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Brazilians Come here
Belgium Miiyata 
Explain the following please How come in any sports or business, a brazilian without money is actually OP and booking good results but when they suddenly get shittons of money as a consequence of these good results, they become utter but UTTER DOGSHITE in their profession/sport. Examples Whole SK team Neymar Ronaldinho Ronaldo(cant control himself and becomes obese af)
2019-01-30 03:21
Brazil bandicoot 
all of them are better than most others peak form even when drunk or overweight
2019-01-30 03:22
SK rn is tier 4 Ronaldinho after partying 24/7 destroyed his career Neymar in barca was good but now hé is playing for Fallon D'Floor each year and hé became irrelevant Ronaldo was still okay after hé became fat but never like b4. Also nice professionalism to not be able to control himself becoming fat
2019-01-30 03:25
Panama xemzex 
2019-01-30 03:27
2019-01-30 03:38
Brazil Baian0 
wrong thread
2019-01-30 03:30
Other Fookin_Legend 
Lack of discipline. Doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
2019-01-30 03:28
Xyp9x | 
Brazil Jeanzera 
Culture man, normally people are not "Professional as fuck" here, when they earn a lot of money they just relax and don't want to sacrifice anymore, I don't know nobody that keeps focused with high perfomance in work/study here for more than 6 years without changes, people just do what they need to do without being so "professional" idk if this is the correct word to describe, mainly sportsmen
2019-01-30 03:33
Yeah its a shame really. Especially for ronaldhino this guy litteraly was magic on the pitch giving a smile on ur face but now we have to look at fk neymar you just get agressive watching him
2019-01-30 03:37
Why should we keep working till we die? Lets enjoy money while we are alive If i earn somehow milions id just quit things and live spending all my cash exacly like neymar adriano ronaldinho ronaldo romario etc etc etc etc
2019-01-30 03:41
How can you be proud of a team or player that Will eventually let you down later cuz hé has money? Srsly do you support neymar? Look SK when they were sleeping on street, they were raping every cs team ezpz
2019-01-30 03:43
2019-01-30 03:45
Brazil Naschpitz 
As far of football players probably you will never understand because you dont know what to be born in a poor country, but putting in words you can understand. They suffered all their lives to get where they are and when they reach the peak, too much sacrifice have been done and the constant fear of if he is not the best he will starve to death, because thats the reality of football players before reach the peak, they just want finally enjoy life. All those examples only ronaldinho you got right, ronaldo got fat because he couldnt play at his best level due medical reasons, too much injuries in his career and neymar (Im not a big fan) is not that talent but I know for the fact he follows a rigorous discipline to mantain his level, but he inst and have never been the man. You forgot about Ayrton Senna, he was the best athlet ever born, but diferent from football players he was rich since he wAs born and he had decent family education, thats the kind of brazilian you should compare with europeans. One thing europens dont get I think because they live in small countries is that Brazilians are very diferents from each other, someone who is born in northeast of the country compared with someone born in the south is as diferent as spanish are diferent from germans, they live in diferent culture, religions, food etc, states are very diferent from each other, there is no such thing as a typical Brazilian. As far as CSGO scene there is no such thing as professionals, to have a professional scene you need professional teams, the meaning of professional is that you have a business that generate earnings, all teams since 2000 have never generate profits, what we have are passionate key people that fund the scene just because they are in love with an ideia, dreamers but not Professionals. Every tier one team is full of shit, its justs kids who plays well a game and thats it, there is yet to be born a true professional e-sport player and a true professional team.
2019-01-30 04:17
Brazil shakzera 
Well, to become a pro in anything important when u are from brazil u must overcome a lot of problems, for example, in e-sports, you will have to play with a shit internet and shit computer cuz in Brazil the good ones are really expensive. Everything here has with no real support from your parents or 'weak' orgs, so the players must bear a lot of things. For example, Rakin, pro player of LoL, said that in the past, his coach beat him in the head and screamed to him in the scrims... Some orgs were punished in the past because of their sh*t support. A lot of these thing happens with the beginners in the e-sports. In the sports, like football, most of the good players comes from the poor places (favela), so they have to fight against the poverty, criminality and bad ppl. When these guys become richs, they just lose theirs motivation to be best, cuz they started to play to be rich, that's it. Neymar - He's young, and that is a world problem in football that these young players lose their motivation after becoming rich af, in the Brazil, this is more perceptible. Ronaldinho - He's the most addicted to partys, It has always been like this. Ronaldo - Well, It was not his fault, he had a lot of injuries that f*cked his career, and about him being fat: he has hypothyroidism.
2019-01-30 05:01
Brazil Naschpitz 
I dont thnk neymar lost the motivation, he is just not that good.
2019-01-30 05:11
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