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Why do great rappers die so young?
Korea BushDidAstralis 
lil peep, x, lil tupac, I don't get it. I'm crying right now listening to lil peep. Atleast 69 is not dead, but he is going to prison, I hope they let him record music there.
2019-02-07 23:35
69 great rapper?
2019-02-07 23:36
i also don't get how anyone could respect this guy
2019-02-07 23:36
they're all garbage, wdym
2019-02-08 23:16
its mainly us. Americans are known as braindead people.
2019-02-09 04:01
hes a lyrical genius, you dont understand stoopid
2019-02-07 23:37
he does have nice tattoos so i guess its okay to support him
2019-02-07 23:40
glad you understand
2019-02-07 23:43
Germany szily 
He is garbage. Listen to Joyner Lucas. This is real rap and lyrical. 69 is a typical no-brainer. Anyone who's listening to him has some serious issues and should be facepalmed until he gets back to earth.
2019-02-09 15:30
Lucas, is okay, but I'd saying 69 is a few leagues above him.
2019-02-09 16:22
Germany szily 
xD Must be a bait. 69 music is so lowkey...
2019-02-10 19:25
Great bait Edit : Free69
2019-02-08 22:04
tf is lyrical genius lol "Ni- iffy, uh, Blicky got the stiffy, uh Got the blicky, uh, drum, it holds fifty, uh" tf is this
2019-02-08 23:18
Spin a hoop, who the fuck is you? Who the fuck you know, nigga? No, nigga Niggas killed your cousin, you want smoke, nigga? (stupid) Glo nigga, rollin' up your cousin in a blunt, nigga He is original and speaks his mind, his lyrics rhyme, and it has meaning behind every word. Go listen to one direction you prick.
2019-02-09 00:13
rhyme & speaking your mind means nothing, and please tell me what those lyrics even mean, tell me the real fucking meaning behind that. besides fuck 1D, GnR all day
2019-02-09 01:17
you're seriously really dumb, please listen to something other than shit
2019-02-09 03:28
this is actually hillarious, you think tekashi 69 is good, jesus christ, atleast defend what you say when you say hes a lyrical genius, just naming out some of his lyrics and saying its genius means nothing when you dont say what it means, "Spin a hoop, who the fuck is you?" to me the only thing that could possibly mean is meeting someone when you are playing basketball,
2019-02-09 15:16
It's as simple as you can't relate and feel his music. Knowing where he came from, you start to understand it. I came from those places, I can entirely relate. You can't, you just read it and understand it's logistics. Don't think, FEEL.
2019-02-09 16:20
SOOOOO you can relate to your father being shot, dropping out of school and going to the streets to sell drugs with a gang. seems legit
2019-02-09 16:36
ur fucking retarded
2019-02-10 08:05
2019-02-09 17:28
Israel wetz 
Scuuuuummmmm gang
2019-02-10 09:13
Italy steven513 
"lil tupac" /Closed
2019-02-07 23:36
s1mple | 
Finland LazeB 
2019-02-08 00:02
United States Revan___ 
2019-02-08 00:14
OP is brainlet lmao
2019-02-08 00:14
can't confirm that
2019-02-09 00:13
Korea clarityyyy 
2019-02-08 22:02
Canada NMX_ 
2019-02-08 23:16
Finland dev2ce 
2019-02-09 03:59
2019-02-07 23:36
ozzy | 
Japan Fides 
Maluk3 rapper
2019-02-07 23:36
Brazil PlasticB0Y 
wtf maluk3 didnt die
2019-02-08 22:03
you dont know any of them
2019-02-07 23:38
I understand, you probably listen to justin bieber, and ariana grande, They came from the low of the low of the social class, they struggled. I can connect with their music. They help me through my struggles. Without legends like them, I don't know where I would be or if I would be alive.
2019-02-07 23:46
you funny
2019-02-09 16:58
Europe FaZeTop1_2019 
6ix9ines music is ass compared to peep
2019-02-07 23:39
2019-02-07 23:39
they both fucking suck, lmfao. it's like comparing two rotten apples.
2019-02-07 23:42
like comparing russia and china. You don't understand is all im gonna say. You need be like us to understand. Now move along, this is not a thread for your criticism.
2019-02-07 23:49
you probably never heard of rap before listening to these cute roleplayers, lmfao. where i'm from has nothing to do with how i assess your shitty music taste, you bigoted, stupid nationalistic prick.
2019-02-08 00:00
sorry i dont listen to Chinese rap, but I know, there is always good in the world, and there are good rappers in china, i'm just yet to listen to them. We are all humans, and all humans are unique, have their own thoughts, ideas, and live their own ways. These legends are legends for me, where they are not for you. My taste is my taste, as yours is yours.
2019-02-08 00:04
Why do you try to sound so demagogic now? And who is talking about nationalities or "chinese rap"? Were you born a blockhead or do you just randomly spout out nonsensical bullshit that has nothing to do with the matter at hand? You are just a fucking retard, lmfao, hf being an ignorant piece of useless shit, little guy.
2019-02-08 19:52
2019-02-08 21:00
yea lol, so hard to comprehend.
2019-02-08 23:09
Everyone has their own taste, I like petite 20 year olds chicks, you like widowed hairy 50 year old men. It's that simple.
2019-02-08 23:11
2019-02-08 23:12
yea lol, so hard to comprehend
2019-02-08 23:14
Exactly. Aping, slow witted, presumptious piece of shit.
2019-02-08 23:16
nt, kim suk wook, but I'm none of that!
2019-02-09 00:10
Lmfao so weak. nt gook-eyed kimchi.
2019-02-09 01:09
kimchi is better than than your entire nation
2019-02-09 03:26
i guess you idolize a player from my entire nation.
2019-02-09 03:43
Chill out dumbass. Music is subjective
2019-02-08 00:38
No it's not. That's just what retards like you keeping saying because it's the easiest way of justifying your shitty taste.
2019-02-08 19:48
Lithuania dozzah 
your waifu is shit my waifu is better ^ literally the exact same statement as your arguments.
2019-02-08 21:07
Oh yeah I bet you are a close minded retard who only listens to lyrical rap and has never even listened another subgenre yet another genre other than Hip-Hop. Tell me what you listen to if you know so much.
2019-02-08 21:08
Oh yeah I bet you are an open minded retard who likes all genres because music is subjective and sounds good even to an autist. Tell me what you listen to if you care so much about your own "subjective" taste.
2019-02-08 23:18
I don't listen to all genres. You tell me what you listen to, I pretty much listen to new school and old school rap and it can be lyrical or not so much. Fav rapper probably Denzel Curry and Kendrick
2019-02-08 23:30
Denzel and Kendrick are alright. i mostly listen to Miles Davis, Pat Martino and Thundercat. But also a lot of Flying Lotus, Westside Gunn and People Under the Stairs. and a lot of others, i wont name them here, but those are some of my favourites.
2019-02-09 01:06
Nice. At least u know smth
2019-02-09 02:21
lol wtf is you listening to? I get it, it's your taste, but god damn its awful. no wonder you hate my opinion so much, because everyone bullies you.
2019-02-09 03:32
oh look, it's the retarded - and hypocritical now too - chunky, zipperhead from before. guess you are actually butthurt, smh. btw im not from china, so thx for looking extra retarded this fine evening, lmfao. goodnite kimchi <3
2019-02-09 03:43
Kim, no matter where you live, your taste of music is as shit.
2019-02-09 04:19
Dude im thinking about lil peep every day why did he have to die...I would change it with him i would die for him to be alive again.
2019-02-07 23:39
2019-02-07 23:43
I don't understand, I guess god needed him more than we did. I hope he is singing for the angels up in heaven, being an angel himself.
2019-02-07 23:43
Goth Angel <3
2019-02-07 23:49
United Kingdom mullacp 
ive never cringed so hard
2019-02-08 00:12
wtf its like he deserved this dead, nobody forced him to take drugs, thats his bad that he was as stupid as his "music" is
2019-02-08 21:58
WAs it his fault it was mixed with fentanyl no its the same thing when you drink alcohol and it has some shit in it and you die its your fault OK DUDE Poland logic not found.
2019-02-08 22:12
yes, it was his fault, NOONE forced him to take this shit, and most ppl except u know that drugs can kill
2019-02-08 22:14
2019-02-09 01:05
Slovakia t4gg3d 
Checkia no brain
2019-02-09 16:18
CheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckiaCheckia im dying dude brainless
2019-02-09 16:30
Slovakia t4gg3d 
Lul get baited check kid
2019-02-09 16:42
SS | 
Japan NotTrik 
Drugs, and violence. Basically all of these people were involved in gangs, and or lived in trash neighborhoods at some point in their lives which led to rivals hating eachother witch leads to violence.
2019-02-07 23:40
Or you get bullied so bad, it leads you to take your own life, in lil peeps case
2019-02-07 23:43
SS | 
Japan NotTrik 
Don’t think peep intentionally took his life. Didn’t he overdose on fentanyl
2019-02-07 23:45
Nah he od'd cause got bullied by other rappers
2019-02-07 23:50
2019-02-08 00:38
he deserved to be bullied
2019-02-08 22:02
2019-02-08 22:03
That's what makes them so great. We relate to them, they understand our struggles, they write it in a song that makes it sound beautiful. Life is unfair, it did them dirty, god took them too soon.
2019-02-07 23:45
>great rappers >lil peep, 69 pick one
2019-02-07 23:44
Romania themightyflea 
2019-02-07 23:46
Keep listening to ariana grande. Your dad is probably a doctor and you never struggled in life. You don't understand, I understand it. move along, this is not the thread for you.
2019-02-07 23:47
Just because I don't listen to a bunch of junkies and mumble rappers means I listen to ariana grande and I have a perfect life? Nice logic you've got there
2019-02-07 23:49
You don't respect, thats what children of rich parents do. You don't understand the struggles of life, everything got handed to you. Only way to understand is to hit rock bottom. Like I said, move along.
2019-02-07 23:50
2019-02-07 23:56
I don't respect failures like lil poop because 16 year old kids like you follow everything these junkies say, and we have a ton of kids with this "fake depression" because of these fuckers
2019-02-08 00:01
depression is a serious illness, fake or not, it needs to be taken care of. Their only influence on me is their healing. Without them, I wouldn't be here to today, now that they are gone, I am more than ever motivated to seek for the next day, I'm living for them, to spread their love.
2019-02-08 00:07
I'm happy for you, but still, they are mumble rappers + they rap about drugs, depression and all that stuff, which heavily influences kids to be just like them. Not only bad "music", but also shitty niche, knowing that majority of their audience are kids.
2019-02-08 00:12
United Kingdom mullacp 
2019-02-08 00:13
I'm gonna stop baiting, im getting tired. X is a good rapper, I like listening to it mumble or not I don't care, if I sounds good to my ears, then I like it. I listen to one of lil peeps song, called star shopping I really like it. I checked his other songs, meh. tupac a legend. 69, fucking garbage, but it was a pretty funny bait, I laughed at it myself.
2019-02-08 00:15
Damn it dude, I was kinda expecting it after checking your profile but I tried to keep it nice, good job though, you did it well.
2019-02-08 00:25
thank you sir, I'll come back once again, maybe trump is the best president of all countries?
2019-02-08 00:27
Dude my family had to live with my nan for 7 years before we could afford to rent a house, my brother died in a car accident, my dads a bartender and my mother works in a cafe, we didnt get shit handed to us, and I still know fucking 69 and lil peep are shit
2019-02-09 15:26
I can say the same shit, the only reason I know you're lying is because you're not a fan of 69. You must be like him. Don't think, FEEL.
2019-02-09 16:21
Just cause it sounds a bit out there doesnt mean im lying, tekashis father was shot steps away from his home, he dropped from school and started selling drugs on a street, If i said that to you then you wouldve also thought im lying cause its outrageous, but heres the reality, outrageous things happen. I dont care if you like 69 you just cant call him a lyrical genius cause he's not, maybe he is able to relate to you, but a lyrical genius can relate to practically everybody, which 69 does not
2019-02-09 16:39
i'm just stop gonna stop, put mercy on your soul. I baited you enough.
2019-02-10 08:06
World ///fuck 
what ariana grande is good, hater
2019-02-07 23:57
the only good she is, is that she is hot. her voice can only be so high.
2019-02-07 23:58
flair checks out
2019-02-08 00:12
Indonesia linekerrr 
Doesn't even make sense cause he quoted you saying 'great rappers', not 'great singers/lyricists/something akin to those two things'
2019-02-08 00:14
Lil peep is decent but relatable 6ix9ine is a cunt tho
2019-02-08 00:39
Poland swstk 
the only good rapper here is the one you got the name wrong, tupac. 69 is shit all he does is scream, x mumbles and lil peep is just bad. old school shit, like biggie is good, back when rap actually had meaning instead of women, cars, drugs and money
2019-02-07 23:50
People will say the same thing in 20 years. "x", "y", "z" is shit compared to old legends like 69, x, and lil peep. Sadly great things are noticed when they are long gone.
2019-02-07 23:52
Poland swstk 
tupac and biggie were considered the greatest even when they were living. 69 and lil peep are shit, only x is okay but only musically because his lyrics are trash
2019-02-07 23:53
I'll stop talking to a wall, carry on - also a great song by x
2019-02-07 23:56
Its so easy to see u havent listened to x but a few songs Listen to riot or slipknot and older songs
2019-02-08 00:40
New Zealand Eauor 
2019-02-09 01:25
stop hating, go hate somewhere else
2019-02-09 03:29
World ///fuck 
2019-02-07 23:56
bro, stop assuming that everyone that disagrees with your opinion has a good life and listens to pop culture. People from all classes listen to rap, pop, metal or anything else. In music it doesnt matter what your income is. You are allowed to listen to what you want, youre allowed to think what you want about music styles artists and their songs. not all great rappers died, and not all great rappers will die. Also i dont agree with peep and 69 being good but i respect your opinion. Have a very blessed day sir <3
2019-02-07 23:57
Sorry I don't speak baiter
2019-02-07 23:57
speak whatever you want, just know, when you are struggling, listen any of their songs, they will help you.
2019-02-07 23:59
Only baiters or fucking retards think 69 is good Which are you
2019-02-08 00:06
I understand that you don't like 69, but I like his music. You don't like to brush your teeth? It's completely understandable, because that's you.
2019-02-08 00:08
I don't like 69 or his music, and since we are bringing race into this I thought Asians were smart, and maybe if you could see through your slit eyelids at a simple Google search you'd know that Britain is one of the highest rated countries in dental hygiene. Nice outdated stereotype. But since you're baiting you're probably fake flagging too. Can't wait for 69 to rot in prison, only downside is that he'll enjoy getting buttfucked.
2019-02-08 00:22
i thought you dont speak baiter
2019-02-08 00:26
Ok I won't humour you anymore, enjoy your evening
2019-02-08 00:27
Yeah, was fun,, but then it gets boring. Also my analogy that you don't like to brush your teeth because that's you is like saying thats your taste of music, because it's yours, not mine. I'm sure you understood it
2019-02-08 00:29
New Zealand Eauor 
lmao if you think any of that shit is 'deep' or something then I feel sorry for you, rapping a few shit lyrics about suicide does not make anyone 'deep'.
2019-02-09 01:24
I didn't say it was deep, I said it makes people relate, when you relate you feel comfort that someone is going through the same pain as you, therefore that pain is not as hard anymore, because that pain is shared with them.
2019-02-09 03:29
New Zealand Eauor 
dw i was reading the thread from bottom to top and only just saw that you were baiting, good one tho xd
2019-02-09 04:07
I'm still getting people, people are retarded
2019-02-09 04:20
Greenland HLTV_LGBT 
we are lucky GODNAS is alive
2019-02-07 23:58
United States _ATaXiA_ 
MC Hammer is still the greatest gangster rapper of all time. /hltv
2019-02-07 23:59
All of them are trash /closed
2019-02-08 00:00
Germany PeKay 
Dont forget biggie
2019-02-08 00:01
New Zealand Eauor 
2019-02-09 01:23
Panama xemzex 
Nice 'taste of music' you got there
2019-02-08 00:05
Dominican Republic SantoDomingo 
They want to
2019-02-08 00:10
f0rest | 
United States yadda 
"lil tupac"
2019-02-08 00:14
United States Revan___ 
2019-02-08 00:15
So many people baited, well done
2019-02-08 00:23
Yes this guy is baiting but some stuff is true I mean u know 69 is a shit person at least he doesnt joke about dead people
2019-02-08 00:42
i got that asian homo good
2019-02-08 23:12
'lil tupac' japan brain lol
2019-02-08 00:24
south korea, Albanian brain
2019-02-08 21:01
69 is a criminal,so he deserves to be in prison.As his music,I just can't appreciate that type of rap.He looks like a douche in his mv also.
2019-02-08 00:48
GuardiaN | 
Poland JKG 
-great -rappers Pick one
2019-02-08 19:55
Turkey sedo7 
not true, Eminem is alive
2019-02-08 21:53
2019-02-09 00:16
Poland Julka 
>great >rappers Pick one
2019-02-08 21:59
great rappers hahaha, good one
2019-02-08 22:00
Norway PeteZz 
Lol. Many greats are still alive. But, often many great musicians die young, as they use a lot of drugs and drink a lot, to compensate for their introvert personalities, or to «beat» depression.
2019-02-08 22:00
New Zealand Eauor 
And mostly just to be able to handle the pressure and the deal with their lives being ruined behind the scenes as they tour, perform, get bossed about by management and pushed to their limits every single day. It's a reality that is synonymous with the music industry.
2019-02-09 01:21
how do u even consider that shit rap?
2019-02-08 22:03
lil peep wasn't really that bad but others should die
2019-02-08 22:19
Canada top_zozzle 
rapper: ay yo i am fucking bulletproof nigga just fucking try it the world: ok
2019-02-09 01:06
New Zealand Eauor 
These cheap wannabe gangsters that make shit music and brain wash children into acting like utter pricks should be dead, for the sake of society.
2019-02-09 01:22
Lithuania 0outof8Guy 
2019-02-09 01:25 RIP BROSKI. Life aint fair
2019-02-09 01:26
Lithuania JamesBong420 
Please dont put legend 2pac with lil punks
2019-02-09 03:36
Please dont put lil legends with 2pac
2019-02-09 15:21
Lithuania JamesBong420 
Thanks for the laugh
2019-02-09 17:22
Rob4 | 
United States mook_ 
just wait until gekyume drops look at me part 2
2019-02-09 04:14
Go listen to Juice WRLD, he’s really good. He’s also dropping a new album March 8th
2019-02-09 04:26
> great rappers > lil peep hahaha
2019-02-09 04:39
Germany EvilBanana 
"good rappers" they are all trash, all rapping about the same bullshit
2019-02-09 15:19
i only listen to taylor swift
2019-02-09 15:21
Sweden fxzo 
Lil peep and 69 great rappers OMEGAULTRALUL
2019-02-09 15:29
Aleksib | 
Finland xore1 
Eminem aint dead
2019-02-09 15:30
i know this slanty eyed fuck is baiting but to all the people who actually do like or love rap, my question is why? they are talentless criminals who rap about the same shit over and over again then end up in jail because they are involved in gangs and violence. fuck them all they should not be in this world
2019-02-09 15:32
They are involved in gangs because they got influenced by them. When they were young, they thought that's the only way to make a living there. When they grow up they realize it's a struggle. Violence day to day basis. They get depressed and write music. They express their struggles in the music. Their sadness. What they want, why they want it, why life is terrible. Then when they leave that gang life, the gang life does not leave them. They kill them because they got jealous. Does that sound better for you? You understand now?
2019-02-09 16:25
Explain me in which way lil peep is a rapper.
2019-02-09 16:10
bcs when they got famous and shit they lost some kind of ability to be happy or that, so they took drugs/did illegal things to make their life more "interesting"... X's death was just a crime...
2019-02-09 16:21
Brazil MrJanitor 
>Good rappers >xxxtentacion Pick one
2019-02-09 16:23
this thread is a big fookin b8 how u can compare x, lil peep or 69 to 2pac. How u can compare guy who beat his gf or pedophile
2019-02-09 16:33
why can't you? there are all legends of their own
2019-02-13 00:33
Europe LawUysal 
Gesaffelstein - Reset Music Video watch it
2019-02-09 16:59
LIL PEEP (drug addict, some crackhead with trash music), X (Some crazy kid beating his girlfriend, lucky gf hes already dead), 2pac LUL. 69 great music OMEGALUL /closed
2019-02-09 17:00
not true, Eminem is still alive
2019-02-09 17:08
Tupac told you why he died, listen.
2019-02-10 08:11
Coz they ain't great and god can't handle noise pollution
2019-02-10 08:17
Lmao how many felt for this
2019-02-10 08:36
Europe Flinch92 
>great rappers >lil peep, 69 , X pick one
2019-02-10 08:42
2019-02-10 08:48
who tf is lil tupac
2019-02-10 09:01
jks | 
Australia KFCMayn 
lil peep is shit
2019-02-10 09:10
mumble rap omegaLUL
2019-02-10 09:12
Happy | 
Germany NatsuS 
Eminem is getting old. Dunno what you talking about. 2Pac is the only great rapper I know who died young.
2019-02-13 00:36
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