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who is s0m?
BnTeT | 
Indonesia wkwk 
People from NA, who is s0m and what is he good at as a CS player?
2019-01-30 05:15
Canada Number1F1fan 
IMO he is like Stewie2k young nap pubstar si he has a lot of talent
2019-01-30 05:19
s0m is a young cs:go player who streams his FPL matches. he is talented and unexperienced. all you need to know
2019-01-30 05:19
Estonia Arkadee 
Another Asian who arrived in the united states of container.
2019-01-30 05:20
Australia JulienD 
+1 Hahahah
2019-01-30 05:25
Brazil 9WaNn 
Yes,He is a good player
2019-01-30 05:20
United States ferric 
16 year old that is a pretty decent pugger but massively overrated. oBo is better than him
2019-01-30 05:31
Overrated na pugstar like swag shroud and stewie Weird how many “s” named players are overrated
2019-01-30 05:32
African Union The_Plumber 
is he the most overrated? I haven't followed NA FPL/ESEA since s1mple left Team Liquid. Which young talents get the most exposure now?
2019-01-30 05:39
Oh i never watch myself him and obo are the names i hear most often Shroud or swag are by far the most overrated out of that bunch though
2019-01-30 05:41
Australia Hythro 
S0m, Obo, Silent
2019-01-30 06:43
Turkey headshotk1ng 
swag and shroud are not overrated, at their peak they both used to be good af. After getting banned swag didnt play for years and lost some motivation
2019-01-30 06:54
Is it you?
2019-01-30 05:33
Norway duffz00r 
2019-01-30 05:33
China lxxl2 All you need to know.
2019-01-30 05:35
Annoying immature confident kid you can make crazy plays online but not on lan
2019-01-30 05:36
Insane kid in fpl Obo > s0m tho
2019-01-30 05:42
I wanna know too
2019-01-30 06:00
He’s nuts But still Obo> s0m
2019-01-30 06:03
Overrated kid who leaves FPL matches and baits for clips. Nowhere close to the player stewie was at his age.
2019-01-30 06:22
I wouldn't go as far as "nowhere close to" stewie but yeah, I agree he's not as good
2019-01-30 07:05
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