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Superbowl = Puntbowl
hardstyle | 
North America ITSLITFAM 
First Superbowl to have zero points and back to back punts all the way to 4th quarter. Wowzorz!! Saints should of been in the Superbowl to make it more intense, but unfortunately the referee did a bad call got paid off and now LA Rams are here to give Astralis the EZ win.
2019-02-04 03:46
Were all superbowl’s this boring ? Or just this one
2019-02-04 03:53
Just this one tbh lul
2019-02-04 03:54
United States n3h 
This prob the most boring superbowl ever.
2019-02-04 04:14
if I'm not mistaken, this is the lowest scoring superbowl of all time. The second lowest scoring was 14-7. So this is the only superbowl to only have had one TD hahahhaha.
2019-02-04 05:42
China lxxl 
2019-02-04 03:53
Namibia BrownBoy 
2019-02-04 03:55
I'll take a bump ;) *snifffffff O_O :0 :DDD
2019-02-04 03:56
China lxxl 
Here's a secret lxxl=lx___xl It's a dead whale hyuk hyuk hyuk
2019-02-04 03:59
apEX | 
France Fiktion 
Its mainly coz its the 2 best defences of the season. if saints were here it would just be more points for patriots and a little more for saints
2019-02-04 03:55
WHAAATT?????? Both of these defenses have been horrible all season.
2019-02-04 04:44
41 yo grandpa brady is still best QB in NFL. Lmao
2019-02-04 03:57
Healthiest QB *** super strict regimen, my idol.
2019-02-04 03:58
United States CousinBilly 
good cheater too
2019-02-04 04:20
It was extinguished my friend, like smoke. exe
2019-02-04 04:21
GG patralis won. Not enough time for RAMIBR
2019-02-04 04:00
last year it was 40-30 or something now its 13-3 ? LOL
2019-02-04 04:07
Yeah it was 13-3-7 this time LUL
2019-02-04 04:22
2019-02-04 05:31
That Irish looking short guy won the game for theö I guess his bame was julius.
2019-02-04 04:20
Edelmen the new hall of fame receiver is like Conor McGregor of football receivers, savage af for a white man
2019-02-04 04:23
Yeah, he was super efficent with those catches.
2019-02-04 04:35
Them* and name* fucking phone keyboard
2019-02-04 04:33
yes this superbowl was pretty much astralis vs liquid. expected pats to win when rams got through
2019-02-04 04:23
Canada wun_teps 
first half: Pats 3 Rams 0 Maroon 5
2019-02-04 04:24
Yet the rams didn't fucked the goat.
2019-02-04 12:46
North America bloodwolf1710 
Your dumb, this type of football is the enjoyable type.
2019-02-04 04:28
Horrible play calling mixed with goff playing like a complete bot against one of the worst defenses in the league?
2019-02-04 04:47
North America bloodwolf1710 
If you think the pats have one of the worst defences then youre a tard.
2019-02-04 04:50
Ranked 21st in point against, which is insane considering the Patriots offense keeps possession every game. Undeniably a below average defense and arguably one of the worst.
2019-02-04 04:53
North America bloodwolf1710 
I hate fans that only know how to look at the games through stats and regurgitate information that they hear from "experts". If you think the pats defence is bad then you dont know football and there is no point arguing with you.
2019-02-04 04:56 You're telling me? xD Put your money where your mouth is or don't debate football, dummy.
2019-02-04 05:10
North America bloodwolf1710 
I really dont see how this helps your case XD
2019-02-04 05:09
I could buy your parents house with the money I've made off football. You disputed my argument with "No way bro! You're stoopid!". I then owned with statistics, and you deflected. What more would you like? Or were you hoping I wouldn't challenge you on your bullshit? Run along, kiddo, you've got school in the morning.
2019-02-04 05:11
North America bloodwolf1710 
You bet 1000$ and you think that makes you a big shot? Thats hilarious
2019-02-04 05:14
Still waiting on literally anything as a counter argument other than "you're a tard"
2019-02-04 05:16
North America bloodwolf1710 
Why should I have to debate you when you didn't even get your stats right XDXDXDXD.
2019-02-04 05:18
"You didn't even get your stats right" -No source to dispute my stats being wrong -No stats to back up your initial argument -No facts to back up any of your counter arguments Do they teach you how discussion/debates work in high school? Have you not gotten to that part yet? You admitted you're still in school, I'll let you go to sleep so this will be my last response ;) Sorry about your ego ;(
2019-02-04 05:21
North America bloodwolf1710 
they are 7th in points allowed. they are 21st is yards allowed which means fuck all.
2019-02-04 05:22
North America bloodwolf1710 
Also I just realized you never fucken cited your source to begin with
2019-02-04 05:24
North America bloodwolf1710 
PS- Im 19
2019-02-04 05:15
I hope the big kids don't pick on you too much :(
2019-02-04 05:16
2019-02-04 05:29
The rams were robbed Refs "missed" the PI on what should have been the rams td in the last quarter 100% rigged match
2019-02-04 05:37
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