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Stewie2K | 
Germany naeqode 
Why is there an overly enthusiastic obviously fake and hired crowd present during every halftime show ? Organizers scared that performances alone wont animate the crowd ? OMEGALUL
2019-02-04 02:21
what a scam... this is the real shit rip king
2019-02-04 02:23
2019-02-04 02:24
2019-02-04 02:39
2019-02-04 02:24
Germany Cyasera 
Well just remember what happened when Helene Fischer was performing at the DFB Pokal final xD ye that is the reason...
2019-02-04 02:24
United States koth 
Have you ever been to a concert and seen the front row crowd? Ya they are always like that... the super bowl is the biggest event in the usa and they are on the field for the performance. I would be jumping up and down and enjoying the experience also.
2019-02-04 02:26
op is obviously a concert virgin
2019-02-04 02:29
United States koth 
2019-02-04 02:30
Nah.. Maybe you are since you cant tell how fake that excitement and hype is.
2019-02-04 02:32
nah it definitely is. but i don't blame them for hiring a crowd. with the amount of people watching this... would you want to risk some 12 year old ninja viewers shouting obscenities at the camera?
2019-02-04 02:34
You can tell by looks on their faces that its staged. Thats not geniune excitement. Thats not geniune enjoyment or hype. Those are fake smiles jumping up and down in such awkward ways. Something is so off about it.. not like any other crowd and its the same every year. Theyre hired.
2019-02-04 02:31
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