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Valve scamming with pass
forsaken | 
Singapore D1v1ne 
The all-new Katowice 2019 Viewer Pass is now available for purchase in-game and from the Steam Community Market. With a Viewer Pass, you'll get an upgradable Katowice 2019 Event Coin, access to the Katowice Pick'Em Challenge So now, if you want to play the pick'em, you have to pay Valve 8.75€. LOL.
2019-02-07 03:45
also you can choose 3 souvenir cases you don't just randomly get any...the price of the best souvenirs will drop so hard because everyone will pick the best souvenirs rip market
2019-02-07 03:49
Indonesia Razerzer0 
I think what Valve means is by paying 8.75€, you can use all teams in the pick'em so you don't need to buy anymore team stickers just to join pick'em.
2019-02-07 03:49
lol. and thats before buying stickers n shit guess making it f2p makes sense now. more idiots
2019-02-07 03:49
2019-02-07 03:53
nvm got it
2019-02-07 03:54
Germany junkis 
2019-02-07 03:54
Namibia BrownBoy 
No, Global Offensive.
2019-02-07 03:55
mimi | 
Brazil mtnGOD 
Kkkkkk n1
2019-02-07 04:01
But you do not have to get the stickers. Before this, you had to buy the stickers if you wanna play the pick'em so what is the difference?
2019-02-07 04:04
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