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Poorlak IEM preds
TaZ | 
Poland 10YearsBanCollector 
This is my cancer and useless prediction. Round.1 1:0 fnatic NRG Cloud9 NiP ENCE Vitality G2 Renegades 0:1 ViCi Winstrike Grayhound FURIA Spirit TYLOO Vega Squadron AVANGAR from now we do not know any further meetings, so instead of guessing who will play with whom I choosed the teams with the highest probability of winning (in my opinion). Round.2 2:0 NRG Vitality NiP ENCE 1:1 fnatic Cloud9 G2 Renegades TYLOO Vega Squadron Spirit AVANGAR 0:2 ViCi Winstrike Grayhound FURIA Round.3 2:1 fnatic G2 TYLOO Spirit NRG ENCE 1:2 Cloud9 Renegades Vega Squadron AVANGAR FURIA Winstrike 3:0 NiP Vitality 0:3 ViCi Grayhound Round.4 3:1 fnatic NRG ENCE 2:2 G2 TYLOO Spirit Cloud9 Vega Squadron Winstrike 1:3 Renegades AVANGAR FURIA Round.5 3:2 G2 Cloud9 Spirit 2:3 TYLOO Vega Squadron Winstrike Top.8 NiP Vitality fnatic NRG ENCE G2 Cloud9 Spirit
2019-02-07 21:17
cancer recurrence because it was rejected.
2019-02-07 21:22
ez bronze pick, trust me!
2019-02-07 21:25
MonkEy | 
Sweden NI99ER 
you must have sad life to write that shit ton of teams on thread
2019-02-07 21:28
yes how u know?
2019-02-07 21:30
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