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safe jobs for future?
France bombayy 
with technology probably replacing 60% of the jobs with robots sooner or later what will be safe jobs for future?
2019-02-02 00:26
ZywOo | 
France Qaze 
HLTV admin
2019-02-02 00:27
Germany RobiDable 
2019-02-03 15:55
2019-02-03 16:03
2019-02-03 16:08
Ai technology is taking over. Soon it will be like youtube and facebook with algorithms deciding who gets bant
2019-02-04 13:36
admins, not moderators he said
2019-02-04 16:46
NiKo | 
India se7eNNN 
+1 HLTV Confirm
2019-02-04 15:07
Sosa | 
Europe wtfmen)) 
Robot builder 100% future safe
2019-02-02 00:27
99999 iq
2019-02-02 01:07
2019-02-04 15:10
Denmark no1cares 
actually there are robots which make robots.
2019-02-03 16:18
There really are robots that "conceive"/create/design robots ?
2019-02-03 16:40
yes robot alway better than a stupid human
2019-02-03 18:48
Not alone, but he talked about building them, not conceiving them. Anyway, many (if not even all) robots are created with technologies replacing human jobs. Even AI assisted creation for most advanced designs. That's why Dassault System, originally made to create tool to build planes, are today one of the leading companies in AI creation in France.
2019-02-04 16:50
"make" does not necessarily mean "build physically, assembling parts". However, I highly doubt, in the near future, that robots will conceive others robots. Because it would mean they know how to code and what to code so as to choose the physical parts. This website is pretty useful IMO, check it out :
2019-02-04 19:50
He said "robot builder" not "robot maker". Anyway this is not important. The subject here is not about a robot made without any human intervention. But how many humans will be involved compared to today. When some say X% of jobs will disappear, it is not about X% kind of jobs will disappear but an average job in each kind. Some kind of jobs will be more impacted than others ofc. To take an exemple : will some surgery be done by AI in a near future? Probably. Will all surgeon be replaced by AI? No. Because some surgeons are creating new ways to operate, they will remain. Some surgeons have a specific specialty that will most likely not be replaced as easily as other, for technical or ethical reasons. The question is : how many human surgeons will remain compared to today? In this specific industry of robot making, how many humans will remain when AI can replace them in many task for a lower cost/more efficiency? Not 0% but if it is only 20% I wouldn't consider these jobs as "safe".
2019-02-04 20:29
"build" has different meanings, the fact of creating (conceiving) and just assembling. I honestly can't find which meaning is used here but whatever. I agree on the other points though.
2019-02-04 21:01
No. They only assemble
2019-02-06 12:13
what if you build robots that build robots
2019-02-04 15:29
Denmark no1cares 
Only need to build one and this robot will build rest
2019-02-04 15:43
Aleksib | 
Finland xore1 
2019-02-02 00:28
Nope. Perhaps IT architects and test managers, but not coders - a lot has already happened on that front and much more is gonna happen.
2019-02-03 15:19
Oh fuck off with your conspiracy-theories, coders will be needed forever, even AI in the current simulations needs maintenance. The standards do change though, what gets you a job now, might not do in a couple of years.
2019-02-03 16:10
What are you - like 12. I didn't say they will all go away, but many will and many other won't really code they'll just define what is required and the systems will do the rest. It used to be that programming was done using machine code and debugging was done by halting code and inspecting the state of registers, this is a long time ago and that on its own means coders today can get a lot more done than back then. It is only because we use IT so much more that there is still a need for many to work with IT.
2019-02-03 17:33
Your "idealistic version" works in scenario where everyone is on the same page, the closest you'll get is with how interwebz works right now. Code will never be equal around the globe in this scale so it's a completely secured field of work environment for the next n+1000 years. Oh and you somehow forget development entirely, it's getting too late for these baits.
2019-02-03 22:32
Exactly. They said, recruitment will die in 2018 because of AI. Didn't and won't happen.
2019-02-04 15:05
amazon made a recruitment ai a few months ago but they had to shut it down because it was 'sexist against women' lmao hmmmm i wonder why
2019-02-07 18:02
I heard about it do you have an article I can read? The thing is that AI is great and powerful, but it lacks emotions and that is why recruitment will be handled by people until the technology is almost perfect which may take decades.
2019-02-07 18:47
just google "amazon recruiting ai", but isn't having no emotions good for rating people because computers bring results based on facts and not subjective emotions?
2019-02-07 18:49
Well, you are correct about that but you have to think about it from a bigger perspective. Hiring definitely shouldn't be influenced by emotions/racism etcetera (we are talking about an interview itself) BUT there are many steps before the interview process: relationship establishment, negotiation, candidates don't feel that comfortable talking to a robot, they need that regular human conversation as it feels more natural. Also, the current market makes it really hard for companies to find good employees for example in my country, we have almost 0% unemployment. Therefore if we would choose only those candidates who match 100% with the job description, we wouldn't probably hire anyone. From my experience, hiring managers do approve candidates who are 80% suitable and even less. That's where AI would fail. Hiring managers can see advantages and disadvantages in candidates. They know that they can improve themselves in a certain period of time. AI will be here, even these days for sure don't get me wrong. But it's going to be more like an assistant for recruiters making the process a little bit faster and easier, for example, making those candidate pipelines et cetera. I could talk about this for hours.
2019-02-07 19:01
t. enlightened reddit communist
2019-02-03 16:31
2019-02-03 22:30
2019-02-02 00:28
Amazon disagree with you
2019-02-04 16:50
Coincedence I work for amazon hmmm
2019-02-04 16:51
So I'm sure you are well aware of their tries to replace human work force in their warehouse and deliveries with drones and their research to replace logistic engineers with AI.
2019-02-04 16:56
They can suck my dick as long as I get paid, and will get paid. If this will be my end there are planty of other things to do bro.
2019-02-04 16:57
robots aint replacing shit for a long time
2019-02-02 00:28
Bruh, I went to the supermarket they have 10 robot cashiers now where you just scan the shit yourself. Also, automatic stores are popping up where you just order like some kind of vendor machine. also 2016 the first AI Surgery Robot was successful with heart surgery. I don't think we're that far away.
2019-02-02 00:31
wheres the robot if you scan the shit yourself ?
2019-02-02 00:33
well its still a robotic automatic mashine which took away jobs and also makes life much more easier for ppl that know how to use it.
2019-02-02 00:34
2019-02-02 00:40
its just the same as before but without a cashier it could have been like that since the electronic cash register came standard
2019-02-03 15:22
The cashier points are going away also. We have many supermarkets where one can chose to just scan with ones phone, put the shopping directly into ones bag and then pay using the phone. And the next step is coming also, where one simply is registered when entering the shop, it is detected what one grabs and bags and then one is automatically billed (Amazon has a couple of test stores running). The main thing though is that we will stop going to stores for everyday items and really most items all together, the internet trade is replacing that.
2019-02-03 15:28
what if you dont scan half of your stuff? who is controlling that
2019-02-03 16:30
With the scan self cashier stations there is a system that looks for a mismatch on what you scan and the weight of what you put on the table, not 100% but it catches a lot and there is then someone monitoring like 7-8 stations so cheaters get caught.. But really people do not cheat - it is as much an honor system as anything.
2019-02-03 17:27
pretty sure our generation will still witness it.
2019-02-02 00:32
doubt it, they can replace very simple jobs but not much else
2019-02-02 00:35
A lot of jobs are really very simple much of the time.
2019-02-03 17:34
The first jobs to go away should be the one's at the top. We don't need to elect people who decide how tax money should be spent, including how much should go to their salary. Once we have ai politicians, the world will be free of corruption and war
2019-02-04 13:40
2019-02-02 02:29
Lmao robot already replaced my vacuum cleaner that's insane how "smart" it is but expensive af
2019-02-04 13:41
volunteering jobs to safe planet earth otherwise there will be no future for humans D:
2019-02-02 00:28
pretty much this, yes.
2019-02-02 00:40
0/8 We will all move to moon and mars anyway
2019-02-02 00:55
they will but u will rot here cuz u cant afford it :D
2019-02-03 15:13
Panama xemzex 
You don't know me
2019-02-04 13:17
vegan feminist sjw detected
2019-02-03 15:18
Portugal PepinoGod 
Volunteering isnt a job m8 , its only a hobby.
2019-02-04 15:13
Im pretty sure prostitution will never die out. One way or another being a pimp or a hoe will be profitable and in demand.
2019-02-02 00:28
Turkey tastemycobra 
Believe it or not, esports player is one of them. As everything gets automated these days, jobs at industries like entertainment will increase. esports is entertainment after all.
2019-02-02 00:29
unless you are talented or have a good personality for streaming, then no, stop being delusional
2019-02-02 00:31
Turkey tastemycobra 
Dont think it like esports player only... esports sector in general. Can be management, advertising, press etc. Other than that video games will become more and more common. Also drugs... People will need a lot of drugs to keep happy. Probably more countries will legalize it.
2019-02-02 00:38
but you literally said esports player. and and I dont see jobs related to esports increasing by much either, it will still be for the lucky few.
2019-02-02 00:43
Turkey tastemycobra 
I said one of them is esports player... not only esports player. And If you consider how video games industry grows, i wouldn’t be surprised colleges having departments on e sports soon. Just like there are sports management departments..
2019-02-02 00:48
esport drugdiller seems profitable tho
2019-02-04 13:36
Turkey tastemycobra 
2019-02-04 13:47
we life in a time where its so easy to make money if u devote ur time into it. just shopping online for hype sneaker release can make u tripple the profit. just buying 3 items on a thursday from supreme launch can make u easily 10x the profit on a lucky release.
2019-02-02 00:39
what does that have to do with what I said xd
2019-02-02 00:42
Slovenia Josip09 
typical 13yo
2019-02-03 15:14
Turkey tastemycobra 
Typical 14 yo
2019-02-03 15:14
Maybe, but even in entertainment there will be competition for the jobs. There is already examples where who we see one screen in a music video id CGI and there is just producers and the like behind the scene, and with computer games AI will also be competing - Google has an AI now that plays Star craft 2 and wins. Still - I think you're right entertainment will be an area where it is not about getting the jobs done, as opposed to all those jobs where the human interaction part of them ads very little to no value.
2019-02-03 15:49
at one point they will just do human makeovers on 10 different AI robots and pretend they are real humans and let them play vs eachother on major disguised as different teams :D
2019-02-03 16:05
xeta | 
World 1rks 
2019-02-02 00:30
Bosnia and Herzegovina stb1337 
invest $100k in PC's and start mining bitcoins, cya in 10 years millionaire
2019-02-02 00:30
bitcoin mining is no longer profitable if you consider electricity with the current price
2019-02-02 00:46
Bosnia and Herzegovina stb1337 
What if you place those PC's in Turkmenistan where the electricity is free?
2019-02-02 01:02
zonic | 
Germany LarsKR51 
you can mine a coin in 3 years and in 3 years it will be worth 20 cent and a chewing gum
2019-02-03 15:31
mhm but that's still profit, you can exchange that chewing gum for a drugs or gun in school yard
2019-02-03 16:10
how is spending $100k and getting 20 cent and the chewing gum, even if you can trade it for drugs, worth? why not buy the drugs straight from the 100k
2019-02-03 16:16
the best thing u can get as a job is something u enjoy and if u reflect on your self where u can still see yourself in 10 years no matter robots taking over or not.
2019-02-02 00:34
I agree but depends on what kind of person you are. some people rather do something they hate for more money.
2019-02-02 00:38
Well a lot of people dont have this one thing they have to do, they might have 3 things they could be okay with doing and dont care too much about which one, but maybe 2 of them are long-term more secure than the 3rd one, so they decide to pick one of the others for the sake of future stability.
2019-02-03 15:17
ppl are to scared of failing to even try new things. thats the main problem of humanity.
2019-02-03 16:00
robot builder duh
2019-02-02 00:38
Programming, Civil Ingineering etc would probably never die.
2019-02-02 00:39
Not completely, but there will be an huge impact in those fields also. Like for example it used to be that engineers had to do a lot of work on working out the physical strengths of constructions, for some time now that is being done by the software in which they draw their constructions (it also used to be that there were people doing the actual drawing, but that is long gone). And it is similar with programming, tools make it a lot easier to code and to test the code - it is so that many of the more simple things is "programmed" by just designing the user interface and defining some rules (and the design part can be skipped for standard stuff).
2019-02-03 15:57
Spain s1lentL 
Are you really implying that coders will disappear due to programming languages being more easy? That doesn't really make sense at all, or at least for the next 10 years.
2019-02-03 16:39
I have been making money in the IT business fro 3½ decades and I promise you, that a lot has changed and I do not see it slowing down. It is only because we use so much more IT that there is still many IT jobs. But you're right there will still be coders in 10 years, however what about thirty years from now.
2019-02-03 17:41
Norway PeteZz 
President, prime minister Be battery for robot
2019-02-02 00:39
United States Windy_C 
2019-02-02 00:39
There will always be jobs that require people and robots can't replace. Jobs that require creativity, designers, artists etc Critical thinking jobs that require empathy and understanding of human emotions, Teaching, mental health professionals , writers would be another example Who makes these robots? who invents them, maintains them, makes the parts for them, we do! Sports professional, certain medical professions can't be replaced. Lawyers, judges, politicians,. LOADSS of jobs that robots can never replace
2019-02-02 00:40
also why waste time working somewhere when you know your not going to have a future with when u can take your own knowledge and experiences and make a business out of it.
2019-02-02 00:44
Yes - there will be some jobs only those will be fewer and fewer. Already now there is software which does lawyers jobs when it comes it comes to the more mundane things and there is software used in courts to assist the judges, this will only get more and more capable and taking away from what today is done by humans. We can't all be lawyers, mental health professionals and not that long into the future, we will have to find a way for our societies to function when a lot of us aren't needed as workers. Maybe we can instead be Hunger games contestants, but who would really want to watch that (not to speak of participating).
2019-02-03 16:06
Estonia teremartin 
fallout 4 robots
2019-02-02 00:49
2019-02-02 00:56
Europe Blyatman69 
2019-02-02 00:59
CS:GO Pro -ThiccDickStacy
2019-02-02 01:00
cyx | 
South Africa bonkaz 
2019-02-03 16:35
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
Just join military
2019-02-02 01:02
shroud | 
Norway trosna 
Food or garbage, people will always need food and there will always be garbage thats 4 sure
2019-02-02 01:03
Brazil MadBettorGrr 
Don't worry about it, soon capitalism will collapse
2019-02-02 01:06
Germany Scrouch123 
what makes you so sure about that
2019-02-02 01:08
Brazil MadBettorGrr 
"with technology probably replacing 60% of the jobs with robots sooner or later" I'm not sure about this number (60%), but a huge part of the population will become unemployed. Capitalism can't survive with this much of jobless people
2019-02-02 01:53
Finland Faust_fSt 
Yes it can, if it disposes of the unemployed "useless" masses, or plugs them into the matrix (or, more realistically, provides them with VR entertainment or whatever). Certainly more probable one will be not giving a shit about the poor and useless, let them die. The world is constantly being more and more divided into the rich and the poor, it will eventually have drastic consequences on the planet and population.
2019-02-03 15:24
And thus we are back at the collapse.
2019-02-03 16:09
Finland Faust_fSt 
You really think that capitalism and western civilization will collapse as a result of neglegting to feed 3 billion african/indian/southeast-asian/middle-eastern people?
2019-02-03 16:30
More like I wonder what will happen when half the jobs in the western civilization are gone. Also worth remembering is that the globe is only so big, some of those not living in a western civilization may not be content to not be part of the party - already China is getting more an more influence globally.
2019-02-03 17:45
Finland Faust_fSt 
China will be - as the meme goes - numba wan more likely than "left out". It's gonna be africa, south-america, and south-asia that'll be fucked.
2019-02-03 18:21
2019-02-04 13:21
Software eng (will likely be replaced), Machine learning and Artificial intelligence based jobs will be the last ones
2019-02-02 01:55
2019-02-02 01:57
United States GashCSGO 
MIS ez money if you can get the degree
2019-02-02 01:59
2019-02-02 02:02
move to 3rd world, most likely no ai there for like 50 yrs
2019-02-02 02:06
cyber security
2019-02-03 15:17
gay porn actor - even robots can't do this shit
2019-02-03 15:18
Slovenia Josip09 
same as today programmer, doctors, engineers, almost anything that isn't useless like philosofy or some shit
2019-02-03 15:19
2019-02-03 15:29
actually, art degree will probably become very profitable. abstraction is tricky for AI so things like philosophy or art will be extremely valuable. doctors, on the other hand, will probably become obsolete at some point. family physicians will become completely useless when AI gets advanced because it will be way better at identifying the optimal treatment given your symptoms. surgeons are likely to become useless as well. robotic assisted surgery is already a thing. it's only a matter of time before the human operating the robot becomes unnecessary and the entire thing will be orchestrated by AI.
2019-02-03 17:53
Norway bruhfessor 
pick something u like and become the very best at it and u will succeed
2019-02-03 15:33
Robot programmer, robot technician, robot assistant Edit : I forgot to mention robot cleaner
2019-02-03 15:35
Finland herculepoirot 
Storyteller, salesman, investor, writer, singer, hooker.
2019-02-03 15:34
Belarus @Bitly 
If AI is smart enough it will pass human on investing "sense".
2019-02-03 15:39
yeah well i ment it like a "moneyman investor" Be home and invest, by yourself or AI, and live off by profit.
2019-02-04 19:10
Belarus @Bitly 
I mean, when AI is smart enough to pass human on investing, why would anyone trust on their "investing sense" or anybody else's investor "sense" when there is AI, which has a lot better capability to predict and it's doing it faster, better and it's most likely even cheaper.
2019-02-06 12:04
AI can invest the investors money. AI cant invest without money. Either you do invest yourself or by AI you are still the investor, get my point?
2019-02-06 12:33
Belarus @Bitly 
You aren't the investor when you give your money to the actual investor like some banks offer this possibility. In this situation, it would be literally the same somebody else does the job for you and you pay a little fee.
2019-02-06 12:35
Poland FriendlyPolak 
2019-02-03 15:37
drug dealer
2019-02-03 15:37
no job is safe. phone book companies went extinct many many years ago due to technology advance.
2019-02-03 15:37
volunteering and healthcare is the future, 50% of the world is suicidal atm mass suicides will come back again. humans are zombies.
2019-02-03 15:40
Netherlands @Deji 
All important jobs such like doctor, IT ect
2019-02-03 15:41
AI will replace the majority of medical professionals before many other jobs
2019-02-03 16:02
I don't think the doctor is a safe job anymore in the next 30 years 2017 there was the first AI robot that successfully finished a heart surgery 8 times faster than 8 differently trained medical doctors.
2019-02-03 16:03
IT might be one of the jobs to go first lol
2019-02-03 16:07
Latvia Agbetchok 
Rapper gagsta man boi wassup
2019-02-03 15:42
imagine gettin baited by an AI
2019-02-03 15:59
happens more often than you think people don't realize how much social media activity is actually bots
2019-02-03 16:02
Chat robots have been around for more than a decade. I know people that used to program them.
2019-02-03 16:11
ZywOo | 
Poland Arknes 
creative jobs like graphic designer, film director, singer, dancer (although dance teacher can be replaced by robot easily)
2019-02-03 16:05
2019-02-03 16:06
lawyer doctor pilot teacher become a famous person with some talent also a lot of jobs related to marketing
2019-02-03 16:06
rofl pilot? you're kidding right doctor is another one that will be taken by AI
2019-02-03 16:07
yes pilot and no doctor won't be replaced for the next 50-60 years
2019-02-03 16:07
Not all, but... There is talk about having commercial jets with just one pilot, so when that happens it is half the pilots gone right there. And then there are the drones. The next generation of fighters won't have cockpits and why should commercial jets - automated flying is much simpler than automated driving. As for doctors it is a gradual thing, but already doctors are being advised on medication and diagnoses by AI and this will coming in like a avalanche soon. Some doctors will be able to see much more patients, others will be replaced by nurses which interact with the patients and work the machines.
2019-02-03 16:18
Theres talk amongst people that dont really have any insight or know a lot about how planes work. fighter drones wont become a thing for the next century. Commercial planes without planes or 1 pilot would also take at least a century. First someone would need to make one that actually works then there would be a million laws and procedures that would be need to make it into a real thing. Then the airlines would actually need to purchase one. And in the end people would actually need to want to fly with one. And if one plane actually crashes without any pilots on board all those plans go down the river. In the doctors case I also dont see them being replaced I could see them adapting to actually work on these machines or evaluate patients on small fractions. Also I dont see technology advancing fast enough in this century to completely replace doctors in surgeries or quick interventions . In some case a doctor can evaluate the severity of an injury just by seeing the person and seeing how much they're in pain. Also I dont see the technology being cheap enough
2019-02-03 16:28
a century is a gross exaggeration. check out "have raider 2" for example. it was a successful demonstration of retrofitting f16 into being autonomous. there are already fighter sized drones out there or being developed some of which will be capable of carrying air to air missiles, check out taranis for example. the technology is there, the motivation is there. it's only a question of time. a decade or two should suffice. 3 decades is probably when this stuff gets operational. the drones we have today are already capable of doing all the flying autonomously with the operator being there only for the sake of having the human factor when it comes to decision making. it is already possible to automatically identify the target and drop the bomb. it's only a matter of ethics to allow it, and when it comes to the military ethics isn't the of the highest priority.
2019-02-03 18:46
Do you realize those drones are still controlled by pilots. They are already doing experiments on a plane flying around without anybody in the air but it is still controlled by a pilot just not in the cockpit but on the ground lol. For a plane to fly itself you need an AI. A computer that knows about its existence, that wants to protect its existence that can take autonomous decisions based on its OWN experience and then learn from it. And guess what? AI doesn't exist in todays day and age. Even if it started existing like tomorrow or in a week, you would first need to integrate that AI into the planes system and teach it to fly and actually make a completely new plane based around that system. An aircraft manufacture needs at least 10-20 years to make a plane like that. Just to make that new aircraft type. Now for that aircraft to get certified. But for it to get certified you would need to rewrite all the rules and regulations regarding air traffic flight in civil air transport in ALL COUNTRIES that this aircraft will be flying in. Now to just make those changes in the legislation system in all those places it would take at least 10-15 years if being generous. Now even if you did all those things you would still need to get a company to buy it and passengers to fly with it. Now it sounds easy but would you wanna fly first on a plane with no pilots but just an AI controlling it? At the time we dont even have driverless trains. Trains that move on a SET track, you'd think that would be the easiest place to intergrade that AI system? Now that AI system would need to fly FLAWLESSLY for the whole test period and for a couple of years after release to gain trust of the public. Add 5-10 years for that as well. Now after all thats done now comes the actually cost of that integration and price of planes. Airlines already have their fleets. that easily cost 100 millions if not more. In order for them to actually change their fleets that would take a really extensive period as well. And you still wouldn't have all airlines having pilotless planes im talking the most known once like Lufthansa KLM and maybe Delta. But at the same time those airlines will wait for their planes to retire before buying new ones. And if you realize how long the 757 has been flying before being retired you'd also realize how long that period is. Hell these new planes especially the Boeing 777 could fly for another 30-40 years. In the end current, and next generation dont need to worry about AI replacing anyone. You'll see amazing technology feats in planes but the pilots will still be there. this text was massive but basically it explained why Pilotless planes AINT HAPPENING for another 60-70 years at least. And thats with pretending AI started existing tomorrow. Hell you can add 20-30 years to creating Ai as well. That all adds up to a century and by then we might not even fly planes thank u for your time
2019-02-03 20:04
maybe i wasn't explicit enough in my previous post, but i didn't intend to discuss commercial flights. imo the biggest hurdle to full autonomy will be the legal aspect which i don't think can be measured in years. who will be held responsible in case of an accident? this doesn't concern the military though. the loss would be only financial. in fact, one of the motivations behind developing this tech is to reduce human fatalities and save money by not needing to train pilots which is actually quite costly. please don't explain to me what an AI is if you don't have the faintest idea and your source material is the terminator movies or something. plenty of AI system already exist. most AI researchers nowadays work on narrow AI, as in AI used to solve very specific problems or perform very specific tasks. a self aware AI would be a form of an advanced AGI (artificial general intelligence). deepmind, for example managed to beat the best go player in a bo5, a task that seemed impossible 10 years ago. hell, 10 years ago the strongest bots couldn't beat an amateur dan player. recently, alphastar developed by deepmind managed to beat mana in a bo5 sc2 series. openAI managed to create a bot that beat most pro dota2 mid laners in a 1v1 and later made a bot team that played at semi pro level. like i've mentioned some of the drones we have today like the reaper for example are capable of full autonomy. they can lift off, fly to destination, circle a target area, fly back and land completely autonomously. the pilot is there mainly to verify the targets and pull the trigger. the technology that would allow automatic identification of hostiles/targets and engagement already exists. it is mainly an ethical bridge that people do not wish to cross and that would be to allow a machine make decisions concerning life and death. i'd be very surprised if some military wouldn't eventually cross this bridge. if the americans or the europeans hesitate for too long the russians or the chineese will do it for them. pilotless planes ALREADY happened. it's obvious you didn't bother to check "have raider 2". here's an article about it: this was just a demonstration, a proof of concept if you will for the sake of a bigger project called loyal wingman - a project that should get started in the upcoming years and wants to couple 5th generations jets such as the f35 with autonomous 4th generation jets like the f16 or potentially autonomous bombers. the way it would work is that the pilot would give orders to the drone planes similarly to what you have in flying sims like attack target, return to base, change formation etc and the drones would execute them. moreover, this project aims to save money by retrofitting older generation planes which if successful would mean you don't need to design and manufacture a new type of plane for it to be autonomous.
2019-02-03 22:35
actually the pilots only control takeoff and landing, the autopilot does the rest.
2019-02-03 16:28
One of the most said sentences that isn't correct at all. Yes pilots go to ground and flight school and finish a college all totaling for 6 years and need 500h PIC just so they can take off and land. And they are paid 100k+ for that easy job you're wrong.
2019-02-03 19:42
have you ever watched airplane/pilot videos? all they do is takeoff and land, they configure the autopilot and lean back and monitor it all, still a hard job tho, never said otherwise
2019-02-03 22:00
as lawyer u are basically a robot cuz u act on money and not justice :D
2019-02-03 16:07
2019-02-03 16:07
safe job is developing things which destroy other ppl jobs.
2019-02-03 16:07
if you don't live in a english speaking country, working as an english teacher is safe for a long time
2019-02-03 16:08
Normal teachers will be replaced as well. There are much better ways to learn online already. And teachers have shitty salaries (here at least) so it's not really a bright future
2019-02-03 16:16
i wanna learn english, give me better way please.
2019-02-06 12:09
elderly caregiver
2019-02-03 16:11
Anything with IT basically.
2019-02-03 16:15
Nope. The only reason the IT field hasn't collapsed it that we are using it for more and more. Clever software, and well build hardware means those working IT is getting so much more done that they did just moments ago. Consider how easy it is to build a web page today or to get a new PC working, it is the same thing with the work behind the scenes.
2019-02-03 16:24
IT security yes. rest of IT will be gone in the next 5-10 years. the company i worked for in summer replaced 50 ppl from the server rooms department with automatic systems already in 2017
2019-02-03 16:27
2019-02-03 16:15
no point being an accountant when future is cashless and digital currency at one point.
2019-02-03 16:17
there were always taxes and taxes will be to the end of the world also, its not about cash, its about anything that you can pay with. Another aspect is the fact that creative accountant can find the way to pay less taxes
2019-02-03 16:21
accounting is one of the first jobs that will be taken by AI lol this is coming from an accounting student
2019-02-03 16:21
im also studying accounting and all i can say is that you need to be creative to be good at that job, as all the jobs that demand creativity, such jobs cannot be replaced by a robots
2019-02-03 16:24
oskarJ | 
Czech Republic y0fl0w 
undertaker... 100% safe
2019-02-03 16:17
Engineer, nasa pilot, astrophysicist, not limited to that field in physics ofc, cosmology, the list goes on, There are companies/agencies (CERN) that are researching dark matter, extra-dimensions, different particles. Also exploration in space will never die, there will always be a need for talented people to work for NASA/Space X etc.
2019-02-03 16:21
2019-02-03 16:22
A test subject to become the first "nearly all robot and still partly human" so that I can fly. Ez
2019-02-03 16:23
chemical engineer is pretty future proof that being said,, you're basically a glorified plumber
2019-02-03 16:25
India otgps 
Imma chemical engineer. AI is taking over jobs but we are not glorified plumber lmoa. Glorified plumbers don't design flow altering baffles for reaction tanks
2019-02-03 16:54
ai is literally not taking a single chem e job, probably ever and yes, youre right. plumbers dont share one of your job responsibilities so my whole anology is ruined :/ i am worked 6 months as chem e bro... only specific job titles are designing things like that. 90% are walking around plants talking about pipes and shit
2019-02-03 18:15
India otgps 
Bro earlier there used to be like 5 guys handling the control panel with dials and switches all graduate engineers. Now 1 DCS operates the whole plant and learns from operator inputs. Earlier, they saw pressure dropping, feed rate dropping, they released shit and stuff. Now instantaneous computer modeled settings handle all changes. There used to be 20-25 guys in design rooms for plant network design, modeling, calculation shit etc now 4-5 men team and simulation softwares and CAD. Operation jobs and design jobs are ripe for the taking by AI. Only research and maintenance will survive the robot age. You did operation/field/maintenance job. I work with a fabricator so my world revolves around designing.
2019-02-03 19:27
Sweden swediztann3 
so this idiots will replace our jobs? 60 sec in, look he cant barely move a box
2019-02-03 16:29
Germany hatrez 
Shit, terminator inc
2019-02-03 16:35
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
A couple of hundred years ago, people would throw shit out of their windows and then a guy would pick it up and take it away. Nowadays all you do is press a button and that's it.
2019-02-03 16:52
Germany hatrez 
The ones who build the robots and can maintain them
2019-02-03 16:33
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
That's literally the only 99% safe job haha
2019-02-03 16:47
Estonia E$t0 
2019-02-03 16:42
shox | 
Norway fen0m 
2019-02-03 16:47
India otgps 
Become a nurse. People going old and old people living longer. They want human care and scoff at robots. EZ life job
2019-02-03 16:52
Who will buy all of the things big companies produce or have to offer if most of us become jobless?? Also who needs robots when huge brands just find workers in poor countries and pay thousands of people as much as 1 robot.
2019-02-03 17:20
2019-02-03 17:31
auto mechanic
2019-02-03 17:43
Twitch thot
2019-02-03 17:44
Bulgaria ShipzFanClub 
Lawyers,psychologist,engineers ;p
2019-02-03 17:46
Peru 2loro2 
Work at IKea
2019-02-03 17:59
Snax | 
Poland QbekQba 
CS ProPlayer
2019-02-03 18:50
You could try prostitution ppl always need to fuck
2019-02-03 22:31
Sweden ThorinEk 
2019-02-03 22:35
Anything related to humans. i.e psychology, therapy etc
2019-02-04 13:24
Anything where you create something from nothing, so basically creative jobs. Doing Accounting and shit like that is easily replaceable. Inventing a new technology etc. is not.
2019-02-04 13:32
Portugal PirataFaria 
2019-02-04 13:43
Prison Guard.
2019-02-04 13:50
Service technician? I mean, repairing the robots? lol Or some job that robots cant do.
2019-02-04 14:09
In the bank
2019-02-04 15:01
nothing is save.
2019-02-04 15:02
cybersecurity politician reality tv star
2019-02-04 15:13
betting csgo
2019-02-04 15:14
Germany unsalted 
Art ofc.
2019-02-04 15:15
gas jockey
2019-02-04 15:21
Anything that has a daily requirement ie- food, porn, water, entertainment, internet Also forgot- DJ 32k/month
2019-02-04 15:32
Look at the comment time of ur comment n mine xd jist below u
2019-02-04 15:32
porn > water so yes
2019-02-04 15:32
2019-02-04 15:33
Pornstar coz hltv will always have virgins and they need something to jerk off to
2019-02-04 15:31
+1 my street shitting friend.
2019-02-04 15:33
Yes today u won't believe what happened when i went shitting on street
2019-02-04 15:35
I'm all ears
2019-02-04 15:35
Same as every day i was squatting dropping my turds wid all my fellow indians on street. But then came a beautiful busty babe who squatted near me and started dropping her turds too.I knew she was into me and we started making out there squatting and kissing. It was so beautiful. i hope she comes to shit on my street everyday
2019-02-04 15:37
Ask her if she wants to drop some turds with you again
2019-02-04 16:43
Yep I will
2019-02-04 17:02
border patrol, eastern europeans never stop
2019-02-04 15:32
toilet cleaner
2019-02-04 15:35
expected from arrogant danish kid
2019-02-04 19:12
Politicians, even if an AI could do a better job, people won't be ready to be ruled by one before a long time (if ever?) Searchers, because AI is just copying logics initially made by humans, and so discovering new ones will be a human job for a long time still (at least during our whole life time) Artists
2019-02-04 16:53
Brazil Collee 
Football player Trash boring sports like baseball and american football if you live in NA also work
2019-02-04 16:54
eew baseball, still Babe Ruth G.O.A.T
2019-02-06 12:22
Europe smashking 
undertaker - people die
2019-02-04 19:13
i don't have to worry cus im slav we will have this tech 100 years after west
2019-02-04 19:15
Turkey xxxjet3 
Porn star we all need them to fap
2019-02-06 12:06
waiter or gay pornstar
2019-02-06 12:10
builder for sure
2019-02-06 12:13
Estonia E$t0 
pornstar monkaKappa
2019-02-07 17:54
Programmer / Hardware Engineer
2019-02-07 18:18
2019-02-07 19:08
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