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smooya bullied out of big
Thailand theflushingflash 
said "it just didn't work" with big, he won't play for them again and after telling him big sucked before he joined and he sucked before he joined so "it worked" he replied: rip smooya
2019-02-06 17:42
He got kicked because of his behaviour. They said a lot about him in their stream
2019-02-06 17:58
that's what THEY say
2019-02-06 19:16
0/8 Everyone knows that he is toxic
2019-02-06 19:20
He told Refrezh to kill himself for not talking in a game of FPL lmao
2019-02-06 19:21
Slovakia t4gg3d 
LUL I would do the same shitkid throwing in FPL fucking kick him already
2019-02-06 19:22
So you are telling me you are mentally ill?
2019-02-06 19:24
yes he does
2019-02-06 19:29
Slovakia t4gg3d 
Ok so being toxic at a teamm8 who is intentionally throwing is not normal ye right the patient is right here mr. doctor
2019-02-06 19:41
telling someone to kill himself is under no circumstances normal, especially if you are a professional player where everyone is watching you.
2019-02-06 19:42
Slovakia t4gg3d 
tell me you havent said "kys" to some1
2019-02-06 19:43
I didn't
2019-02-06 19:45
Slovakia t4gg3d 
That's what you think but you for sure did when you were mad you just don't remember it ;)
2019-02-06 21:49
For his behaviour he deserved to be bench. No matter if it was the reason in the end or not. His interviews etc. were a complete fuckfest most of the time.
2019-02-06 19:19
United States jay_320 
Straight up this dude is just stupid. That's actually a little sad. I feel bad for people that aren't capable of making good decisions and don't have a proper support system in place to help them in that capacity. I mean kid is 19 right. Where's Mommy or Daddy to tell him not to quit the pro CSGO team a week before the major starts? Like at this point in his career they have to know where he's at and what is on the line. Oh well though. There's very few people that can actually make a living playing professionally. I mean a lot of teams in the top 30 are semi-professional as people get triggered to find out. This man just gave up way too much security at way too young an age. So fucking dumb.
2019-02-06 19:26
Germany pr9ud 
And tbh, with his mentality he wont make it in the professional circuit nor in any other job! Nice read btw +1
2019-02-06 19:32
China lxxl2 
Rat king ratted out by himself.
2019-02-06 19:32
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