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+Buster +Jame -Zeus -Edward.
NiKo | 
Denmark ToTheStars_FazeUp 
+ Buster +Jame -Zeus -Edward. S1mple is an insane rifler, and Jame is an IGL.
2019-02-06 18:08
This would be the best. Maybe Qikert instead of Buster
2019-02-06 18:09
United Kingdom SkaTyce 
Ideally all three as Buster and Qikert are probably better to have than the most inconsistent player alive Flamie
2019-02-06 18:42
Faroe Islands memento_1 
2019-02-06 19:45
2019-02-06 20:24
and jame is a sniper aswell. Would be nice for navi i think. Some reborn.
2019-02-06 18:09
Yea, S1mple and him double awp, no one can stop them. Haha!
2019-02-06 18:15
But u know Zeus - best captain in CIS :D Finding a replacement is quite difficult
2019-02-06 18:44
Russia Sur10n 
"Finding a replacement is quite difficult" He literally wrote "Jame is an IGL" and in my opinion it's a good replasement. Jame already igling in second best CIS team at his ages, playing awp role, dropping 20-30 bombs every map and will play in a major in 7 days. So tell me, why can't this guy lead Na'Vi? They just need to add someone like lmbt as a coach to help Jame and they will keep being tier 1 for sure.
2019-02-06 19:44
France LanaRhoades 
Only +Jame , buster is not worth
2019-02-06 19:47
Finland Malixoxo 
buster and qikert are better than edward and flamie imo
2019-02-06 19:51
Russia Sur10n 
Who worths then? Qikert? May be. Sdy? May be. Adren? Not really, he is a great player, but he's getting old, so what's the point changing Edward to Adren? Na'Vi need a fresh blood, not Adren, ANGE1, markeloff or someone else. So as i said we have Qikert, sdy, Buster, COLDYY1 as a most experienced from the list,all others are way to young, like n0rb3r7, Ax1Le or way to inconsistent, like bondik and mir. And let's not forget what s1mple, flamie and even elec are experienced enough to teach and help new Na'Vi players. And let's be real, these players way better in terms of aim and ingame decisions (in micro aspect), while watching Zeus i feel like this guy played for like 10 hours past 2 weeks, whats how bad he moves,shoots and he can't even concentrate (i'm getting so mad every time he holds an angel and switching from knife to rifle and dies cuz of that), Edward is still fine tho, but can't say he's way better compare to players i mentioned. At the end i should say i'm not against Edward, but it's not like you can't replace Edward, it's more like are Na'vi guys want to reaplace him?
2019-02-06 20:13
France LanaRhoades 
I mean replacing zeus by butcher isn't worth. Let zeus IGL
2019-02-06 20:16
Good idea. But for some reason it seems to me that for a normal result, it will take a little time
2019-02-07 15:15
Kick Flamie and zeus add jame and fitch
2019-02-06 19:47
I like Zeus but this doesn't sound bad at all. Jame quickly became a pretty solid player and we all know that a fragging IGL is hard to find.
2019-02-06 19:47
CIS moruk 
Btw igl is qikert
2019-02-06 19:48
no he isnt, its jame again
2019-02-06 19:50
United States Apfund 
jame igl
2019-02-06 19:50
Myanmar xdcc 
They keep switching between
2019-02-06 19:52
Estonia Lev1ce 
-botjame +quikert
2019-02-06 20:19
2019-02-06 20:22
felps | 
Germany remind00 
Jame Not good vs top Teams Buster is bot
2019-02-07 15:17
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