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Mouz retarded
United States Kreygasm 
They bench chrisJ, their best player and IGL, while keeping oskar? They bench styko, whos just merely a support, for who exactly What players can they be replaced with? Actually curious who they believe are available that could improve their team. The only proof this is - chrisJ is going to FaZe
2019-02-05 07:21
undead | 
Brazil retardd 
2019-02-05 07:26
2019-02-05 07:28
Finland Fliida 
I honestly don't think anyone will be capable of fixing FaZe clan without a major overhaul, ChrisJ would only be a temporary bandaid, and I'm pretty sure NiKo isn't really his biggest fan but I might be wrong about that. I truly do struggle to see him going there, but who knows, weirder things go down in Japan every day.
2019-02-05 07:31
World ascet 
inb4 @SHATAP remake
2019-02-05 07:34
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
karrigan helloooo Tarik helloooo
2019-02-05 07:37
They will most likely wait for post major shuffle, just like faze
2019-02-05 07:50
THats what happen when no practice B4 MINOR LUL
2019-02-05 07:53
why everyone thinks chris is that good, he is below average riffler and decent awper but worse than Oskar. Oskar only problem is his motivation, i think before some recent event Oskar said in fpl that he didnt play for weeks.. If he is still like that, than change his ass too. If he will actually train hard and try his best then he will be top 20 this year too.. just ask Oskar do you still want it or you are done? i guess they did that and he will show us his old himself for that big salary..
2019-02-05 07:59
Other WorldIsAFuck 
Because chrisj can simultaneously rifle, awp and igl
2019-02-05 08:39
Mouz need to do something, yeah oskar is old but so is chrisj (28). The future is definitely in sunny and ropz even if they arent in peak form. Maybe go for some young players like otto/nexa/hunter from Valiance
2019-02-05 07:59
Europe g4nl0cK 
-chrisJ +karrigan (best option for an igl and he can play support aswell) -styko +(anyone that can frag better than him or chrisJ)
2019-02-05 08:11
Kazakhstan KumysPower 
frozen is a good option
2019-02-05 08:25
Kazakhstan KumysPower 
or espiranto
2019-02-05 08:26
Europe g4nl0cK 
Maybe hunter
2019-02-05 08:30
China Uyghur 
Oskar is a beast
2019-02-05 08:23
Kazakhstan KumysPower 
anyway styko was an awful player
2019-02-05 08:24
Australia _Se7en 
Benching styko and Oskar should have been done not Chris:(
2019-02-05 08:28
optic, north mouz shuffle??
2019-02-05 08:37
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