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Richard Lewis a bit of a hypocrite?
CIS jeloneq7 
About the Dick Stacy sticker. I thought of all the people Richard wouldn't protest against a dick. Shame on you Rich. Thoughts HLTV GANG?
2019-02-02 22:59
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I get it LUL
2019-02-02 23:00
Besides you only see it when you want to see it. Dirty guy.
2019-02-02 23:04
he is dating a tranny, what did you even expect?
2019-02-02 23:06
Yeah I thought of all the people he wouldn't mind a dick xD
2019-02-02 23:16
Brazil BrasCubas 
Richard Lewis? More like Richard 'I will block you' Lewis
2019-02-02 23:01
Portugal NabasKi 
is there anything he doesn't complain about though?
2019-02-02 23:01
richard lewis is a bitch, nothing now, not a news
2019-02-02 23:02
United States circles308 
If someone turned your god into a sticker you would be mad too
2019-02-02 23:03
He is the reason why i hate people. Educated by sectarian who believe they are awesome but if you show them the mirror they cry like babies and shit in their pants. This is R.Lewis.
2019-02-02 23:04
He doesn't want people to find out he actually really likes dicks, that's why he is against it.
2019-02-02 23:05
I don't think dicks was the problem he just wanted to attack reddit like always
2019-02-02 23:06
In CSGO Reddit doesn't matter. In Dota they are important.
2019-02-02 23:10
Still it is easy to see from his original tweet his real issue with the matter seemed to be consistency regarding what is deleted not the dicks xd...
2019-02-02 23:14
he blocked me because I said no serious to want him anymore because he is bad in his job.
2019-02-02 23:15
Good choice by him it seems, however bit sad how seemingly mad he gets over random tweets by idiots xd...
2019-02-02 23:17
Good choice by him? If people telling him the truth he should not block them he should do something else.... He did with his dunno...
2019-02-02 23:20
France LauraS 
Opinion is subjective. Also, why would anyone want to allow others to spam mindless hate at them?
2019-02-02 23:21
Dreamhack banned him forever. This is not a opinion. ESL worked with him when? I dont remember. Eleague LUL. Opinion are not based by facts they are based on thoughts or taste.
2019-02-02 23:45
France LauraS 
"he blocked me because I said no serious to want him anymore because he is bad in his job" "Good choice by him? If people telling him the truth he should not block them he should do something else" What part of this is fact?
2019-02-02 23:50
fact is nobody wants him as host or journalist.
2019-02-02 23:51
France LauraS 
Why is he still getting jobs as a host? Why are his articles still being published?
2019-02-02 23:52
His article published by who beside himself? And what host jobs? for tier 25 esports games like Uno or Monopoly LUL. In Dota, csgo, lol, hearthstone the main esports game he gets no job. All other are trash jobs who could do a toilet cleaner. The TO know he is a bad person
2019-02-02 23:57
France LauraS 
He sometimes writes articles for Most recently hosted the RL WOSE tournament Why the hate?
2019-02-03 00:02
yea noname tournament. Why the hate? his twitter bullshit. He block everyone. he attacked and insult Pro players on tournament (Loda story as extrem example)
2019-02-03 00:10
France LauraS 
Firstly, you have openly admitted to sending hate towards him on Twitter. This justifies you getting blocked. Prior to the DickStacy tweet, he had a block list of 50 people. Secondly, grow up if you are offended by someone's opinion about a professional esports player you have no personal attachment to. And finally, you obviously haven't read into the Load situation if you're saying Richard Lewis is the one at fault. I completely agree that it is silly to reply to the idiots that give him hate on Twitter, but who am I to judge. It's his life, and he has his reasons.
2019-02-03 00:19
I admitted that I said he is bad at his job because nobody who matters wants him. This is not hating this is the truth. He blocks everybody His Blocklist have thousands of people right now. So stop defending this guy he is a bad person who deserve every hate he get. Also for you it is totally fine to attack people and insult them during a job . this makes you equal to him. Nice done
2019-02-03 00:24
France LauraS 
I've already shown you proof of him getting hired to do events and write articles. I had also replied to you on a past thread about the fact that he no longer wishes to do CS events. Him being bad at his job is not fact, it is opinion. Please educate yourself. He has helped the CS community grow and flourish, for that we can all be thankful. There is no reason for this brainless hate.
2019-02-03 00:25
He gets hired for tier 50 events who nobody watched. This is not a TO who matters. So you prove nothing. And the website you mention is a noname in esports world. If he would write for Liquid or HLTV I would see it as a proof. There is no reason for stupid fanboiing
2019-02-03 00:27
France LauraS 
So you don't accept facts that disprove your deranged argument, great. I'm not interested in speaking to someone that is so pent up on hating another person that they change the goal posts to prove that they're right. He has received awards for his outstanding work, and again he has been pivotal in mainstreaming CS:GO. I'm not going to reply to you anymore. Have a good night.
2019-02-03 00:31
this facts dont disprove what i said. Because this are no TO that matters. You dont reply cuz you lost loser
2019-02-03 00:33
France LauraS 
"fact is nobody wants him as host or journalist." gn
2019-02-03 00:34
yes nobody. because Tier 50 events are nobodys have a gn8 loser
2019-02-03 00:35
v1k0 | 
Ecuador Ecuador 
2019-02-02 23:06
>a bit lul. rlewis is just mad that he can’t choke anyone lately
2019-02-02 23:07
he is a cucklord
2019-02-02 23:07
Dick is short for Richard, therefore he is a hypocrite, yes.
2019-02-02 23:10
Richard Lewis? More like Richard 'fat' Lewis
2019-02-02 23:11
France LauraS from here to 7:30 he explains the reasoning behind it. Most importantly the original tweet was about threads being deleted on Reddit. Looks like everyone missed that part.
2019-02-02 23:18
i dont care about what he thinks about the dick, his reasoning calling him a semi pro is really stupid lmao. If he can make a living of the game he is a professional. It literally says in the dictionary 'engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as an amateur. "a professional boxer" synonyms: paid, salaried, non-amateur, full-time "a professional tennis player" '
2019-02-02 23:46
What is wrong with this fat fagg who is still a 40 yo virgin , podting on twitter every day , fucking mo lifer, pls someone kick his ass when you met him
2019-02-02 23:37
Austria I_love_Hltv 
A total hypocrite and loser
2019-02-02 23:53
hes a beta cuck, nothing new tbh
2019-02-02 23:57
He attempted to strangle a person not too long ago. I don't know why would his opinions be even put to consideration.
2019-02-03 00:05
Brazil Collee 
13 yo kid in the body of a 40 yo adult
2019-02-03 00:11
This is what happens when you read infowars and support Alex Jones
2019-02-03 00:13
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