his rifles are anywhere near the level of his awping are delusional.
2019-02-03 20:34
United States BLNDSPT 
2019-02-01 16:01
I mean f0rest is 30 atm and he plays decent for pro scene pretty consistently all his career long despite all players >27 yrs are deep down in terms of personal skill
2019-02-01 15:22
Why would it be? Full respect for f0rest but the guy is right. aint 1.6 anymore
2019-01-30 03:06
2019-01-30 02:21
-Get_Right -kennyS -S1mple -Coldzera -Device -Flusha -Shox -Guardian -Olof Go ahead, tell me he has been better throughout the course of CS:GO than those players, please.
2019-01-30 02:28
United States Burnzie 
Hi funky
2019-01-31 08:17
Name checks out
2019-01-31 08:17
I thought you said all time as in literally all of cs unlike OP. Also if we're talking about overall in CS:GO and not just peak then: Flusha, shox are around the same as f0rest in cs, f0rest takes the cake slightly over olof though. As for the rest, as much as I'd agree with you, I'd also suggest that kenny/cold/s1mple(which is changing atm) are around the same all of csgo, with gtr, dev and guardian above.
2019-01-31 18:40
gtr > f0rest
2019-01-30 02:20
Netherlands poeya 
tbh f0rest is still a good player gtr not that much thats why I said f0rest
2019-01-30 02:21
North America B0bbutttoast 
GTR is still a great player dude, his team has managed to stay top 10 pretty much the entire span of this game. F0rest is a bit better now yeah, but GTR was leaps and bounds ahead of him for the first 4 years of CS:GO. GTR should definitely be above f0rest on the top cs:go players of all time. His peak is definitely top 3 players of all time.
2019-01-30 04:28
just no. gtr was never better than f0rest. never
2019-01-30 05:00
North America B0bbutttoast 
2019-01-30 05:26
Actually true skill wise GTR was never better than f0rest ever in his entire career but GTR was a really insanely skilled lurker player for the early days of CS Go and that made him able to get the stats that he did but he was never even close to f0rest skill wise same with NEO in 1.6 even though f0rest accomplished way more than NEO did, NEO came from a garbage country and carried bots to multiple major wins while f0rest could win any t1 events but not majors which is why people rank NEO so close to f0rest or even sometimes above f0rest but NEO was never even close to f0rest skill level in 1.6.
2019-01-31 08:07
North America B0bbutttoast 
IDK what the fuck you mean by "true skill" any aspect of skill is "true skill" idk if you just mean mechanically but that is such a small portion of a players entire skill level. GTR as a player was leaps and bounds above f0rest for the first 4 years of cs:go regardless of how f0rest was mechanically, and it shows in the top 20. If you think f0rest was an overall better player than GTR in 2012-2015 then you my friend are a moron.
2019-02-01 06:16
f0rest was always better than GTR mechanically but GTR was a lurker and a damn good lurker at that so his stats were better, he was never close to as skilled as f0rest. f0rest was always a better player overall and always will be.
2019-02-01 14:58
North America B0bbutttoast 
"F0rest was always a better player overall" Is that why GTR placed higher in the top 20 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and would have 2012 if there was a top 20 that year?
2019-02-01 15:02
Based on stats not skill and yes that's exactly why cause this site always rates players on their stats not skill.
2019-02-01 15:03
North America B0bbutttoast 
Yes he had better stats because he had more impact on his team and was a better overall player.
2019-02-01 15:03
No he was just a lurker nothing else and good at lurking as soon as people figured out how to deal with lurkers he became the worst player on the team for the next 3-4 years.
2019-02-01 15:04
North America B0bbutttoast 
Yes he played the role which at the time required the most skill and had the most impact. F0rest wouldn't have been even close to as impactful in the lurker role, and GTR could have played the rifler role close to as well as f0rest. The fact that you think he has been the worst player on the team for 4 years is laughable.
2019-02-01 15:07
Denmark Xipingu 
Mechanically, no. Smarter than f0rest though, yes.
2019-01-31 08:14
2019-01-31 08:15
delusional if u think few lurks from 2013 puts gtr over top5 aimer of all csgo. gtr had like 2 good years, f0rest is still rekting youngguns on the server
2019-02-01 15:17
hyde | 
United Kingdom 0outof8 
csgo != cs
2019-01-30 13:36
2019-01-30 13:39
2019-01-31 08:02
Sweden skagge 
2019-02-02 16:22
not even close to being the GOAT(in CSGO obviously)
2019-02-02 19:50
Olofmeister , ez pick.
2019-01-30 01:13
2019-01-30 01:20
Poland Konteiz 
2019-01-30 13:39
not coldzera
2019-01-30 01:11
anyone but coldzera
2019-01-30 01:15
Australia Raychippy 
2019-01-30 01:18
F0rest Maybe lulolof Or s1mple if he plays this year like 2018 and if he wins major
2019-01-30 01:19
chrisJ | 
Netherlands toMyy 
won't ever happen if he gets 10 frags in major finals
2019-02-02 16:20
3maaaDD | 
Ethiopia 3maaaDD 
FLUSHA 3 majors 1 major mvp 15+ big event wins real number 1 2014 ez goat
2019-01-30 01:20
flusha should receive VAC
2019-01-30 01:20
for what you dont know if he cheated
2019-01-30 01:21
Everybody who is not blind or stupid knows
2019-01-30 01:23
Use some brainpower.
2019-01-30 03:20
you also called olof a cheater ahhaha retard
2019-01-30 01:22
They both cheat. JW and Krimz also
2019-01-30 01:23
0/8 bait
2019-01-30 01:30
2019-01-30 01:53
Sweden swediztann3 
s1mple is a proven cheater flusha is not
2019-01-30 02:25
flusha proven cheater since 2014
2019-01-30 03:10
Sweden swediztann3 
s1mple esl banned flusha is not
2019-01-30 03:11
Flag checks out
2019-01-30 03:16
lol you complain that all players cheat. You are ez noob
2019-01-30 03:30
Not all. Named
2019-01-30 05:36
still ez noob :-)
2019-01-31 00:14
1v1 ESEA ?
2019-01-31 07:50
+1 Edit: he is the real top1/2 in 2015 as well
2019-01-30 01:27
+1 him below chocker device shows how shit the list was in 2015 aswell
2019-01-30 01:31
Fanboys of the most overrated player in the history of CSGO, flusha, strike again
2019-01-30 01:58
Flusha 3 majors > czech republic 0
2019-01-30 02:06
He is great than any other player from oskar republic and what? Ive got some news for your delusional brain, flusha wasnt the best player of 2014 and he wasnt even close to being top1/2 (also not top5, god, not even top10 actually) in 2015. Also he was way out of top10 in 2016. He got boosted into top5 and top10 by achievements twice and people overrate him more than anyone else. Facts
2019-01-30 02:23
Nice brain 0/8 nt
2019-01-30 03:18
Stay delusional. He just pulled off some great, sometimes even insane, clutch rounds, some smart plays, basically like Xyp9x and he got immediately overrated, much more than Xyp9x this year. Just because someone pulls off a smart play or clutch doesnt mean hes better than anyone else, lol. Keep being in denial. And btw, flusha wasnt even fnatics 2nd best player in 2015 (most likely not even third), it was krimz
2019-01-30 13:25
Big events were just a small chunk of events back in 2015, it wasnt like it is now when big events consist of 80%+ tournaments (for top teams). Overall LAN was much more telling back then and krimz was better in that regard. If you want to go by statistics then here you go even tho I dislike this approach. krimz was better at 12 events than flusha (flusha was better at 8 events), krimz was the best player at 7 events, flusha at 5. krimz was 2nd best at 5 events, flusha at 2. krimz was 3rd best at 4 events, flusha at 7 and that favours krimz. krimz was 4th "best" at 4 events, same goes for flusha. krimz wasnt the worst player on fnatic at any event in 2015, flusha was their worst player at 2 events. flusha could battle it out with JW but only for the spot of 3rd star. nt :)
2019-01-30 17:17
+1, dumbasses using big events for 13-15' piss me off like seriously, do they not see the <70 maps? 13-15 LAN 16-18 Big events
2019-02-01 06:21
+ back then smaller events usually had majority of top teams too
2019-02-01 17:45
Flusha with 3 majors but only ONE finals mvp?? That aint goat status chief. Totally different scenario but still a good example: michael jordan= 6 rings, 6 finals mvps. Lebron= 3 rings, 3 finals mvps.
2019-01-30 03:31
thats not the same at all stop it thats not the same at all NBA primes last for about 9 years on average (23-32) for LBJ and MJ, it was like 13+ years (21-34) that means they had 13ish "majors" to try and get their championship while they were in their prime. CS primes last for 3 years (20/21-23/24) each year of CS there is 2-3 majors, from 13-early 15) (flusha prime) he played 6 majors, (DH cluj was outta flushas prime). He had half the amount of time to try and knock up achievements in his career. Take Kareem for example, 6 rings 2 finals mvps, he is easily top 3 all time. Finals mvps/rings dont determine whether or not a player is goat status
2019-02-01 06:25
Alriiiiight someone seems a bit triggered lmaoo. Anyways Kareem isnt even considered in the goat conversation honestly lol. Youre right that rings dont equate to overall greatness, but if you have a finals mvp PER RING then that really attests to that players skill level (IN MY OPINION). A finals mvp shows that you are the best player on the best team in the league, and that you are the main reason for the teams success
2019-02-01 23:36
Device true GOAT
2019-01-30 01:55
not yet, if he gets top 1 2019 then yes
2019-02-01 06:26
United States Koosh34 
This he has been top 5 for like 4 years now.
2019-02-02 16:34
Brazil RIPInPiece 
2019-01-30 01:59
United Kingdom Kingcuz 
2019-01-30 02:04
Brazil RIPInPiece 
Marcelo "Coldzera" David. 2nd best player to ever touch the game, after me.
2019-01-30 02:52
after Dev2ce
2019-01-30 05:04
shox | 
Italy TonyGzzz 
2019-01-30 02:04
Olof he made top 8 every major
2019-01-30 02:05
yes, team achievement = personal talent in other news Dupreeh > s1mple + coldzera + olof
2019-02-01 06:26
Dosia Dosia'sdickismissiveishouldknowbecauseIamhiswhippingboy
2019-01-30 02:06
2019-01-30 02:07
shox without question
2019-01-30 02:07
0 major mvps its not "without question" also the one major he won, they lost to fnatic in the quarterfinals
2019-02-01 06:27
El Salvador OMEGALUL_xd 
2019-02-01 15:04
Obviously HUNDEN... who else??
2019-01-30 02:14
Canada Gumpypoo 
olof and i dont even like him
2019-01-30 02:15
People who dislike sb but heavily overrate him are rare nowadays
2019-01-30 02:23
So far Olof
2019-01-30 02:17
At this point, you have to say device.
2019-01-30 02:19
+1 He's been a top 5 player since 2015. One would have to delusional to think anyone other than device is the goat of CS even if he hasn't been the best of any lengthy time period.
2019-01-30 04:54
Brazil Nimenz 
2019-01-30 02:26
2019-01-30 02:26
Baitzera numba 1
2019-01-30 02:28
Turkey Raikkonen7 
Fnatic Olofmeister
2019-01-30 02:34
simple, if he joins faze or a bad better team than navi.
2019-01-30 02:56
swag or stewie2k
2019-01-30 02:57
Dickstacy -ThiccDickStacy
2019-01-30 03:08
2019-01-30 03:12
Cold without a doubt.
2019-01-30 04:49
Lord Ex6TenZ
2019-01-30 04:54
Spain ezivnisi 
2019-01-30 05:14
Norway duffz00r 
f0rest of course
2019-01-30 05:34
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS 
Skillwise S1mple Brainwise Pronax Saviorwise Happy
2019-01-30 13:41
Portugal Zedonp 
Cryingwise NBK Throwwise Swag Baitwise Coldzera Tapwise Screamhsmachine or even niko
2019-02-02 16:28
device 4 times in top 5
2019-01-30 13:42
Brazil GRACE1 
i dont like to say it, but probably the goat is device
2019-01-31 00:16
Brazil smm1le 
nah, he never get top1
2019-02-02 16:11
Brazil GRACE1 
2019-02-02 16:17
Brazil smm1le 
that's what I wanted to hear
2019-02-02 16:18
cyx | 
Other jNkey 
2019-01-31 00:17
Finland Smoonah 
2019-01-31 00:18
2019-01-31 00:18
2019-01-31 00:19
dev1ce coldzera forest
2019-01-31 00:20
olof/s1mple soon/device soon/shox/cold
2019-01-31 00:21
Norway supremoxd 
2019-01-31 08:05
there can be only one: olofmeister
2019-01-31 08:05
France FanchD 
2019-01-31 08:08
device at this point, unless you are a hater, top5 for 4 years straight and top20 in 2014 he is probably the most consistent player in csgo you may argue about olof though, he comes close
2019-01-31 08:10
Portugal Zedonp 
and his team's form has been the best and most consistent these past years, only early/mid 2017 the br were slightly better
2019-02-02 16:34
Device for sure he has the most MVPs and EVPs in CS Go history.
2019-01-31 08:11
Netherlands xDtrololo 
Another pointless discussion .
2019-01-31 08:12
2019-01-31 08:18
rain | 
Lithuania LevelUpp 
Guardian, it's been mathematicaly proven
2019-01-31 08:19
2019-01-31 18:42
Turkey ult2tap 
2019-01-31 18:42
goat means? Greatest of all times?
2019-02-01 06:26 looks like that jR meme i cant find it anymore.
2019-02-01 15:04
Wtf, coldzera's gamesense and capacity to clutch/ show the real power in dificult moments has never been seen from any player and will never be seen. Cold GOAT.
2019-02-01 06:26
Greatest =/= Best Best of all time is s1mple Greatest of all time is Get Right
2019-02-01 06:28
ropz | 
Estonia 200iqGuy 
2019-02-01 15:11
2019-02-01 15:15
2019-02-01 15:25
Israel Xpicyy 
2019-02-01 15:31
Poland Kleigen 
Goat of CS:GO - kennyS
2019-02-02 16:19
Brazil Capi___ 
I can't choose one of these guys: forest , coldzera ,gtr
2019-02-02 16:26
Portugal Zedonp 
it has to be between device or cold, but device takes the goat spot only bcuz of long term consistency, only 2017 he wasn't on top3 players of the year, while cold wasn't top5 in 2015 and this year.
2019-02-02 16:32
ScreaM | 
Belgium dzkay1 
2019-02-03 14:28
GeT_RiGhT or olofmeister. There's a large factor of it that comes down to preference over skill, impact on the scene, and the likes. For me only olofmeister and GeT_RiGhT affected the scene in an unforgetable way while being dominant and great versatile players all the same. GeT_RiGhT was the bridge that 1.6 players needed to see that CS:GO could still be the next step for them and that they didn't need to retire in 1.6 or just let the CS:S people move onto CS:GO or the likes. He helped speed the scene's growth tremedously and set the bar on what a best player should be that very few have still hit even to this day. Not even that alone as he is a large motivator as why a number of players started to play, even players like s1mple have respect for GeT_RiGhT and f0rest. olofmeister was the crux, the one who pushed the limits on what it meant to be the best player that is only really being hit by s1mple nowadays, he was amazing in almost any position you put him in against almost every team. Great AWP, Great Rifler, Great Lurker, he just was able to fit into every role and exceed expectations. He showed the scene domination could come through certain more passive playstyles which changed how people thought and played CS at the time. He even pushed the game multiple times with things like the Olofboost, notable finds many times of the same caliber that essentially broke the game's actual limits. He was the hero for many new players and helped spawn the massive playerbase growths from 2015 and 2016. People may have hit similar or even higher peaks than GeT_RiGhT or olofmeister, but undoubtedly no one has changed the games and scenes in the way they have. In my opinion at least :D
2019-02-03 14:38
Finland Alko^ 
f0rest goat of cs in general
2019-02-03 18:40
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