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All Dmg & LE come here
India Mr_Lonely 
Hi , I am MG1 for more than 3 weeks now ..last 10 matches won 6 lost 3 tied 1 . Cant seem to get out of this rank what do i need to work upon any tips or ideas that i can implement . I play on a 60 Hz monitor though .. pls dont say dm more improve aim ..have 1 k hours already .. PLS HELP ...
2019-02-02 02:04
Norway Hydropanic^ 
idk just play with friends
2019-02-02 02:07
cadiaN | 
Singapore Kerk 
+1 soloq is derank service
2019-02-02 07:48
Asia SiduLooty 
2019-02-02 18:42
Greece deST) 
No trolling i achieved G.E pure soloque . Its kinda easy after 2k hours imo
2019-02-03 08:14
the key is gettin along with the randoms. u need to be charismatic, motivating etc.
2019-02-03 13:41
it can be hard if you are matched with retards who play to troll, and on ranks dmg/le its common problem
2019-02-03 19:21
Bulgaria mchetvorkata 
Lmao what a pussy
2019-02-03 09:20
nt f0rsaken
2019-02-02 02:09
India Mr_Lonely 
name checks out ..
2019-02-02 02:12
Flag checks out
2019-02-02 02:12
India Mr_Lonely 
how are replying ?? since when does nepal have internet .. maybe ur in india typing retard ..
2019-02-02 02:40
Don't get baited to kids bro He is trying to piss u off don't reply to him
2019-02-02 07:47
device | 
India lyncix 
Shidd, i needed to hover over your flag to see which country. Dont see it anywhere xd
2019-02-04 12:28
Dosia | 
Denmark bulldosia 
keep playing eventually you will realize that in mg1 everyone does the same thing over and over again and after that you will rekt them
2019-02-02 02:11
France Leskines 
Idk bro just play solo to increase your skills and your gamesens
2019-02-02 02:11
play with me, im global elite and have 15k hours
2019-02-02 02:11
rain | 
Lithuania LevelUpp 
You do not have 15k hours, if you do, I'm very very sorry.
2019-02-03 07:57
its possible, hes swedish
2019-02-03 08:02
rain | 
Lithuania LevelUpp 
That's insane tho, he would've had to been playing around 6 hours everyday since the game released.
2019-02-03 08:08
Nt mr jebaiter
2019-02-03 10:19
It's pretty hard to improve at 1k hrs, I was already DMG/LE by then. MM is toxic garbage nowadays anyway, your rank doesn't mean shit, they're ridiculously unbalanced nowadays. Bunch of ESEA players at MG2 and MGE, you won't be able to compete with them.
2019-02-02 02:12
point gun at head and shoot
2019-02-02 02:13
India Mr_Lonely 
thanks burger ..
2019-02-02 02:14
India yeetmeister 
can't expect anything else coming out of the mouth of a burger
2019-02-02 07:53
Well next time expect burger cuming in your mouth
2019-02-02 07:56
India Mr_Lonely 
cuming in your mouth xd
2019-02-03 19:14
rain | 
Norway F1lur 
well he isn't worng cs mm is easy af
2019-02-04 12:25
Denmark Derige 
When climbing any ladder the team that tilts the most lose. So try and stay positive towards teammates and drop them weapons whenever you can. And generally just be nice.
2019-02-02 02:17
India Mr_Lonely 
thnks brother..i agree
2019-02-02 02:36
1.2k hours 60hz-global and 9lv faceit
2019-02-02 02:20
Russia v0x1k 
2019-02-02 02:25
thank you,sir
2019-02-02 02:26
India Mr_Lonely 
seems fake but ok if u say so
2019-02-02 02:35
Upgrading to 144hz wont help you rank up Also i have no idea how u still mg1 with 1k hours xD
2019-02-02 18:39
Everyone can reach global nowadays even with a blindfold tied over their eyes
2019-02-02 18:41
rain | 
Lithuania LevelUpp 
If you really believe that, then you're extremely ignorant.
2019-02-03 07:59
Im realistic
2019-02-03 13:39
NiKo | 
United Kingdom lr1015 
global is top 0.5% of all players therefore only 1/200 can reach global 1/200 =/= everyone /closed
2019-02-04 14:15
Poland SalamiXg0d 
Im actually upgraded my 60hz to 240hz and its HUGE diffrence. My aim improved so much after this
2019-02-03 13:44
United Kingdom BionicRick 
144hz does absolutely help a good player rank up. It improves your aim a lot.
2019-02-03 19:23
Europe spooky1337 
Nt liar
2019-02-04 13:49
shrek | 
Cambodia Libtard 
Don't play mm, play user servers, way better experience
2019-02-02 02:28
Spain rmkx 
May I ask what user servers are? Private like private pugs?
2019-02-02 02:30
shrek | 
Cambodia Libtard 
It's called community servers I guess
2019-02-02 02:47
shox | 
India iejesus 
community servers will not help him higher his rank tho
2019-02-03 08:22
Russia v0x1k 
MM is pretty bad. Esea/faceut ia the best
2019-02-02 02:30
you have to find premades equal to your skill/rank, otherwise, if you play solo like me, you will be stuck in MG FOREVER MUAHAHAHAHAH
2019-02-02 02:42
India Mr_Lonely 
i totally agree with u .. its difficult to find a premade for mm .. i play solo 50 % of the time ..
2019-02-02 02:45
Denmark Derige 
I soloQ'ed from DMG to Supreme Its not impossible to do.
2019-02-02 03:03
United States Acetk 
2019-02-02 06:00
Gone but not forgotten - I will miss you all. I was a victim of the mass censorship on HLTV, and because I spoke the truth, my entire account, all contents of it were cleared, and I have been banned until 2029.
2019-02-02 06:08
sad i mean 21 already released an album u can now wait till 2029 listening it and come back :D
2019-02-03 10:30
if your aim is so good that you don't need to dm (I personally wreck everyone in DM, always #1) then you'd be owning these kids in mm lmao.. your aim is more than likely just shit and you're probably just out in the open throughout the entire game with 0 map/game awareness
2019-02-02 06:33
Easy to be number 1 in china they are bots in all fps
2019-02-02 07:31
In mm u actually dont need skill,its easy shit if u dont meet cheaters.
2019-02-02 07:55
NiKo | 
Romania Nearby5 
Play with friends with higher ranks then you
2019-02-02 08:08
United States Fihdem_Kihdem 
try to que with friends who are higher ranks. I do a lot of 5v5 with a discord group through or faceit. The skill level is fairly mixed ranging about gn1-dmg. It's a good way for you practice with higher level players without having to care about your rank. Also take a break for a day or two. I just took a week break after slumping for a month and i literally hard carried 2 out of 3 of my last games.
2019-02-02 09:53
Italy marxie 
bait your teammates and win the clutch, thats how you rank up at those ranks
2019-02-02 18:44
Turkey redbaron7 
Do you check the scoreboard in detail? It shows you some statistics. Work on them and ofc find some teammates. Both in mm and faceit people start flaming after losing the first round. Good luck!
2019-02-02 18:48
If you have no friends in RL which are playing CS try to get some online. Ask friendly players you got in MM if they wanna q again with you. Or maybe go to a bigger lan party and get there some CS interested friends. I did that and i am playing with them already for a year.
2019-02-02 19:03
silver europe > mg india
2019-02-02 19:05
Come at me bitch
2019-02-03 08:04
If you genuinely want to improve you should DM some amount every day as warmup, other than that you wanna do some networking and find people to play with, because after a while you get to play the same spots on CT + some typical default strats which you can just run over and over which helps in lower level games since you're all gonna be comfortable playing.
2019-02-02 19:11
Dont use dm. Use aim training maps
2019-02-02 19:17
Australia 200iqGuy 
stop crying on hltv and keep playing, I got supreme without headset till lem and 50 fps
2019-02-02 19:47
India Mr_Lonely 
0/8 pls dont bait
2019-02-03 07:47
Australia 200iqGuy 
??? look at net_graph i dont have screen with supreme but u can trust me
2019-02-03 09:14
Keep playing, you need effort and dedication to improve, play with better players and copy them. You’ll do good after playing everyday. Play tryhard without tilting every game, don’t blame anyone else, only work on your mistakes. Watch your demos and see what did you do wrong. Work on your weak sides and your decision making.
2019-02-03 08:02
I was GE but got deranked to SMFC Who gives a fuck, just play with your friends
2019-02-03 08:03
just close your eyes, imagine you are global, accept in your heart that eventhough you think mg1 is bad, in reality you play in india which means in eu you would be like silver elite and in na you would be level 10 faceit. After you do all that just spray that p90 boye and run and shoot with rifles. Dont forget to take the silencer off the usp and the best way to use glock is to run jump and spray.
2019-02-03 08:05
Australia 200iqGuy 
2019-02-03 09:22
India Mr_Lonely 
ruski always lie
2019-02-03 19:11
Europe SadPuppet 
idk, I play only with friends, and we are globals all ofc.
2019-02-03 08:11
shox | 
Norway fen0m 
just play aggressive in matches and dont be scared to take aim duels
2019-02-03 08:18
There is no 1 subject you need to become better in to reach a certain rank. Usually you need to improve everything. I'd say start making mental notes, like who plays what spot on the enemy team, where are the worst performing players playing and what nades get thrown and where. Also just aim at the head and kill enemies and you' ll be global.
2019-02-03 09:24
Germany Xantennn 
MG1 in 2019 xDDDD
2019-02-03 09:44
Israel TimeDani 
You need to hard carry because russsians can’t
2019-02-03 09:45
MM rank is so irrelevant, you will always meet a lot of shit players no matter where you're at. If you really want to put in a lot of effort into winning and improving play on faceit
2019-02-03 09:52
You will reach an skill cap if you are not playing on an team
2019-02-03 09:52
you are so bad man hahahaha l2p i was mg1 in 2012 back then the ranking system was actually hard nowadays in 2019 its so fcking ez to get atlteast lem, i would deinstall if i was you
2019-02-03 09:54
bet u R silver
2019-02-03 13:43
Peinlicher Zeitgenosse
2019-02-04 12:31
2019 not global
2019-02-03 09:56
Lol same stuck at mge after 1k hour Now i don't even wanna rank up anymore
2019-02-03 10:01
Xyp9x | 
Mongolia Terorus_ 
Try playing 1 map only. I spammed Mirage and got to The Global Elite from Silver I. But it took me 2 and a half year and 2200+hours. Worth i guess. And try warming up before playing competitive.
2019-02-03 10:07
and then u get R.I.P.ped apart on all other maps if u play with friends. well done
2019-02-03 13:44
You can master other maps later if you just want to reach The Global Elite. Plus you will have experience learning maps and timings, so it'll be a lot easier to master other maps. Actually you only need to master 4 maps. On BO1 you ban 3 of your worst maps and opponent bans 3/4 of your maps and you'll have 1 map that you play good. On BO3 you'll have 2 maps that you play good. On BO5 you'll have 3 maps that you play good. In the end odds are in your side. All it takes is your hard work. By the way i solo queued all the way, and a 60hz monitor.
2019-02-04 11:03
If you can't get atleast LEM by solo queing in 2019 you gotta delete asap
2019-02-03 10:26
theres a lot of wallers in LEM these days, hard to stay at that rank with solo queue. its not just that the enemies are walling, your team too, and they bait and play for KDR
2019-02-04 14:18
Slovakia baucek1 
play faceit
2019-02-03 10:30
Man ignore these idiots saying mm is easy it isnt ill tell u that in mm people play like braindead but excatly because of that, its impossible to play normally ive noticed in mg1- le playing with smgs is more effective than playin with rifles, since everyone is rushing and hitting lucky hs i would recommend u to either search close lobbies or play braindead like everyone, rushing every single spot. gl
2019-02-03 10:33
Turkey Kebapmaster 
1.2 k only played cs go no experience from other games and shit and im MGE
2019-02-03 13:43
Turkey Kebapmaster 
i will be dmg after 1-2 wins
2019-02-03 13:44
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
Reported for not being Global
2019-02-03 13:45
Poland diaball 
40-65fps used to be LEM, 60hz is not the reason
2019-02-03 13:46
United States t0rror 
Tarik a pro player is MGE how tf do you think you're gonna win when hes MGE.
2019-02-03 19:13
India Mr_Lonely 
wht rank are you ?
2019-02-03 19:15
United States t0rror 
2019-02-03 19:16
India Mr_Lonely 
hmmm prove it
2019-02-03 19:17
United States t0rror 
Why would I need to prove something that isn't even that impressive to begin with?
2019-02-03 19:18
India Mr_Lonely 
i believe you but for some ppl mg1 is impressive
2019-02-03 19:22
Before playing, you need to train for one hour, 30 minutes retakes and 30 minutes DM. On your lvl you need to focus on your aim but also your positionning which is in my sense as important.
2019-02-03 19:43
Belarus @Bitly 
You can't
2019-02-04 11:08
India Mr_Lonely 
what ?
2019-02-04 12:18
play with premade
2019-02-04 12:19
Russia v0x1k 
change dpi 1600 and 0.3 in game
2019-02-04 12:21
improve aim and gamesense
2019-02-04 12:22
I was dmg
2019-02-04 12:25
I have 1500 Hours and only mg1.. an iam Nova 4-mg1 since~ 800 Hours. I just reached my skillcap
2019-02-04 12:27
NiKo | 
India se7eNNN 
Add me I boost you friend :)
2019-02-04 14:09
Improve aim, work on crosshair placement, pay attention to minimap and teammates. Learn smokes and popflashes. Work on your gamesense, maybe watch pro demos if that helps.
2019-02-04 14:16
Czech Republic ZajiiCZ 
I am now DMG after 800 hours, SoloQ (90% of the time, 10% with 1 friend) and playing on 15,6 inch 60hz screen laptop... ... but its true that I was stuck on MG1/MG2 most of my time. I guess that if you really are better than this rank, then you will break through... just keep grinding
2019-02-04 14:17
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