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Friberg aim LOCK!
Norway analpain1337 First NiP player to go dirty :(
2019-02-07 11:26
Norway analpain1337 
so annoying that this is 100% proof of aim lock, see how he goes stright to that head and makes a clean stop. Not a singel time during the rest of the game he made clean stops, and no normal person makes a clean stop unless your mouse brakes down or you lift it up
2019-02-07 11:28
it wasnt on the head though
2019-02-07 12:25
Norway analpain1337 
2019-02-07 13:00
if you think that is on his head, please dont play csgo
2019-02-07 13:01
Norway analpain1337 
it is on the head
2019-02-07 13:02
this is on the head: this is not on the head:
2019-02-07 13:03
You might need glasses
2019-02-07 13:03
no its not a lock you noobs
2019-02-07 13:09
Norway analpain1337 
bump spread the news
2019-02-07 11:35
2019-02-07 11:36
Namibia BrownBoy 
So sad. He used to be good but now he's washed up using hacks. :(
2019-02-07 11:36
Germany xViper133 
no. / closed
2019-02-07 11:36
Norway analpain1337 
no? why did he lock his aim on the opponents head with a clean draw?
2019-02-07 12:12
Typical delusional cheating german :D
2019-02-07 12:18
2019-02-07 11:37
Just by curiosity, have you ever played the game? Cause you sound like you played like 200 hours in your whole life doing deathmatch and casual. You know, watching streams doesnt make you a pro.
2019-02-07 11:49
Norway analpain1337 
5000 hours in csgo no clue about hours in 1.6 you dont make clean draws away from the angel your holding. And you simply dont make clean draws
2019-02-07 12:13
Nah, Friberg love to troll the fans and he knows some retarded kid would take that moment to call cheat on him
2019-02-07 12:16
France LanaRhoades 
You're getting baited so hard newfag
2019-02-07 12:19
I dont care. Seriously the guy's name is analpain1337, he's either a kid or working at mcdonald, just like you.
2019-02-07 12:24
2019-02-07 13:14
Other flynttt 
friberg is not used to hide his aimlock maybe?
2019-02-07 11:53
Finland herculepoirot 
Fraiburg iq700. he just know pimple there and wanted us and everybody know his masterskills. nothing new. close thread
2019-02-07 11:55
arrogant shit
2019-02-07 11:58
Norway analpain1337 
so he makes a ones in a the game clean draw to the head? then freeaims down to the feet and shakes to show he can aim on simples feet?
2019-02-07 12:14
Could've used the audience reaction to gain Information
2019-02-07 12:01
looks like he was playing with fans
2019-02-07 12:08
havent you watched xizt and pyth blatantly cheat in the latter stages of the old lineup on nip? cmonbruh
2019-02-07 12:09
Norway analpain1337 
exizt is not cheating and i dont count pyth as a nip player
2019-02-07 12:15
i watched him aimlock enough times, he cheated just like flusha and lots of other players shit like this happened regularly locking onto heads through walls and tracking them flusha style these days players have better cheats
2019-02-07 12:24
2019-02-07 12:09
Brazil VeryColdGuy 
mastermind of cs, mr. friberg
2019-02-07 12:11
Spain 7VultuR 
So focking genious
2019-02-07 12:12
2019-02-07 12:17
lmao nice bait
2019-02-07 12:18
hmm maybe he made noise scoping ?? or you literally watch their demos and learn the exact spot they always play at when passive ( only if they really do stand the exact spot on that passive hold every single time ) these guys are paid to predict and study each other, if he made no noise and he doesn't always stand that exact spot, then yes it def locked too well to not be sus. ive seen players try and fake locks on no enemy through walls in clutch situations before for the lols
2019-02-07 12:20 actual proof of aimlock :00
2019-02-07 12:27
2019-02-07 13:15
Netherlands @Deji 
He tried to hide it LUL
2019-02-07 13:02
United States Trump2020KAG 
2019-02-07 13:04
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