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Russia Pietro Savastano 
why this fucking phone off when weather is cold ? there is no such problem on androyd
2019-02-03 14:03
Romania Dumi90 
cuz its worst phone :) price not worth
2019-02-03 14:04
it's a piece of crap but still the best telephone
2019-02-03 14:14
United Kingdom KieranFR 
The software is good and it has a good camera, everything else is sub par when compared to some of the flagship android phones.
2019-02-03 14:17
Europe crosst 
so basically almost everything is better in iphone lmao
2019-02-03 15:06
its not men))
2019-02-03 14:20
cuz its iphöne
2019-02-03 14:10
World ///fuck 
i can use mine in -10C
2019-02-03 14:19
have you ever thought that all the batteries made by the same technology? even cars batteries... so it doesnt matter what phone is it, its only about battery size
2019-02-03 15:01
France oowyz 
iphone lmao
2019-02-03 15:03
2019-02-03 15:08
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