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United Throw League
Canada jarofcandy 
Guys... please stop betting on these scripted games.... I've watched enough CS to know these guys are 100% scripting their games. These are just some examples of their obvious throws, its a league of 200+ maps and maybe half of them are like this. I've never seen so many matches end up in 1-1 and teams losing their own map pick or close games when it should be a stomp.
2019-02-01 19:46
2019-02-01 19:52
wtfmen you’re working for united masters league??? lost all respect for farting ass blotz
2019-02-01 19:52
Boltz is so sexy. He is a gassy boy. He is also lactose intolerant. You should see the video he made while eating ice cream sitting at his kitchen table blasting big farts into his kitchen chair. Showing the seat cushion no mercy.
2019-02-01 19:53
blotz he is the brazilian player but the farting his ass wtf THEY ARE YOUR KATOWICE 2019 MAJOR CHAMPIONS!
2019-02-01 19:55
+1 blotz farting his major champion
2019-02-01 19:57
Who tf actually bets on tournaments with bo2 lul
2019-02-01 19:51
maybe counter pit back in 2016-17 but games are fixed too easily these days
2019-02-01 19:52
aumaN | 
Norway $abo 
i think vetoes are reversed or something, vetoes dont make sense at all
2019-02-01 19:52
Myanmar xdcc 
That's because some teams already made to playoffs pretty much and some teams have no chance. Also for some bigger teams it's more about practice since teams will play more serious than in scrims but matches themselves don't matter that much. There's 26 bo2 or 52 maps for each team to play so doesn't matter if you don't take a few seriously.
2019-02-01 20:03
Not to mention that their prize is e-currency that most players have no idea what to do with
2019-02-01 20:13
Myanmar xdcc 
Caster said windigo picked train but shows train was picked by Valiance. So idk what's going on.
2019-02-01 20:27
really? after half of a year u've realised that? almost when this league it's going to end up? :DD
2019-02-01 20:13
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