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i am | 
Turkey feeling_thank_you 
First of all expected communication problems; No one speaking their mother language expect smooya. Its a big problem because when u have the info, you need to share fastest way that u can. This game has fast actions that sometimes u cant explain the situation beside of in your mother language. But if faze and mousesports do it, BIG can do it. Social life; We already know BIG players have great personalities. i dont think he gonna feel sad and lonely. ELEAGUE; 3 different bo3 vs 3 different teams 3 times cache; xantares's favourites How BIG see xantares; pure firepower, giving ak's and even p250's on rounds to xantares. Xantares missed a couple of easy shots; communication intensity in BIG maybe caused this to lost his focus, idk. Gob b used xantares as entryfragger; It didnt workout sadly. If big wants him to use as entryfragger they need to prepare better positions with following nades and timing. U basicly cant lose this firepower at the begining of the action (based on t performance vs Faze). Xantares play on "a side" most of the maps and he has the fast rotation positions at ct side that he used to that role so its good decision from the team. I expect and hope much more from this team and believe they gonna win 1 or more big tournaments in this year. Thanks for reading..
2019-02-01 00:27
Denmark shaekbye 
no worry dude, gob knows what hes doing. they already achieved great things with nex and xantares is an update, just wait
2019-02-01 00:29
Turkey tastemycobra 
On point
2019-02-01 00:32
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I think he had a pretty decent showing for his first time in BIG. He still topped in the fragging department, which is what gob b hired him for. At ELEAGUE it wasn't just XANTARES that tilted, TabseN was also absent and the only person who stepped up was Smooya, oddly enough.
2019-02-01 00:32
2019-02-01 00:48
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Smooya +14 and TabseN +13... Smooya was the best performer as I stated, but TabseN wasn't as explosive as he usually was. He did what needed to be done, but wasn't a star-player like he was previously. Alluding to the point of the OP in regards to changing for XANTARES. Still, I'm glad both Smooya and TabseN played well considering BIG's overall performance. "TabseN was also absent and the only person who stepped up was Smooya, oddly enough." I apologise for such an arrogant sentence clearly untrue. Thank you. :)
2019-02-01 00:53
swag | 
Canada drzzL 
What if they ban cache ?
2019-02-01 00:37
i know they increased the map pool after xantares addition that xantares mentioned on his stream. they play almost every map
2019-02-01 00:45
lol you watched too much karahan's videos i think. This isnt your thoughts all of from karahan lmao
2019-02-01 00:52
yeah i just wanted the share the basic stuff from that video and thoughts inside the article which i agreed. Incase that videos language is Turkish, sharing in of it in english shouldnt make u lmao.
2019-02-01 01:17
Lmao <3
2019-02-01 01:35
hi karahancaster
2019-02-01 01:39
lol so many karahancaster watcher around here
2019-02-01 01:45
I'm wondering "can Xantares speek german?". Seems many Turkish guys can talk german?
2019-02-01 02:20
no, turks who borns in germany are native deutch speaker. xantares born in turkey, speaking turkish and basic english
2019-02-01 02:48
appreciate for correcting me
2019-02-01 03:19
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