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lmao ddk
Sweden terminat0r Faceit major the best sporting event? Is he serious?
2019-02-03 02:00
2019-02-03 02:03
I mean, is prolly is the best sporting event that happened this year *Last year
2019-02-03 02:06
The vote is about the best event that was held in the wembley arena wether it was a concert, live entertainment etc.. Not only sporting event
2019-02-03 02:08
Romania themightyflea 
faceit major was a trash event. It doesn't deserve shit
2019-02-03 02:11
United States BigFnaticFan 
He works at faceit and casted the major, of course he is goin to say that
2019-02-03 02:12
ikr, they probably paid him to tweet that
2019-02-03 02:17
United States BigFnaticFan 
Yeah, he’s probably swimming in a pool of money now
2019-02-03 04:29
DDK promoting Faceit? Gee, who would've guessed. OP is clueless.
2019-02-03 02:19
I'm not suprised that he's promoting it but its just funny how he wants one of the worst CS events to get an award..
2019-02-03 12:35
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
goat cast
2019-02-03 02:26
The best sporting event was the ELeague Invitational
2019-02-03 04:40
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