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Na'Vi fix
Czech Republic officialDaMaDe 
s1mple electronic Jame Qikert Blad3 (igl) LMBT (coach) if blad3 doesn't want to play - keep flamie and make qikert the IGL.
2019-02-07 21:51
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weird flex but okay
2019-02-07 21:52
Blad3 (igl) LUL
2019-02-07 21:54
2019-02-07 21:55
name one better cis igl
2019-02-07 21:57
even zeus is better LUL
2019-02-07 22:06
Russia NOD777
2019-02-08 14:37
2019-02-08 14:38
s1mple electronic chopper hutji/flamie ange1/JR
2019-02-07 21:55
Navi should just: -S1mple +Smooya
2019-02-07 22:17
S1mple Guardian Electronic Zeus Hobbit
2019-02-07 22:01
United Kingdom Cha4Ss
I doubt Guardian and S1mple will ever play together on a team
2019-02-07 22:07
U never no but it would be the best double awp setup ever
2019-02-08 14:22
B1ad3 to coach
2019-02-07 22:02
United States darth_mac
2019-02-07 22:04
Europe Jimboo
S1mple Electronic Jame Zeus Boom4l
2019-02-07 22:05
2019-02-07 22:05
s1mple electronic styko jame AdreN Blade coach
2019-02-07 22:06
Kyrgyzstan Peksi
-s1mple -electronic navi can continue with their shit trio and s&e can seek for international team
2019-02-07 22:07
Lul they shouldn't make changes Just let them to get their best form back They haven't played as a team since late december
2019-02-07 22:09
Full ukrainian team pls. 1.6 NaVi full ukrainian team and 4 majors.
2019-02-07 22:10
this is the best option s1mple electronic flamie edward zeus (igl) kane (coach)
2019-02-07 22:11
3 bots, shit version
2019-02-07 22:14
Edward / best option Pick one
2019-02-08 14:44
s1mple electronic zeus edward flamie
2019-02-07 22:15
S1mple Electronic Jame (igl) Buster Coldy/somedieyoung
2019-02-07 22:16
Head Coach: Zeus Assistant Coach: LMBT Assistant Coach: B1ad3 Analyst: Kane Mental Coach: Edward Jame - IGL & Main Awp S1mple - Hybrid, 2nd Awp Electronic - Riffler Hobbit - Riffler AdreN - Riffler This team has both experience, firepower, strong leadership, and talent to work on. Furthermore an extremely solid team of coaches. Zeus standing behind the boys, delivering master plans, and get them into the right mindset under the match. Kane & B1ad3 giving input and ideas to Zeus between matches. LMBT analyzing the opponent teams before tournaments, so that Kane and B1ad3 can focus on helping Zeus in the best way possible. Edward with a calm and stable mindset, put their players into full focus, and help them too calm down when stressed before games.. (Specially S1mple could need something like that). This could be a solid Astralis challenger, with a professional build behind them, just like them.
2019-02-08 14:37
s1mple { 2th awper, rifler} electronic {riffler} Jame { IGL , awper } xsepower {entry} Edward {riffler} Zeus (coach)
2019-02-08 14:51
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